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Recoil pattern

Recoil pattern

so fun fact I've never covered the KBD enforcer here on the channel; there's only a few weapons I've never covered, like the cat AMR, some of the pistols, and this. And I kind of forgot, to be honest. I was planning on doing this like last season, like season 1, and it just kind of went over my head—not my particular weapon of choice, but I get asked to cover it quite a bit.

It's high damage; you get a one-shot headshot potential and a pretty reliable two-shot kill, so if you're going for camos or you're just looking for something different to use. I got a pretty good setup for.

Best class setup

You are starting us off here with an optic with the Coro Eagles ey, 2.5x. Obviously, this is a preference attachment, but I do recommend using a magnified scope of some kind.

best class mw3

Treat this thing somewhat like a semi-auto sniper, and that's where you're going to find the most success. For the rear group We got the Interceptor Factory stock for gun kick control, fire aiming stability, and idle aiming. Sway and recoil control, mainly targeting The recoil and gun kick are here just to make it easier to hit your shots at long range.

You have 14% there for the gun kick, along with 3% for the horizontal and vertical recoil control. For the rear grip, we have the demo TL20 recoil grip; for the same reason, we chose the stock that is going to need recoil control. 10% there to the gun kick 7%, the horizontal and vertical recoil control for the magazine I am choosing the 20-round mag; you can go with the 15; you can go with the 10.

I felt most secure while using the 20, but of course it's a preference. Just like the optic, you can choose whatever you're comfortable with; you can change it out if you want to use the 10-round mag for something else. But personally, I think the 20-R mag is just a safe option, especially if you're spamming the trigger.

You're running into a lot of enemies, so you should pick up all those kills, especially aiming high. Like I said, it is a one-shot head shot, and our final attachment is the ZEM compensated flashhider, the most used attachment here on the channel for self-explanatory reasons. Not only does it give us recoil control, but it also gives us fire-aiming stability.

AK has a visual recoil control of 5% to the horizontal, 15% to the vertical, and, of course, fire aiming stability. I don't want to harp on this weapon all too much because it's not like a meta by any means; it's not terrible, but it's also not great, just right in the middle. I just wanted to talk about the camo.

This event camo, or weekly challenge camo, was 100% worth it. It was one of my favorites in the game. I just kind of wish they did something with that, like a black and green area. Yeah, it moves, but maybe a little more, and it would have been even sicker, but still one of my favorites. Nonetheless, here's also the rest of the load out on the screen.

For me, we're going to jump into a game to feature the KVD enforcer.

Kvd enforcer gameplay

Kvd enforcer gameplay

I hope you guys enjoy it, not as a weapon. I'm going to spend all too much time recording, and I've already spent far too much time trying to get a nuke with the KVD enforcer. I've just come to the conclusion that it's probably not going to happen in the time frame that I want it to, so I've just kind of put it off for now.

I'm just going. To do the best I can, that's three head shots in a row. I'm just going to do the best I can to lock in like a swarm. I've already had game plays where I got swarms. But like I kind of just said, it's just the time frame; I'm running out of time, basically. Theimer, I got to make sure I knew where they're spawning.

Are they there? I don't know. Wait, I got to play Slow. You know what I mean. I can't just rush at gunfights like I normally would, but I just have to be slow. One of the problems I always have when I use weapons like this is that I play far too fast, so if I can keep my pace slow, I should be all right.

best class setup mw3

I saw a guy across there; that's what I'm tweaking. About Enem, I'm going to go out and assume and say they're not spawning with me here. Friendly UAV online, Good job, teammate. That's all we've seen so far. The thing with this weapon is that you have to hit headshot if you want one shot to kill.

So well, there you go. The team's holding it down, so I have no reason to get aggressive with it. If we were losing, of course I'd go to the objective, but I'm going to hit this overhead copy. Advanced UAVs are entering the market, but there's a one-shot, and there's a two-shot guy spawning behind them.

Me, ah, I got pinched from both sides; it is what it is, but I just spawned behind them. That's a little odd one-shot, one-shot confing. Opinion is not going to be too picky. No, my swarm's not going to get any kills because I died. I hate this bug. Can they fix it, please? I beg that swarm got me zero kills because of that.

If you die while the swarm's out, the swarm dies, which makes zero freaking sense. Objective reload teammate just joined that I got to go to the hill if I want him what you owe me one glad I turned around homie just snuck up in there UAV snuck up in my butt. I mean what, taking complaints. I need explanations.

I hate that, I really do. I just hate that. I just wish it made sense that Game 90 kills, Not much more to say, to be honest, I said I wasn't going to harp on, and I got two forms that add up to a nuke.

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