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Is how to complete the dark EA Easter egg in Modern Warfare 3 zombies so you can travel to the dark EA This is a multi-step Easter egg involving getting multiple items, including the locked diary, dog color security camera, and pill bottle, and I'll show you how to get them all in this article. Once you've completed this Easter egg, you'll be able to permanently travel through the dark EPA Rifts by finding sigils that you'll find in Tier 3 contract rewards, the first quest item you need to complete the act for Story Mission Bad Signal.

Make sure you equip this in the main menu before you go into your zombie game. This will involve a really difficult version of the worm boss fight, so it's highly advised to bring it in a suitable loadout. I definitely recommend for tacticals that you run decoy grenades and your lethals run thermites or sexes.

You play this in a team of three, and it is very useful for most of you to run healing auras so you can heal all players immediately. As for your weapon. I highly recommend an assault rifle or an LMG, so you're able to shoot zombies and the boss fight from a distance, and if you have any Pack-a-Punch crystals tools and perks, definitely bring them in.

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I highly recommend you bring stamina up and speed cola. Quick Revive Deadshot Dairy and Juggernog, and don't be afraid to spend more of the game time getting ready before you go into this. Another thing you can do to set yourself up is to do the friendly dog Easter egg and get a Tier 3 dog. That way, you can be revived while you're going for this first item, but once you're ready, make your way over to Zarvan City, and you'll be going to this new xville marker, which will bring you to a dark EA Rift.

By interacting with the rift, you will then have a prompt to vote to teleport to the dark Kea by bringing up your Tac map and then pressing whatever button you use to cancel contracts. On the Playstation, this is going to be a triangle. Xbox is going to be on Xbox and whatever keybind you have on PC, but every player in the squad needs to vote.

Yes, in order to be teleported, after a brief loading screen, you will now be in the dark eepa, where your objective will be to break four seals. Each of these will be marked with a yellow objective marker, and these can be completed in any order you prefer by going up to the prom to activate the seal.


You'll be given an objective to kill zombies near the seal, and you'll see a green wall of smoke indicating the barrier that you need to kill the Zombies in every zombie you kill you'll see their soul float up towards the orb and you'll just need to kill zombies until this fully completes, you'll have a lot of mimics that will spawn in this particular one so be sure to pay attention once that's done that will be seal one of four the second seal we went for is right in the middle of the map and this seal has a cofree, symbol on it where you can see a visible wall of zombies.

Ice, which is the radius in which the zombies need to be killed, is inside this wall of icy smoke. Once that's completed, you can move on to the third seal, which is really out in the open, and you'll see a visible Ring of Fire, which is the radius in which you need to kill zombies. During this soul boox, you'll also have a ton of manglers that will spawn.


The fourth and final seal will take you to the right side of the map, where you'll have a ton of disciples spawning and another visible radius. Circle that you'll need to kill zombies in once you've completed all four seals Your next objective will be to leave the dark ether with a prompt to take you to the beach; however, once you approach this Riv, you'll be met with a horrific surprise.

As there will be a new worm boss fight called the gorgun to take down compared to the Act 3 boss fight, this is 10 times more difficult as the worm has brand new attacks that the Act 3 boss does not have. The main tips I can give you to defeat this boss fight are to keep your distance from the worm at all times.

He has his usual laser attack; he sends out these purple orbs that can do damage to you; he can also do a slamming attack that will instakill you; and if he borrows underground and gets too close to you, when he comes back out, he can swallow your hole and instakill you. What I ended up doing was using this part of the map and this particular building as really good cover, as if the worm ever lasered when it was on the beach, it would be unable to hit me.


I only had to deal with a few zombies staying in this position, so I had a lot of really good opportunities. You need to make sure you pick this up out of the reward Rift and leave the dark e to fill with it, as this is one of the four mission items you need to come back with once you've X filled.

Make sure you place this in your stash so you don't lose it. Now that you've completed Act 4. Story Mission, we can now get the other three items, because in total, you're going to have four items that you're going to place on the plimp in front of that story Mission XO point, which will allow you to go in the dark EA in the future.

So in no particular order, let's teach you how to get the CC. TV camera, and in order to get this, you need to have a weapon equipped with the dead wire ammo mod, so either craft a dead wire ammo mod and bring it in with you or complete eess. Where the crates inside have a chance of dropping a ammo mod, once you've equipped dead wire on your weapon, you then want to go and find a harvester, orb.


These randomly spawn across the map in all tiers 1, 2, and 3 and only appear on your mini map when you are close to them. Once you discover one, you want to start shooting the orb with your dead wire weapon, and you'll notice that the orb will change its color to gold. Just like normal Harvester orbs, you just need to continuously shoot it once it stops moving, and eventually you'll do enough damage for it to be destroyed, and it will drop you an epic rarity.

CCTV camera Once you have that, you need to go around the map to try and find an eepa tear these are the purple Rifts around the map that allow you to redeploy from the sky and these can also be randomly found around the map so it's worth getting a vehicle to drive around the outskirts, in tier 2 or three but with that epic Rarity camera in your inventory, you then want to enter the EPA Rift and you'll notice when it redeploys you there will be a yellow Rift in front of you located in the sky you need to fly over to it and enter it and a wisp of energy will appear in front of you and spawn a purple eliminate hvt.

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