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In today's article, I'm going to show you guys the best meta weapons and class setups to use in all of War Zone and Resurgence. Right now, the metas have changed quite a bit, especially over the last couple of days after they've cranked out a couple of different updates. Without further ado, let's go ahead and just jump into the first class.

Starting off with this article, I'm going to be talking about the TAC Eradicator. It is a newer LMG that they added. The reason it's on this list is because it has zero recoil—I mean, literally zero recoil—and also has really good bullet velocity and damage range because it's an LMG, making this gun ideal for those long-range gunfights.

The time to kill on this gun comes in at 943. Which is a little bit on the slower side; it's still in the Top Guns when it comes to time to kill, but you're definitely paying for that no recoil feel and ease of use in the time to kill values. Overall, the gun's one of my favorites, and honestly, it's probably my favorite gun to use on Resurgence right now just because the iron sights feel amazing.

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I don't know why, but I feel like for some reason you get more aim assist with the iron sights, plus the gun has really good mobility, and again, like I said, it's super easy to use, so I think it makes it the perfect resurgence gun. You don't need to put any weird scopes or sights on or anything like that, like some of the other guns on this list the first attach you're going to want to use in the attack Eradicator.

The tack-vertical core stock is going to help you a ton with recoil control. Next, you're going to want to use the FSS, combat grip, and combat grip again to help you with recoil control. This attachment is also great because it doesn't slow down your ad speed and it does wonders for that recoil control.

Next, we're going to use the brew and heavy support under Barrel. This is going to get rid of that nasty, hard-to-control side-to-side horizontal recoil, and it's also going to help smooth out the recoil pattern by adding extra gun kick control. I honestly wouldn't worry about the increase to your vertical recoil; the gun has basically zero anyway, so adding a little bit of a percent to that is pretty much non-existent.

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Next, we're going to be using the spirit fire muzzle because it's going to help crank up our damage range blow velocity and again our recoil control, and lastly, we're going to be using the conquer, long barrel This attachment is going to help with our damage range and again bullet velocity, and the cool thing about this attachment is it's kind of like the rear grip; we don't actually get any sort of noticeable, and con from this, we're not ever going to be hip firing or using pack stance with this, especially in a game of war zone, so we're basically just getting all the pros by adding it.

Next up on our list is the MTZ, or interceptor. This is a tap-to-fire gun, and it does use sniper rounds, but that's honestly the only con to this weapon. They did Nerf the damage on it to kind of take it out of that top-fastest killing gun slot, but the gun is still incredibly easy to use, with a two- to four-shot time to kill with full plates.


The gun also still has very little recoil. The time to kill comes in at 8.141, which is 100 milliseconds faster than that tack. Eradicator I just showed you that to start off our class setup on the MTZ Interceptor, we're going to be using the MCW. Blackjack stock; it's going to help a lot with our recoil control, and we're going to also combine that with the 20-round mag.

Like I said, this does use sniper rounds, so you're going to need the extra ammo capacity. I honestly would say that the ammo is the biggest downside to this gun, but that's also why it's so hard-hitting, so I guess it's kind of a double-edged sword. For the optics, we're going to be using the Corgo Eagle Ey 2.5.

For the optics, I mean, just look at how nice this sight looks. Next, we're going to be using the MTZ. Black Thorn Barrel, this is going to boost the crap out of our bullet velocity and our range, and it's kind of the same case with the last gun. We're not going to really get any noticeable cons from adding this to our gun.

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It's basically all pros. You're never going to hit fire or use a tack stance on this gun, so you're just getting all the benefits here. For the last attachment, we're going to be using the spirit fire suppressor. Again, it's going to boost our bullet velocity damage range and recoil control, making the gun way easier to use from far away.

And now let's go ahead and jump into what I believe to be the absolute meta right now for the primary guns, the Pulam yacht. I'm not sure if I'm saying that name correctly; I just call it the PKM at this point. It's one of the easiest guns in all of the war zones to use right now, and it comes in with A Time to Kill of 736.

That's 100 milliseconds faster than the MTZ that I just showed you, and it's a whopping 200 milliseconds faster than that first-tack eradicator class set up. The gun is also pretty easy to use. I wouldn't say it's easy to use as an attack eradicator, but it's still pretty close. It also has 25 extra bullets compared to the attack eradicator, which only has 75, whereas this has 100.

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On this gun, you have the ability to use the optic, making it pretty much perfect for the big map on Resurgence. I will say the gun does kind of lack in the mobility category; it's not as mobile as the tack Eradicator, again, as easy to use, so that's kind of the procons there, but this gun 100% is the meta primary right now.

If I were playing for money, I would be using this as the first attachment we're getting going to be using the 2.5x, Optic. This is the most popular Zoom site. Just try it out if you haven't already; you'll know exactly why the instant you actually use the site for the secoyouattach, we're going to be using the Jack Annihilator conversion kit, and this attachment is a 100% must-have.

You can't use the gun to get that really fast 736. Time to kill. If you're not using the conversion kit, the conversion kit cranks the crap out of the fire rate, and it does wonders for the gun's ad speed, allowing this to be a much more viable gun and easier to use. There's also another attachment.


On this gun that I'm going to talk about in a second, you can only equip it if you have the conversion kit. If you don't have any of the conversion kits unlocked or the gun leveled up, you probably should use one of the first two guns that I mentioned. Next, for the barrel, we're going to use the Jack Annihilator.

For the long barrel, you have to have the conversion kit active on your gun; otherwise, you won't see this barrel and you won't be able to equip it. Make sure you apply the conversion kit before trying to add this barrel; otherwise, you won't see it. This attachment's purpose is solely to boost the damage range and bu of velocity.

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