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best assault rifle

I'm giving you guys the top 10 best-class setups or loadouts in War Zone 3 now. By the way, guys. Just this is where you get the effect damage range buff when you already have a good effective damage range and you can get more benefit. With the all-round bullet velocity and recoil control, next put on the Brun heavy support grip for gunit control aiming out sway horizontal recoil and firing aim stability at the cost of aim down high speed and vertical recoil.

I've tested every single one of these, and I think this is the best possible choice for a 60-round mag. I know it sounds counterproductive to some people, but trust me, this is the best possible choice. First of all, you get an increase in aim downside speed, sprint to fire speed, movement speed, and reload quickness.

And the only downside is that you have a little bit fewer bullets than you would have started with, but your reload is basically instant now. The last thing is that I put on the glassless optic. Now, it may be confusing to some of you guys, like some of you guys may think that you would use a Coro Eagle Eye.

This attachment right here is a game changer; it makes it feel like there's absolutely no recoil. I'm going to show you guys right now, so when you get into the game, this is what it's actually going to feel like. It looks like I'm barely even trying to control it and show you guys the fast reload that's instant.

best gun

It's absolutely insane. Light barrel now—this is something I was really thinking about for a long time. I was thinking should I put this on there or should I not put it there, and after going through all these and, you know, really testing them out thoroughly. I've noticed that this is giving the best result.

First off, it helps a can spe B of Vy in damage range, and you do lose some gun control recoil control. We are going to take care of that later on. Put on the Brun heavy support grip for gun kick control, aiming out horizontal recoil and firing aim stability at the cost of vertical recoil and aim down sight speed.

I did have the DR6 hand stop initially. And don't get me wrong, the DR6 hand stop is pretty useful when you don't have this barrel on there, but because I put the barrel on there, I think the DR6 hand stop is kind of unnecessary. Actually, it would be pretty useful if you're playing solos, because then you basically have the maximum movement, but you are going to compromise some recoil control.

best loadout

I didn't want to do that, so I just kept the DR6 hand stop off and put on the Brun heavy support grip that I put on the 50-round mag. Now you can put on the 40; it's completely up to you, whichever the situation. I mean, they're both pretty useful. I don't think the cons are actually that bad either way.

Last but not least. I put on the Retort 90 grip tape for firing aim stability, gun kick control, and recoil control at the cost of aiming atle sway, and now I'll show you guys what I've actually been waiting for. This thing is absolutely amazing. It's basically you flying around the map, and people aren't going to be able to catch you.

best loadouts 3

It's so insane how fast this weapon is. You're going to be flying around the corner. And all your strap speed and everything else is going to make you a very hard target. That's why I say this, SMG. Right here, the Ram 9 is probably one of the most useful SMGs in the game right now. If you're just going to be able to fly around enemies who will not be able to catch you and you just laser them, then this is the best possible class setup to use for an SMG.

best smg

I would say, so make sure you guys copy this class setup down if anything. Please, if you don't copy any other class setup down, this is the one that you want to copy, amr9. It is effectively one of the best weapons in the game right now. I have to show you guys the class make sure you guys put on the Nimbus 6 integrated, suppressor for being undetectable by the radar bll iocan range at the cost Sprint to fire speed aim down sight speed that's not a big deal trust me we're going to take care of that put on the x10 Phantom 5 hand stop for Sprint to fire speed aim down sight speed vertical recoil and gun kick control at the cost of fire attack stand spread and horizontal recoil next put on the 50 round mag because it's a happy medium between the 100 and the 20 I just don't think that the 100 is necessary and 20 is way too little, this will help you out plenty and it'll get the job done it's very interesting it says it holds 40 even though it holds 50 slate reflector but you actually don't need to run slate reflector you can run the glass list which will actually be insane if you guys, don't mind a little bit of a aim downside speed penalty or if you don't want that one of my personal favorites is actually the ner.

The NER model 2023. Is insane, and I think it'll do really well for you guys, and last but not least, the Wolfhound Carbine Stock for gun kit control and recoil control at the cost of aim-down sight speed. You guys see just how easy it is to actually use this gun; it's actually ridiculous. I would say that even at long range, it gets the job done.

I have to show you guys so much long-range engagement. All you guys have to do is make sure you hit some of your targets and get the job done. So here's the entire class setup. Make sure you guys are copying this down because the AM-9 will save you in plenty of situations that you would not expect.


Make sure you guys have an amr9, class fer 556 again but we're going to give you an updated class start out with the vt7 spe fire suppressor for being undetectable, by the radar recoil control bullet velocity and damage range you do lose some aim down sight speed aim walking stess and Sprint to fire speed, not a big deal trust me, this build right here is going to have zero recoil, and it's going to be incredibly mobile next put on the Cheerio 6 match for bullet velocity and range recoil control and gun kick control you do lose some eight down side speed a all way and Sprint to fire speed but like I said don't worry about it next we're going to put on the 40 round mag, now you do get a reduction of movement speed and all that but trust me this is already an incredibly mobile weapon so don't worry about it next put on the RB at assault stock for Reco control and gun kit control at the cost of aim down sight speed and the last thing you're going to put on is the jack glasses, optic for precision sight picture and firing aim stability.

meta loadout 3

You lose some aim-down sight speed, but I can't wait to show you the outcome. I have something for you. So you guys go over to the right, and you can either use one of two things, or you can use the cass as a break. You can use the x10-ported 290. Now I know this is something that people don't really recommend, but this thing is absolutely insane.

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