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best ram 9 class

What's good YouTube, in today's article, we're bringing you guys the Ram 9 in War Zone 3. Before we get into anything, drop a like on the article. Let's see if we can break 400 likes, man. I know you can do it. Come shout out, be on the screen, and let's get right on to this broken Ram 9 setup for the muzzle.

Now, the Jack BFB Let me tell you guys, it's not as good as a lockshot KT 85. I'm going to show the details real quick, man. Yes, you get so much reco control with this, but when you go on the Jack BFB, the blue velocity is reduced by 18. Yes, you get more record control on the jack BFB, but the bull velocity is crucial, and it is reduced so much that the lock shot KT 85 is perfect.

With this reg control right here, it's already going to help so much, but Jack BFB only helps a little bit more. The lock shot KT 85 does not hurt the bull velocity either, so I definitely recommend putting on the lock shot KT 8. Right now, man, I'm telling you I'll put this thing on for the underbar.

best ram 9 class 3

No, now we always use the XK edge better before handing it up. The reason being that it helps that. Mobility, aim down side speed, sprint to fire speed, but it does affect the hip fire and attack stand spread; the DR6 hand stop is better. Mobility, as you can see on the screen, is overall better than the Xik and Edge, and also with the ads, And sprint to 5 speeds; the DR6 hand stop is better as well.

I know the hip fire is affected more, but we get better ads and Sprint to F speed, and that is crucial for all SMGs. You need the best ads and Sprint to F speed with SMGs, man, so definitely put on the Dr6 hand stop, If you don't have it unlocked for whatever reason, you can put it on the XK Edge L.

It does the same thing, but the DDR6 hand stop is way better, so put this in the magazine. now I did run 40 rounds in today's game play, but you know you can put on the 50 rounds; it's not going to hurt. If you do put on the 50 rounds, it really doesn't hurt at all. You'll be fine with the 50 rounds; it's really not going to affect much, but 40 rounds is perfect for solos because 40 rounds.

best ram 9 class setup

It's just enough, and you get more mobility as well in Sol, but 50 rounds are definitely for quads. You can put 50 rounds in solos if you want, but I wanted more mobility for today's gameplay, so we did put on the 40-round mag, and man, we put on the [__]] 90 grip tape. Now we need this for control because this gun does have a lot of recoil.

As you can see on the screen, it reduces horizontal and vertical by -7, and the reco gun kick is reduced by -10, so I definitely put on the retau, 90 grip, and don't put on any of the other grips because they don't help with recoil. I highly recommend putting on the retort and 90 grip tape right now because you need the RAL control on this SMG.

Because this is the fastest-killing SMG in the game, you need the most RAL control to be able to control this thing, so definitely put this on finally for the stock man. The ultra-light stock pad is the perfect reason, because it helps with the aim of walking speed, movement speed, and sprint speed.

best ram 9 loadout 3

You definitely need to put this thing on. Look at the mobility. We get with this thing, man, absolutely incredible. I highly recommend putting this thing on right now, definitely. Please. I'm begging you to put this thing on if you want, you know, recoil for a Rec control for whatever reason, man, then definitely put on the Hun hunk up five stock pad, but I think we've already got enough R control and we need more mobility since it's an SMG, so I'll put on the ultra light stock pad.

Put this on right now. This is the Ram 9 that we did run in today's article. Let's get right on to the freaking banger. I have a question for you guys, man. How are you guys liking this new season because we all know what's coming out next season? It's Rebirth Island. Man, I am so ready for this.

Rebirth Island is literally going to make this game so good. It's already amazing right now. Like, CS at a decent state server were down today, and that was really bad. I was really bad on their part, but yeah, man, when rebirth comes out next season, forun K in a huge as well. That's,

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