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best mtz 762 build

I dropped 36 kills using the nerfed MTZ 762 class, so in today's article, I'm going to break down every single attachment that you need to be running on your MTZ 762. To make it absolutely broken, jumping straight into the first attachment for the Meta mgz 762 build, we do want to start with a barrel, and the one we do want to run is the MTZ Precision Blackthorn Barrel, which is going to increase our damage range accuracy and Reco control.

As you can see, we get a 25% increase with the effective and minimum damage range of 30% of the bull velocity, and for some reason, even though the green bar and the recoil control do go up, it doesn't actually increase the stats, but the coil definitely feels a lot better with this barrel on now. For the second attachment, I do have two separate options for you guys, depending on whether you want to use the iron sights or not.

I personally do like to run an optic on the build, and the one I like to use is the Jack Glassless. This is a brand new optic that they just recently added; it is super clean and very easy to use, and it gives the least visual record of any of the optics in the game, turning this build into an absolute laser.

best mtz 762 class setup

For the second option, if you would prefer to use the iron sights because they are super clean on this gun, you can throw on a stock instead, and the one you want to use is the close quarters assault stock, which is going to give you a 15% decrease to the recoil gun kick as well as 14% to the horizontal and vertical recoil, which is going to make this build very easy to use.

Now for the third attachment since the MTZ 762, It's a battle rifle; it only starts with a 20-round magazine, so we definitely need to throw on the 30-round mag. If you were lucky enough to save a blueprint with the 40-round mag, definitely throw that on instead, but if not, 30 rounds are just going to have to be done before I finish off the rest of the build.

We post the best war zone 3 loadouts every single day, and right now we have over 96%. So this is really going to allow us to focus more on pulling down on the right stick, and instead of left and right, here's the full meta MTZ 762 build for War Zone 3 season 2 reloaded, still one of the best longrange weapons in the game right now, and using this build.

I dropped a 36-kill game on Aik Island, so without further ado, let's get into it. Its enemies are Dro enem station; where the heck did that guy

BROKEN MTZ 762 Loadout in MODERN WARFARE 3 new MTZ 762 Class Setup in MW3.
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