News - The 2-shot Mtz Interceptor Warzone 3. Meta Loadout



For today's YouTube article, we'll be showing off this three-shot MTZ Interceptor, after the Nerf, of course. As we all know, they got Nerf recently, where they took down a headshot multiplayer just a little bit, but this weapon right here is still Supreme. If you're new and you're watching this article, make sure to hit that sub button so you don't miss any bills that we may drop.

The bill will definitely be at the end. Also, we stream on Kick almost every day.


play whatever I mean, you lose me once you try to explain that without a thing like that, like they have some people that are just you. Primary objective: complete good, Work, Woo, That was.

Weapon build.

Weapon build.

I hope you guys enjoyed that gameplay right there. Now let's get into the needy ingredient of this loadout, so starting off with the muzzle, we run the VT7, spare fire suppressor. Honestly, this is my personal favorite. Genely, because of the fact that there's more positivity than negativity.

It helps with effective damage range and minimum damage range. bullet V. Horizontal and vertical recoil control The only negatives to it are that it brings down your ad speed and sprints to fire speed, but of course you'll be using it from a distance rather than close range for the barrel. We run the Black Dor Barrel, which helps out heavily with, of course, the damage range.

The bullet velocity and the minimum damage range you see in plus 25, with almost everything, and plus 30 with bullet velocity I definitely recommend that this has a slight increase in bullet velocity and everything else, but it has so many negatives, so I definitely wouldn't recommend it, so Black Barrel is your go-to.

best loadout for

I actually put the Brewing heavy support grip on now mainly because of the fact that the MTZ Interceptor, although it is slow, actually has a little kick to it, and this actually helps out with the recoil gun kick control, the horizontal recoil control, and a vertical recoil control, so I definitely would recommend putting this one on.

Of course, you know you need the maximum number of ammo, and 20 rounds is the maximum everyone's go-to now for this site or for almost all Scopes when it comes to all primary Weapons is genuinely the Coro Eagle's eye. But for me. I've been switching between them, but this happens to be the most favorable one for me personally, and the recoil pattern on weapons is so much smoother, so I would definitely recommend this one too, especially because of the fact that the reticle is for it.

I definitely recommend this one, but this is the loadout right here. I hope you guys generally enjoy it.

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