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best ram-9 build

I dropped 50 kills on Rebirth Island using the best Ram 9 class setup for season 3, so I'm going to break down every single attachment that you guys need to be running to make it one of the best SMGs in the game right now. So jumping straight into the first attachment for the Meta Ram 9 build in season 3, we do want to start with the Hunker stock pad, which is going to give us a 15%.

decrease to the recoil gun kick as well as about 8% of the horizontal and vertical recoil. Most of you guys who watch my articles have yet to subscribe. I do have two separate underbarrels that you guys can choose from, with the first one being the MSP 98. Hand St., this one will give us a 6% increase to the movement speed but at the same time gives us a 5% decrease to the recoil gun kick and 7% of the vertical recoil, giving this build insane movement but at the same time it's going to be very easy to control, and then for the second option, we have the DR6.

best ram-9 class setup

Hand stop, where instead of the recoil control buff, we actually get an 8% decrease to the down-down sight speed and 7% of the sprint of fire time, so obviously it will have a bit more recoil control, but it is going to be a lot quicker, so try them both out and use whatever one you like better. And now for the fifth and final attachment, we do want to see what, in my opinion, is the best muzzle in War Zone 3, the Z 35 compens flash hider, giving us another 5% decrease to the horizontal recoil and 15% of the vertical recoil while only increasing our aim-down sight speed by about 5%, getting rid of almost all the visual recoil on the ram 9 but still keeping it very quick at the same time.

Here's the full metam: the 9 build for War Zone 3 season 3 is still one of the best SMGs in the game right now, and using this build.

BROKEN RAM-9 Loadout in MODERN WARFARE 3 new RAM-9 Class Setup in MW3.
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