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This is, of course, a reference to Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy from the Muppets. Hello and welcome back to another episode of the article game Easter Eggs. If you do, I'll send you a partridge in a pear tree. And before we get started, I'd like to thank the sponsors of today's article. ACA Predator and Xbox Game Pass now It's no secret that the Xbox Game Pass is one of the best deals in gaming.

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It's always nice when a company that I actually use wants to sponsor the channel anyway. Without further delay, let's get started. Right, let's begin today's article with the game that is new to this channel. Splatterhouse is a horror-themed beat-him-up hackenslash game that was released in 2010. Now, the older Easter egg hunters among you may have played the original splatter house all the way back in 1988.

That is, if you can even remember that far back anyway, given Splatter House's obvious horror themes. I mean, the game spills more blood than a clumsy vampire empire. You might have expected to find some horror movie references in the game, and I'm happy to say that you'd be right. First up, in Chapter 2, you will explore a very creepy orphanage.

In the bedroom, you can find a weird-looking plushy sitting on a bed, but that's not the Easter egg. If you look towards the floor, you can see a kitchen knife and a pair of legs poking out from under the bed. These tiny legs belong to Chucky, the gingerbread horror movie icon. The next horror movie to get the Splatterhouse reference treatment is The Evil Dead.

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During Chapter 4, you can find a man with a hand missing and a shotgun nearby. This is a reference to Ash from the Evil Dead, who of course replaced his hand with a chainsaw in the most over-the-top case of quote-unquote self-improvement. Since the Kardashians started growing big old dumpies, the final Splatterhouse horror movie reference is aimed at a film that I'm surprised doesn't get referenced more often in games during Chapter 6, as you can find here.

So this jumper is the same jumper worn by Freddy Krueger in the Nightmare on Elm Street movies. Now I know what some of you may be thinking, but captain, that jumper could be anyone, and just because it's found near a furnace doesn't mean it belongs to Freddy's well-valued viewer. If the jumper doesn't convince you, how about Freddy's iconic glove, which can be found nearby?

Next up is Cyberpunk 2077. Now, the first cyberpunk Easter egg is almost certainly a reference to a famous movie scene, but I can't be 100% sure you see cyberpunk. Easter eggs are usually laid out in a pretty routine way. First, you stumble across an interesting location, and then you find an archived conversation that sort of confirms the reference.

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The thing is. I found what I believe to be a memorable movie scene, but the archived conversation doesn't seem to link to Discovery; in fact. I've been so unsure about this Easter egg that I recorded it in June 2022 and have put off covering it until now. Anyway, enough beating around the bush. Your mom hates it when I do that.

At this location on the map, you can find multiple dead bodies, with one of the bodies being that of a police officer. The officer was seemingly sitting on a chair before he was killed, so perhaps he was being interrogated. Now I think that this mess is a reference to the Quenton Tarantino movie Reservoir Dogs.

After a robbery goes wrong, a policeman is captured and tortured for information before eventually being killed, which would explain the policeman found in cyberpunk. At the end of the movie, things go bad, and after a Mexican standoff, multiple people are shot, which would also explain the rest of the bodies found in the game.

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So far, so good. The trouble is that the archived conversation is between someone called Alex Anderson and Ellie Grayson, and it doesn't seem to relate to the film at all. Granted, it has been a while since I last watched Reservoir Dogs, so I could be forgetting something. So if you can somehow tie the archived conversation into the movie and into this scene, I'd love to hear it.

The other cyberpunk Easter eggs are, thankfully, more obvious. One of the Rogue Delain taxis that you have to find is called Clarice. Clarice will ask you to destroy the pink flamingo garden decorations. Now you may be wondering why Clarice wants you to destroy the pink birds. Well, apparently the delayed taxi can hear them screaming.


You call me Clarice. Okay, Clarice the flamingos are a problem, I'm sure, but it's time to go home. Del's asking for you. Back down now as they stand screaming, No impossible, leave it to me, and I'll silence. Anyway, after destroying the flamingos. V will say: This well. Clarice has the flamingos stopped screaming, so V asking Clarice if the screaming has stopped is a reference to this scene from The Silence of the Lambs.

Starling well, Clarice, have the lambs stopped screaming? Next up is another game that is making its Channel debut sons of the forest is the sequel to the 2014, survival horror game the forest similar to the forest you begin sons of the forest washed up on a beach and must learn to survive long enough to find out what the hell is going on now that description may leave you thinking that sons of the forest is a super serious game and for the most part it is but there is an option hiding in the settings menu that will definitely lighten the mood so here is what the heads of people look like in Sons of the forest, and I'm no expert but that's a normal looking head well if you go to the gameplay settings you can activate something called big head mode, which you guessed it gives everyone really big heads I wish more games had fun options like this hidden in the settings of The Other Sons of the Forest.


Easter Egg is one for fans of the original game. On the main menu, you can hear the Sons of the Forest menu. This much more somber music is the menu music from the original Forest. Like I said, this Easter egg is only really going to be appreciated by fans of the original game, but I still think it's cool.

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