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I'm giving you guys the top five best-class setups in Warzone. This is going to be everything that you guys need, and honestly, every single load out here is going to be optimal for War Zone 3, so we're going to start out with the RAM 9. The first thing you're going to want on this SMG is a ZON 35 compensated flash hider.

Now I'm going to make this an absolutely insane, low recoil speed build; it's basically to have no recoil. So you guys are going to look forward to this. It shortens the radar ping and increases the vertical recoil control, along with horizontal recall and firing aim stability. You do lose some buet velocity and aim down side speed, but I think that's the least of your worries.

This thing absolutely melts from close range, and if they're not able to hit you in the first place, it's going to be insane, so trust me and just go with the rest of the attachments and put on the FSS imperator light barrel for aim walking speed, bullet velocity, and range at the cost of gun kick control and recoil control.

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Now I know you guys see those massive cons, and you're thinking, Well, how is this going to have zero recoil? Trust me, I have some more attachments that are going to counteract this, so don't worry. Throw on the Brun heavy support grip for gun Ki control aiming out of horizontal recoil and firing aim stability, at the cost of aim down side speed and vertical recoil.

Now the vertical recoil situations are already handled, and you just get a slight reduction in aim-down sight speed, and believe me, you're not going to notice it with how fast this thing is. This thing is going to have zero recoil. Now this part is completely up to you. You can use the 50- or 40-round mag.

If you have the 40, then you're going to have fewer cons than if you have the 50. I mean, it's just a little bit different; it's completely up to you. Whatever you want to use, if you really weigh your options, you're just getting a slight reduction in Sprint speed. With the 50-round mag. Whereas, with the 40, you really don't get that, and you do have a little bit less ad speed and sprint to fire speed, so it's just something you have to keep in mind, so whichever one you want to pick completely up to you, then put on the rhetoric 90 grip tape for firing aim stability, gun kick control, and recoil control.

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You do lose some aiming out way, but that does not matter. I want you guys to just take a moment and see how fast this is. This SMG is literally one of the fastest SMGs in the game, and honestly, like it up close and personal, it's just absolutely vicious. I just want to show you guys that even at mid-range, it does get the job done pretty well, but the main thing about this SMG is just how fast the strap speed is.

Like, how is anyone going to catch you when you're moving like this? It's just going to be way too fast, and it's just going to get the job done super easily, so this is the entire class setup right here. Make sure you guys copy it down, take a picture, whatever you guys have to do. This is what I highly recommend if you guys don't want to use the imperator.

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Then you guys could take it off and put on. I don't know something along the lines of, like a high grain, you could take off the Brun heavy support grip instead of that, you could put on the hvs 3.4 pad, and that's if you guys don't care about movement, so if I did that, we take this off, take this off, and you put on the high grain.

And then for the stock you put on the HVS. And then, in the end, it would basically look like this, which is kind of insane as well. I mean, it's pretty easy to use this version, and I mean, it does have good strap speed as well. I just think that the other version is kind of quicker, so it'll be completely up to you guys, whatever one you guys want to use, and then if you want to take it a step further, you could actually take off the high greens.

I recommend keeping the high greens, but you could take off the high greens you put on the Dr6 hand stop and it'll be even quicker, so instead now it'll be moving like this, except now you don't have an increase in bullet velocity. You do basically have a little bit more movement speed, which is kind of optimal.

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But the only downside, like I said, is that the bullet velocity does go down a little bit. With the buffed bullet velocity update for RAM 9, it might be worth it for you, so whatever you guys want to do, feel free to try it out. But these are all the different varieties of the RAM 9 that you guys could actually try and take pictures of.

Next is the RAM 7, and there's only one class setup. I can give you guys this, and it just works perfectly. I'm surprised that people haven't used this more often, especially this class setup, because I don't change it, and people just think that I'm cheating when I'm using it because I have no recoil.


Now the number one thing is just throwing cass's break like this. I wouldn't be surprised if this is the only thing you need but I'm going to show you guys the entire class up just throwing on the cass's break for horizontal recoil firing aim stability you do lose some aim non sight speed but, not a big deal at all just for stability I mean put on the Brun heavy support grip for gun K control aiming out way horizontal recoil, aim stability you do lose some vertical recoil and aim down sight speed but that's not a big deal in fact these are the only two things I would suggest to actually make it have no recoil everything else kind of helps with bull velocity and the amount of bullets and all that next throwing the Cronin headwind long brow for Bel velocity and range aiming out sway firing aim stability, you do lose with fire attack stand spread aim walking speed spread to fire speed but that's not really a big deal I don't really recommend anything else; they're just not really as optimal.

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As this thing right here just because the bullet velocity and range makes it so, good the next one is a given the 60 round drum I mean if you're playing quads trios even in fact any game mode except maybe solos this is what you need to have, solos I mean I'll be okay with using 40 just because I mean one-onone engagement is not really a big deal but, if you're playing trios and quads then make sure you have 60 and then the HPS 3.4 pad for gun kit control and recoil control at the cost of Sprint speed and Sprint to fire speed like I said these recoil control things are really the essential thing to make this have no recoil and I can't wait to show you how powerful it is watch this so this thing is absolutely busted it does not take much effort to use like I'm surprised that people say like my doesn't do that my Ram, has a whole lot of recoil and I'm just like well just throw this attachment on there, like it's really that simple I remember streaming literally just yesterday; in fact, if you guys are watching this right now.

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