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hey there, this is the one boom, and today we're complaining again. I know everybody's favorite thing for me to do, and I have a really justified complaint: calling in a killstreak in Modern Warfare 3 is the most flaccid experience I have had in Call of Duty in a long time. Now we've had bad weapons, we've had ineffectual equipment, we've had field upgrades, and I don't know why you would equip them.

You know there's stuff in Call of Duty that sucks, and that's okay. That's how hierarchies form. You have a game with a sandbox of tools at your disposal. Yeah, some are going to be good, some are going to be bottom-tier, and that's awesome. That makes sense. I can rationalize that, but there's some things that conceptually should never be bottom tier after Black Ops 4, yes, moving into one of my favorite Call of Duty games.

MW 2019 killstreaks became weak, ineffectual, nothing, things that are just not fun to control; they don't dominate the map, and for the most part, that might be okay in engagement-optimized babysitting matchmaking that we deal with today, so you constantly have to lead your team to defeat, and if you had to lead your team to defeat while fighting massively overpowered kill streaks like, let's say, the old ac130, old Chopper Gunner from, like.

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OG MW2. Or the chopper Gunner from Black Ops 1 or Black Ops 1 level dogs—you know those things will be very frustrating to deal with today's matchmaking system because getting dominated already stinks. Getting your map control taken way already sucks; having the streaks be really, really powerful would make that worse undoubtedly, so what's the solution?

Well, the solution isn't to make the streaks something you can only earn once per life that doesn't count towards your next streak that just dies before they can even fire a shot, calling in a vet and watching it swoop in, and before it can even station itself to fire, it gets shot down. That is sad; that's depressing.

You can't earn that again in this life, as you've already called it. You had to stay alive for that, yet. It's shot down before it even fires a shot. So, what's the solution? Well, I don't want to just buff all of the base attributes of a streak call-in times, lower the point values, increase the health, increase the damage it deals, and increase the targeting.

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I don't want that; I actually really just don't want that. I want to remedy the problem as I see it, and as I see it, the problem is that they tried to implement a risk and reward function to kill streaks by making them easier to shoot down and easier to destroy, but they forgot the reward part, so it's just all risk and not even risk; it's waste calling in a V that gets shot before it can fire.

Your OverWatch Hilo gets shot before it even fully enters the map. Your chopper gun is getting shot down because you can't kill the people because they're spawn protected. Those things are unfortunate, for sure. There's no risk or reward; it's just waste. Now, imagine if each one of your kill streak kills counted.

Half a kill for kill streaks or 50 points for score streaks, meaning every SAE kill It works towards your next score streak with every precision air strike or cluster mine. Chopper Gunner AC-130. It works towards your next streak, and if your streaks could be earned multiple times per life, it encourages you to do the Call of Duty thing, in which you stay the [__]] alive.

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Call of Duty is a game where it's easy to get killed, which means it's easy to The difficulty comes from staying alive long enough to get enough kills and not die quickly so that you can call in powerful streaks, but if the streaks are going to be more like equipment, the streaks are going to be more like a utility, and there's no reason that they shouldn't benefit your streak by calling them in, and there's no reason that you shouldn't be able to call in more than one per life, like somebody's going to call in too many UAVs, run assassins, or ghost somebody's calling in too many cluster mines.

Run, engineer, and take them out. I don't care; this game is full of ways to shoot down streaks. This game is full of ways to detect streaks. It'd be such a shame if somebody kept calling in sentry guns, or you could just put on the cold-blooded equivalent, the hijack strobe like you could just equip that and then the sentry guns wouldn't see you.

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We have mid-match class customization, and we have streaks that are made out of paper mâché that don't do a lot of damage. And why would I be worried at that point? Literally, seriously, how would I be worried if you're able to cycle the UAV cluster? If I overwatch Hilo multiple times per day, then there's something wrong with my team.

There's something wrong with my ability to shoot you and make you stop doing that, and no, your cluster got like six kills because you put it on like an objective and people piled onto it and died. Okay, well, great. Now that's giving you three more kills towards your helicopter, and that's really scary, and I totally can't just equip my cold-blooded LMG class and shoot down your helicopter like that again.


I don't see a problem with this now. There is one problem I actually do see with this funny enough use of your streaks to build up to something like an advanced UAV or an EMP, which benefits everyone. Team, that's a little scary, but there's an easy modifier they could do: Kill streak kills don't count towards this streak, which is something you could put on something like the advanced UAV.

I could use a sentry gun to get up to a vtool, but the VL isn't going to get me to an advanced UAV. We have such a botched system here where we have score streaks that are sort of put in these categories of points instead of each score streak having its own point value so that I can work towards each streak subsequently, like how in Black Ops 2 I could do hail storm missile lightning strike sentry gun, which worked really well; at least I believe that was the combo, but either way now everything has these categories, so I can't even run certain streaks with each other.

I don't think I can run mosquito UAVs; I can't run cuavs. Care package, there are so many weird restrictions, and if you're going to do that, why not just make them more useful? without making them more powerful. Again, we're adding use to them, and we're adding reward to them. Kill streaks should be a reward.

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Kill streaks should feel exciting to call in. The idea of going on a 30-kill streak shouldn't just be that I get a nuke and end the game; it should be that I've called in like four helicters in this match because I'm that good. I'm playing the objective, and I'm staying alive. There are so many ways to stay alive in this game with covert sneakers.

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