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Hi YouTube I know you are all dying for the rebirth update article, and it is finally here. That is what today's article is about. I have gotten DMS in places where I didn't even know I could get DMS anymore about audio settings. I needed time to test this, and I've had some stuff going on with family health that has really affected my ability to show up to make content.

I apologize for that. I've taken some time, rested, dealt with it, and am back. In today's article, we are going to go over some important changes that happened with the season 3 update and the introduction of the rebirth map. I'm going to talk to you guys a little bit about how this system works, some common issues that you all have, and what your expectations should be every time we get a new map or even a new game in the future.

I do have some samples of gameplay on Rebirth where I exhibit a lot of the problem issues, but let me just remind you guys what happened when Almaza dropped: There was no audio; you could not hear people around corners. It was terrible. I remember several creators working with them, and it was really awful.

7.1 surround sound

Then we got an update. I don't even think it was a midseason update; I think it was like a midweek update. The same thing happened with Fortune's Keep. Fortune's Keep dropped. The audio was terrible. We made some adjustments to the tune, which helped make the background noise less intense, but overall, there was only so much I could do.

We are in the same boat yet again. Fortune's Keep didn't get the refinement pass, and now we were on to rebirth, and there are whole sections of the map where there are no audio cues whatsoever. No matter whether you're using regular loudness EQ stock audio, Flex, or my audio tune, there are spots on the map where you simply don't get audio cues, and that is an important thing to understand.

If the sound is not produced by the game, there is no magic knob I can use to twist it, and in that same breath, there's no streak snob; there's no crat snob. And an important thing about how they designed the sounds in this game is that a lot of those sounds that I just talked about have a very wide spectrum across the whole.

art of war

Sound spectrum, like a streak, like a PA, is not just a deep rumble or a screech; it's both; it kind of rumbles and roars in the distance and then rips and screeches as it drops those bullets and those missiles. The same thing is true with clusters; there's cracks and there's booms. Those kinds of cover everything; they're the base; they're the mid; they're the high end, so I can't go in and manipulate those.

I got lucky. With the way that Call of Duty processes surround sounds, when you install that virtual device in surround sound and you turn down that front channel, we get to hear your footsteps. Another thing that happens is a thing called relative dynamics. Less sounds get clogged up into the stereo processing left and right of your two ears when we're running surround sound, so it comes out cleaner.

That's it; there's no magic in there for me; there is no streak slider; there is no footstep slider; I can't go in and tweak; there are limitations. The EQ that I add on top of the surround sound tweaks is to kind of tame and massage the sound, not really manipulate it, as I'm boasting. Sorry for boosting the footstep range, and I'm trying to subdue the harshness of the streaks.

art of war audio

All of that's about all I can do with rebirth; until we get a refinement pass on the map, we are not going to see an improvement. My mod Kyle actually had a great theory that some of the audio issues we could be having could be attributed to the fact that the roof of prison is going to be destroyed because prison is one of the worst places here in a second.

I'm going to show you some clips, actually, of some problem spots on the map, the problem areas of the roof of the prison, the whole thing, until you get to the lighthouse side. Once you get to the lighthouse side, the steps are great. And then there are a couple buildings, down in residential quarters, living quarters, or whatever it's called, where if you're on the other side of a door, you can't hear through it.

art of war warzone audio

That clip was actually sent to me via DMS via Crowder, and he was like, Hey, what's going on? I don't hear anything, so I went in and tested it. We'll get into those clips, and you can see, just like when the Ukraine map dropped, we had so many issues with way too thick walls and way too thick staircases.

I think there's a lot of that here. I think maybe the two-come destruction of the roof could be contributing to some of the weird occlusion, but there is absolutely nothing I can do in terms of tweaking the tune. To change the occlusion, I tested, like I said, stock loudness EQ only with my tune flex.

No Flex None of it made a difference. I turned up the front channel. I thought maybe audio was getting misrouted and I'm missing cues. Because the front channel is too low, I turned it up, and it didn't make a difference. So we are really at the mercy of the developers here; we just have to wait for them to make a fix.

That being said, the settings from the 42-minute article with the updated chapter from season 2 are the current most up-to-date settings, at least until something changes, so we're going to jump into these two clips really quick. There's nothing special in here. I just wanted to show you guys that you're not going crazy.


There are parts on the map where there is just zero audio. Again, this is a pub with my friends. We found some problem areas, and we dropped there to see if we could reproduce. Location marked, Enem dropped into the he's on the roof he's on the roof, he dropped down the bottom. The other one's coming downstairs; now pinch them with you.

Nice, no audio, absolutely zero on that entire fight. Nothing until I got into the room, and then they were right in front of me on the front of the stairs, like, hold on, hold on, run around me. Yeah, I heard nothing. You can literally hear nothing as I'm coming up and down the stairs in that silence.


I mean, I think this is a hallway too, because I barely heard this guy out until he Yeah, the hallway doesn't make any noise either. I don't think the carpet makes any noise. Nothing up here makes noise. Yeah, as soon as you hit the H here, like that's when I heard him, but other than that, like nothing on this whole floor, no love that these guys are spectating us probably like what the f are they, doing people are ni, so wait, come here.

Savage, open that crate on the other side of the door. Yeah, I didn't hear that at all, love. I hope those clips were helpful. You're not crazy. The audio on the map is really bad, including the audio map, which in my mind is part of the development process; there's the texture map; there's the player who can stand here.

New map, new problems. With Season 3 we got Rebirth Island back but with it, another unfinished audio implementation.
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