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95% of players have terrible game sense, so today we're going to put yours to the test. I've got you with a 29. Kill Solo Quads live commentary where, as I'm playing. I'm talking to you through my thought process and why I'm doing what I'm doing as a 4K player, but throughout the game, at certain moments.

I'm going to prompt you with a choice to see if you can make the right game-sense decision. I hope you learned something. Okay, so as I said today, we are focusing on that decision-making and game-sense component. Now if you are subscribed to me and watch my Rebirth articles, you know that in just about every single one I talk about how Rebirth is the fastest Resurgence map that we have; it plays faster than Vond Fortunes Keep and Asika.

So when it comes to decision-making, we've got to be quick, and we've got to be confident. The longer we take to make a decision, the more we set and guess ourselves. You know, the more those teams get together and quote-unquote stack It's a team game, and I'm aware I'm playing solo quads. They're going to get together, and then it's going to be much tougher to fight them.

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The goal for today, guys, is going to be a 20-kill game here in solo quads. Like I said throughout this, we are going to pause to really give you time to think about the situation and what's happening. I'm going to put options on screen just like I showed you, and then we'll really talk through, like, okay, what is somebody getting executed right above me?

Then we're going to talk about why I made the decision that I made and why you either made the right decision or the wrong decision, and I hope that you start to understand why I make the decisions that I do. I got a ram 9 here, and I've got We're just going to grab a load out here. Let's get that quick load out there.

Four kills in the first circle are what we're looking for, guys. For 20 kill pacing, somebody's been here. 44, 66 is what we're shooting for—four in the first and four in the second, six in the third and end game, and that four can come from this. We're like, Hey, I got an easy load out, and now we're going to go ahead and kind of get the action, or it could be like landing in prison.

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landing super hot and then, from there, starting to figure out where people are. I am going to drop down here. I'm going to drop down here; obviously, we see a bunch of people up at prison, so that's my first thought: okay, let's yeah, let's go ahe and push up there; let's go and get into the mixed prison; here are also a bunch of people at stronghold.

When I see those stronghold teams, my first thought is. Okay, we might be able to hold those enemies; they might be people that we can hold, obviously a bunch of people control, and this is a great example, like the very obvious where the hot areas are, being beaten by an enemy inade. And, buch, angle, reposition, and find a different angle.

Remember when I threw the portable radar down? There were three enemies on the mini map in this stairwell, so I have to assume that there's two more in. Reposition: This guy's going to chase. Wait, that's a full team. nope, we'll take our one. We'll take our one we're going to push around this way.

how to improve your game sense

I am on radar, so I don't really like that team in the stairwell. Go ahead and see what I can find here. This is a 1v2 situation. They're right around the corner here, enemy soldiers. Chases, I'm just going to listen. Yep, I just sit here and don't even move, and I just listen for him. That's called sounding somebody.

I'm just going to put him there. There's four in the first, by the way. You just got a clean kill on enemy number two. Do we immediately challenge the next enemy or reposition and find a different angle? This time, we immediately challenge I'm full of plates. I have 40 rounds in the mag, but more importantly, when we look at the mini map, these two players are split enough that this is a one-vs.-one fight.

You just have to anticipate and execute another one. I can challenge this immediately. That's a nice little clean. 1v3 right, and that's just the anticipation component, and that's how we use that mini map info because they're just separated enough. I'm going to leave this guy, and I'm going to float over this way.

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Why just because I think there's more action over here, and I can actually third-party these guys pretty easily. I can't even see this guy in here. I'm just going to keep playing head glitches. Here, I still think there are two teams. There are definitely still two teams here. Watch me play this patient, though.

Watch me play these. Angles never too far right team flying over this. My teammates are over to the right side here. Good the rest of you are in a really bad spot here. Gas ising in this could be another team here, though that's a that's a that's definitely multiple. Ao No guy was one too. I just got stuck in there.

Okay, we got 10. Where is Loadout? Let's talk about regaining. We still have the free loadout up, so do we land straight in on it? And I want you to think about why or why not. I remember that there was a team on this hill, and if I die, my game is over, so we are not going to land straight in on it, but watch how we go about getting loaded out now.

improve your game sense

The one thing I remember about loading out is that there was a team that was sitting right there, so I'm going to aim for the window here. Yeah, there it looks like they're in a pretty bad spot. Yeah, but I heard somebody. I'm, no, okay, that team is just a third party. Let's get back in. We're at 14 here.

Let's talk about our regain here. Dying is going to happen on rebirth, so let's talk about regaining again, and this time you have no choice. Regaining is one of the biggest areas in which a lot of you struggle, and there is something crucial here that you cannot miss when it comes to regaining. That is, if there's a fire sale happening, I have enough to buy, load out, and have everything I need to regain momentum and get right back into action.

What do you notice about our regain? There's no bigger thing. What do you notice? What do you notice? What's your thought process? We're going to pause this, and I'm going to hit play. We're going to talk through this. This is a big one, guys, because a lot of you struggle with regaining Here, this is a big one because a lot of you guys struggle with it.

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I have a bunch of plates, and what's the biggest thing with the BP50? The mun box, Process Respawn, is disabled, and we have a long, tough rotation. Always think about rotating early. Being in a circle with cover and power puts us in a low-risk, high-reward situation to get kills. I'm going to rotate this early here after frying this guy out of the sky.

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