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Before we get to today's class of fans, I want to quickly say I enjoy all the support you guys have given me for the channel recently. I love y'all, and I appreciate you guys so much. Let's get today's class set up and the Banger article. F called with load number one. We got the B-Battle rifle. Listen, this gun's really good in the war zone right now.

It's definitely a viable option to get those long-shot kills in the game right now. Let's get in today's class setup all right fam starting with the first attachment we got the brewing and heavy support grip for our bass B increasing that gun kick recoil control and horizontal recoil control so you're going to be controlling this bass P at medium ranges or long ranges now guys for the muzzle I ended up going with the bore 490, muzzle this is an MW3, muzzle as well going to increase the horizontal recoil control and the vertical and the gun kick control, all three are so important especially in war zone because you're going to be getting a lot of long range gun engagements and the bass speed does like to kick a little bit but this will bring this down a little bit so you can get those accurate chots now guys for the barrel we got the Bruin Venom long barrel increasing that bullet velocity and the range which means you're get a faster ttk.

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And a better hit scan for every bullet that you shoot also means you're going to get the gun kyck control, and the recoil control to go along with it with the aiming idle sway means your sway; you're not going to be swaying left to right while being aimed down in your optic. Now guys, for the optic site, we got the Coro eagley, 2.5x.

This optic site is really cool to be using because this is probably the cleanest site in the game that everybody's using for their ARS. It's kind of like the War Zone 1 site, which was pretty much the same. I think it was called the 2.5x. Know modifications, go right guys, we the last attach we got the 45 round mag I think having a little bit extra ammo in the chamber is much needed especially when playing war zone now guys this is my BP class setup in war zone right now listen don't you think about this one this one's definitely shredding and is definitely on top of the meta right now but listen on to Loy number two family with class number two we got the DJ 56.

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With a higher hit skin with the bullet velocity but also with the damage range giving you a long barrel effect on every bullet that you shoot guys for the next attention we got the Sonic suppressor, undetectable on the radar which is really important in war zone listen I find that every time playing war zone like everybody knows where I'm at so when I'm running apress nobody ever knows you're also going to get that increased bull velocity and the damage range and that's really good for the suppressor now for the barrel we ended up going with this DG 56 ls18.

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Barrel, what these two attachments are going to do is pretty much complement each other, so what these things are going to be doing is increasing the bu velocity and range. I'm sorry, I'm about to say we're working together, not as counterparties. Now you're going to also get that gun kick control and the recoil control, which means that even though this gun shoots fast, sometimes you might be able to get just two bursts to the head or even one burst in certain situations depending on how far you are from your enemy.

Now guys, for the last attachment, we got the Coro Eagle Eye 2.5x. Scope: Listen, this is the cleanest site in War Zone right now and is the go-to site for those medium- and long-range gun engagements. Every other site that I've been testing out doesn't really seem to hit like this one; it's just the best one to be using as of right now, but guys, this is my DJ 56 class setup in NW3, and war zone right now you guys use in any game you choose to use them in, but listen, this is Loadout number two.

Lmg, listen, Lmgs in the war zone this year are really good to be using since the movement changes. I feel like you're able to maneuver a lot faster around the map, and you're not really toggled down or slowed down like in the past with those lmgs, so let's go to L number three, fam all righty fam, starting with the first attachment we got the vt7.

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Spitfire suppressor L. I don't know why they call it L, but it's called L, but listen, it's going to keep you off the radar in the war zone by increasing bullet velocity and the damage range, giving you a faster ttk and a longer range for your bullets. With the damage range, what's really nice about the suppressor is some of that recoil touch of that control.

Sometimes you don't even get that in a suppressor so having that on this lmg class is a huge W for next attachment for the long barrel we got the annihilator long barrel the Jack Annihilator long barrel this is really good and probably is the best lawn barrel for this lmg, increase the bull velocity and range and even though you do lose Sprint to fire time speed and aiming idle sway that's not a huge deal because you have that quick movement in an in war zone now that it doesn't really even matter anymore you're not running around SL slowly, you can definitely slide Kel around some corners with this thing look guys for the optic I ended up going with the Coro Eagle Eye 2.5x.

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The cleanest optic in war zone right now this is the best one for this lmg you don't really want to go with the iron sites especially on war zone I wouldn't ever recommend it it's not worth it now guys for the stock I like this Commando D15, recoil reduction now, lmgs you're going to be mainly posting up in excuse me long range gun engagements if you ever find yourself in a gun engagement where you might need gun kit control or recoil control this exactly the class setup for you now guys for the last attachment we got the annihilator bolt pup kit now.

With this kit, we were able to put on that first barrel; without this kit, we're not able to put that barrel on at all, so this is literally increasing movement mobility, handling, rate of fire, tax sprint stance, hip fire, and ad speed, so this is literally increasing your weapon, allowing you to run around the map a lot faster, but also you're getting those other things like damage range boosts and, you know, recoil boosts for these other attachments, making this lmg really overpowered in this current season.

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