News - New" Vel 46 Meta Loadout Is Insane After The New Update. Warzone 2 Warzone

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You are all right. Boys, today we have got a banging classic for you boys. The MW2 guns are back, and they are [__] frying.

Class setup

Class setup

In rebirth bell 46 and M4 class setup that I ran, live game playay with, and it absolutely fried so we've got the Vel 46 with the Tango 228 Barrel give us that bullet velocity and range we don't really need the hit fire accuracy but you could turn this into a hit fire build the hit fires are pretty bad this year but you know you can give it a go here it goes for the muzzle We're running the Fox 202 flash hider for some muzzle flash concealment and recoil, and then we're going to be running the Merc for grip, then the 50 R mag.

You can swap this out, completely take it off, and put it on a rear grip. But I just need the extra ammo because it does throw through ammo if you're playing quads. I would recommend the 60-round mag though, but for now we're running the 50-round, and finally we got the collapse stock if you mind build is set up more for movement, but if you don't really, if you're not much of a movement player, you could always go and swap this out for the., the zlr combat grip for a bit more recall, but I'm going to show you what this thing's like real quick in, here this is three, plates obviously the fire range isn't the best test because I've had guns that suck in here and then in game they're fry, but as you can see, literally.

B, that is a [__] frying machine. Boys get used to it, and then in M4 class, I wouldn't go too far based on this. I just quickly whipped this together, but it is pretty solid. You can take the scope off if you're playing Rebirth. I like to have a scope just to have a bit of range, and then I have the veil for close, but I have the 20-barrel BT7 spit fire suppressor, the BR heavy support grip, the 45 R mag, and the Cory Eagle Eye.

So, for the optic, you could swap this out for: if you want a bit more adsb, go with the Phantom grip; if you want a bit more recoil control, go with the SZX grip; or if you just want a running gun demo tube, the easiest build ever.



All right boys, back on to Mike, and we're going to see how we can do on, here, on down here. For me, it didn't even go down. Guessing that was that kid that landed over already died to one of them, grab ourselves a you have need Recon overhead copy UAV The AO Rec is online; don't be below me or up in this building if we can't make our way.

Landed, where are we off to now? I want to clear this side of the map. We'll just go around the whole edge of Zone here. Good kill, marking the rest of that squad on your TM. Go get it, H. That's an LMG. I want to get in a mid-range battle with that and keep him busy. Try to jump on him. Are you in the I'm a pretty quiet person when I'm playing, especially on War Zone, honestly, so I do apologize for that, boys.

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I will work on it for the future, articles, but I do want to start banging there some more War Zone because I have been having a blast on it and enemies are dropping. So hopefully this year is the year for me to make some war zone content. Me and a few of the boys who love a bit of War Zone are killing it, so we'll still be doing some trickshotting articles.

Don't worry about that, but I'm just trying to get some War Zone in here as well as a bit of variety here and there. I will get a schedule at some point and take a while to work on it. Swing that shot. All right boys, we did not get a win in this one, but we had a couple high-kill games. This is why I hate solos; it takes one person to [__] you up like that, but make sure you do use this class setup; it is really lethal in duos, especially, and then I will have some more class setups coming out for you guys in the near future.

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