News - All "new" Warzone 2 Camo Rewards Showcase. Sneak Peek - Season 3 Reloaded


This is DK Dynamite, and today we're going to be talking about some unreleased camo unlock events and even more rewards for Modern Warfare 3. Drop a like, and as a reminder, later this week we should be seeing some new marketing for season 3 Reloaded, hopefully on Wednesday, an exact week before launch, but like I mentioned before with MW2 and even this game reloaded updates sometimes get marketed 2 days before release, which would be Monday, and that's going to be a week from today.

Hopefully that's not the case because things are a bit quiet right now, but aside from that, as you guys are probably aware, yesterday I kicked off some coverage for Black Ops 2024, where I recapped everything there is to know so far about campaign multiplayer and even War Zone. We'll be talking about zombies for that game in the next few days from now, but also, as it heads up, we have plenty of brand new article coverage going up over on a detonated dcom for those that want to read up a little bit more on all things Call of Duty is now speaking of Black Ops.

Weekly camo unlocks need to return

Weekly camo unlocks need to return

I do want to mention that I'm really crossing my fingers for some type of weekly unlock system in Try's new premium title, some type of system where every week there is something to look forward to, whether it's weekly challenges, whether it's a challenge event that could be XP focused or actually locked behind real challenges in multiplayer war zones or zombies, some method in which we could unlock some free Universal camos.

Now I'm not hoping for camos to be put behind actual paid bundles again. I'm not opposed to them putting camos into free gift packs you can download here and there or maybe a paid bundle every now and again, but I'm really hoping that there's ways to unlock free animated camos through some type of weekly unlock system.

I mean, how cool would it be to revisit some fan favorite Black Ops 2 camels like 115, Afterlife, and even the bacon one? There have been so many beautiful camels over the years, especially in Treyarch titles, that I would hope to see them revisit some of those camos through a system like we have in Modern Warfare 3, where every Wednesday instead of doing challenges to get an amp, you can get a camo or a blueprint, and then even having some events every other week.

At least that would be a great way to really boost replayability and longevity. In every season, Slam's done a great job with Modern Warfare 3. I just hope to see that again for Black Ops 2024.

Free classified sector camo coming?

Free classified sector camo coming?

Something I want to remind you guys of is that with the classified sector opening in season 2 we ended up getting a free Universal camo from that sector known as Grave robber it's a pretty cool zombies themed camo and I believe it was the first time we got a camo unlock, from a classified sector typically in the past we've seen aftermarket parts XP tokens cosmetics and obviously a ranged weapon or even a melee weapon from the classified sector but never had we seen a camo through that classified unlock so it's definitely a possibility that with season 3 Reloaded opening of the classified sector on May 1st we can also end up seeing a free Universal camo added into one of the challenges and obviously you have to do the four challenges in the actual sector to unlock the hvt, and a fifth challenge to get the DLC weapon in this season's case it'll be the Bal 27, now there's a bunch of other camos that have leaked out that we're going to talk about in just a minute, but there is some gameplay out there already of the week eight cam unlock for season 3 called Allegiances.

Early preview of week 8 camo reward

It's a pretty cool-looking camo, maybe not quite as sexy as a season 2 Rotten Inferno animated camo. I think the season 1 coherence weekly cam unlock was a bit underwhelming, especially for having to do eight weeks worth of challenges. As a reminder, you have to do at least five challenges per week and do those eight weeks in a row, so those five challenges could be done in either MP War Zone or Zombie, or a mix of all three.

However you want to get those done, it is totally up to you, but I do think getting an animated camo unlock for doing 8 weeks worth of challenges is certainly worth it, but I would just hope to see some camos on par with rotten Inferno. Season 31 is nice. Don't get me wrong, but I'm sure you guys could probably agree that season 2 as of now has the best weekly camo unlock.

But we're going to circle back to weekly challenges in just a second.

Nba event, reward & operator drop

Nba event, reward & operator drop

I want to address the fact that in a article I made two days ago, we talked about the upcoming NBA collab that's going to be happening with season 3 Reloaded. Deon Booker is apparently going to be playable as an operator, but the question is, will he just be dropped as a bundle like we saw with Kevin Durant in Modern Warfare 2 last year, or will it be a full-fledged NBA challenge event where maybe there's an XP-focused event or an event with actual challenges, and by doing some of those challenges and hitting milestones?

You can get some NBA-themed cosmetics, calling cards, emblems, decals, and charms. And maybe even a camo I would love the idea of seeing an NBA-themed Universal camo for all of Call of Duty. That would be really cool to see, and I do want to address the fact that there are some rumors here and there that I think we saw even during mod Warfare 2 about an uplink-type mode returning in Modern Warfare 3.

Supposedly, there was one plan for MW 2, but it never ended up coming out. I believe there was a menu screen many months ago that reportedly referred to a mode called rugby. And maybe that's the new version of Uplink for this game, but what are the odds? You're holding a ball in that mode, and you're scoring it into a goal of sorts.

That would be kind of cool to see for this NBA-type collab. Maybe there's a camo unlock for going ahead and playing that, but as of now, that's completely a theory. I just wanted to address the fact that in the case of the Deon Booker collaboration, it's more than just a bundle, but apart from that, you guys are probably like, Wait, what's going on with.

Animated windfall camo explained

Animated windfall camo explained

The windfall camo This is one that's been leaked out since I believe season 1 or might have even been preseason.

Many months ago, it was a very beautiful-looking animated camo. Look up the real definition of this word, and it says a sudden or unexpected gain or advance, often financial, so the word could be something to go off of. What does this actually mean in terms of the camo? How will we unlock it? Well, it's always a possibility.

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