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What it is & how to use it

What it is & how to use it

I mean, you spawn in with your load out every single time, but you have plates. You have a mini map that you can use to find where people are; it's on Vondal. So if you are a Vondal player, this is also a great way to get warmed up. Go in and play one game of Vondal, and then you can go ahead and drop into Resurgence if you are looking to improve.

Then go ahead and play two or three games of Vondle lockdown quads, and what we're looking to do here is put ourselves in as many engagements as possible. You're probably going to die right now. You're probably going to die from shotguns. You're probably going to die at times to a third party because you have no plates.

But what I want you to do is put yourself in as many engagements as possible and get used to fighting low plates. Get used to fighting outnumbered. Get used to having to use your cover and play positioning. Get better aim. Get used to using basic movements. If you are subscribed, you know I talk about this all the time: Strafing while shooting, jumping while shooting, and peeking Corner sprinting while plating—that's a great one that you can get better at using Vondo lockdown quads.

You take some damage, you know, throw that plate in, get away from that enemy, and then go ahead and rechallenge. Look, you're going to die a lot in Vondo lockdown quads. It's okay, and you're going to die in frustrating ways, but the whole way we use this to improve is by putting ourselves in uncomfortable situations, so then all of a sudden you're playing vondo, you're playing asika.

Maybe you're even playing Al Mazra, and then from there, you've already been in that situation. You already know how to re-challenge somebody, and you already know how to engage a full team. Right now, guys, I got you with a 30-kill quads live commentary as I'm playing. I will talk to you through my thought process.

I hope you learned something.

30 kill resurgence live commentary

30 kill resurgence live commentary

Okay, so now we're going inside the mind. Here you know what I'm seeing, what I'm hearing, why I'm doing what I'm doing, and what my thought process is as a 4K player. What we're going to see are some of the situations that I go and attack and take on in lockdown by just putting myself in. Engagements—you can't make that.

That's what we're going to keep doing here. What I've done for so many people already—did I just drop battle rage or something I want? I want a perk package and a UI here before we do anything else. Let's see if anybody's in here. I don't think anybody's in here. What do we need, like $9,000?

Can we just get loaded here? Mean, are we closing the ghost ADV vest? That's nice in case my teammates die. My teammate just died. That's Rock did I drop anything? I still have that precision, don't I? Grab that plate, and let's rock. I to guess advised UAV is exiting the. Name wait, where did this guy just go?

best way to get better at warzone 2

There's nowhere for this guy to go. I was going to say there was nowhere for that guy to go. UAV Yeah, when I saw him missing the rooftop, I put two and two together. Together, UAVs are on station. Online, I don't like these guys at all. To be honest with you, these guys are so weird. Let's go take this guy inside.

Your redeploying is well done. We'll go challenge from across this way. We'll go beat him up top, not beat him up top, but we'll meet him up top if my teammates aren't already enemies of you. Enemy, that's a nasty 1v4 right, there I'm going to be honest with you, that's probably one of the nicest 1v4s I've ever, had it's just two cookie cutters, you know what I mean, didn't really need to do much there just basic, execution confirmed, can I go pop UI here we're at 13 already down, we're rocking One On My Level in here might be some, ghosted that was an awkward fight teammates are split that was a really awkward fight to be honest with you that freaking pole threw me, offu we'll go buy another UAV real quick what's this guy doing on one No.

best way to improve warzone 2

I just missed that jump so badly. Okay, let's go. We're at 18 already here, we're at 19 already here, holy smokes, and the biggest thing that we've been doing here is just taking our 1v1 fights right, like just any 1v1 fight that we've had. Okay, I've got to be really smart here because my teammates are literally going through it right now.

No, there's guys all around right there. I've got 5 grams. I could go by here. I think I just need to play this smart. How much time do I have on the fire? Seal i think I should be able to get both guns. Here I am. I'm very nervous about that team that's looking at me right there. Yeah, that team is about to kill my pace; it might.

I can't really get what my teammates are going through right now, and the problem is that if I die, then we're dead pretty. Ammo and I just got one from there, and I still don't have any. We've just got to find AR. Ammo can't do anything until I do okay there. Go, how much do I have now? Not still enough.


I mean, I guess I have enough to get over. I'm just going to start to play positioning. I'll be honest with you guys. I've been trying to record this.

Today I'm giving you the best way to INSTANTLY improve at Warzone 2 right now. A game or two a day of this and you will immediately get more kills.
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