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This is the top 10 best meta loadouts for war zone season 3 Rebirth Island now of course we're going to start out with the fjx Horus but then I'm going to give you guys every single class setup that you could possibly need and if you guys do appreciate this article I'm going to be live streaming on Kick and I would appreciate if you guys came through there but I'm also going to be live on YouTube anyway starting out we put on the sin9, long barrel for bullet velocity and range aiming out of way and firing aim stability you do lose some hip fire attack stand spread aim walking speed and Sprint to fire speed but with this weapon right here trust me when I say you will not notice it at all this thing is insane.

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Fast next to increase the bullet velocity even more I put on the Sonic suppressor s for being undetectable, by the radar bullet velocity and damage range you do lose some aim walking stainess Sprint the fire speed and recoil control but we are going to take care of that put on the Broom pivot vertical grip for gun kick control vertical recoil aiming out way firing aim stability, you do lose some horizontal recoil aim down sight speed and Sprint to fire speed but I found this was the best possible Choice overall 48 round mag is just a given you can't use anything else other than this is the best possible choice so make sure you guys have this equipped and finally I put on a lopper lxd, stock for aiming out way recoil control gun kick control and firing aim stability at the cost of aim downside speed aim walking speed and movement speed this thing is absolutely, ideal for close range like this is where you should be using it I wish there was a Target that was even closer than this 10 meter one because you guys would really see.

The damage it does at close range is insane, and that's why I recommend having your sights at, like, if you have your fights beyond close range, it's kind of iffy, and you'll see in the gameplay what I mean. I definitely do switch to the Ram 7even at super long range because this is not what the long range is for.

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You definitely need to keep this close range, and you'll do a great job, but here's the entire class setup, and enjoy this entire game play. I dropped 30 kills in this game; it's absolutely insane. HRM: We start out with the Sonic suppressors for being undetectable. By the radar bullet velocity and damage range you do lose some a walking steadiness Sprint to fire speed and recoil control but this is the best possible Choice trust me this setup is going to be amazing next put on the dr6 hand stop for aim walking speed aim downside speed Sprint to fire speed and movement speed at the cost of HIIT fire attack stance sprad and aim walking steadiness, put on the 50 round jump cuz it's the best possible choice I can't think of a better one for you guys possibly use considering the alternative, it is 20, or 30, as the base but on the PCS 90 assault grip for gun kick control two times and recoil control at the cost with aing outut s and aim down sight speed which is not a big deal we already took care of that last but not least we put on the folding stock for recoil control gun control and firing aim stability at the cost of aim down sight speed and this thing is an absolute tank at close and medium range now I'll be honest with you guys you guys can actually use this at long range too but it's a little riskier.

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Just because, there's a little bit of an interesting recoil pattern I would just stick to the short to medium range but here is the entire class setup for HRM 9 make sure you guys take a picture a screenshot whatever you guys have to do now the people that actually like the OG HRM 9 instead of the muzzle being the Sonic suppressor s you just take it off and put on the zon 35 compensated for shorter radar pings, vertical recoil horizontal recoil and firing aim stability at the cost of bullet velocity and aim down sight speed take off the PCS 90, assault grip and instead go over to the barrel and put on The Thorn 90 barrel for hip fire and tact stand hand spread aim down sight speed Sprint to fire speed and Sprint speed at the cost of aiming out way and recoil control this thing in my opinion is absolutely amazing still it does get the job done very easily.

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My only downside is that you do lose some bullet velocity, which I'm not really a huge fan of now. If you think you can handle this regardless, then be my guess and use it; I think it's still really good. It's just that I feel like with the silence build, you get all the benefits of the Z 35 compensated, except you're not losing bullet velocity, this is something that you definitely have to weigh your options on but here is the entire HRM 9 class if you guys want to try it out for yourselves all right so hear me out on the ram 9 now this is not the regular Ram 9 but this build right here will make it so you don't lose any bullet velocity and it'll still kill incredibly quick with no recoil so the first thing you want to put on is the ftac, castle comp for horizontal recoil gun kick control and vertical recoil at the cost of aim down tight speed and aiming idle sway now this is way different than people typically go with a lot of people like to go with the zimon 35.

And I don't really blame them. I also see people going with Sonic suppressors, but this doesn't help with recoil control. So if you want to go with silence, then Sonic suppressors are for you, but you're not going to get that recoil control. If you want to use the Zon 35, then you're going to get a lot of recoil control.


But just check this out. You're losing 5% of velocity, and it doesn't seem that important until you realize just how significant it is. A 5% drop really is for gunfights. Next, put on the DR6 hand stop for aim lucky speed, aim down sight speed, sprint to fire speed, movement speed at the cost of hit fire, INX stand spread, and aim walking steadiness.

But on the 50-round mag now, you can use this, or you can use the 40. It's completely up to you, whichever one you want to use. Just know that the cons are that they're a little bit different—I mean, they are significant. But it's whatever one you want to use if you want to get 10 extra bullets at the cost of a 10% reduction in aim-down sight speed instead of 5%.

To be my guest, I mean, on the handling, it's basically double for each of them, but for a sprint speed, I mean, it's two versus three. I mean, it's completely up to you. When you use rort 90 grip tape for firing aim stability, gun control and recoil control at the cost of aiming, idle sway, and last but not least.

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HPS 3.4 pad for gun control aiming out sway, firing aim stability and recoil control at the cost of movement speed, sprint speed, aim walking speed, and sprint to fire speed, now with everything I listed, you would think that this thing is not insane, but look at it like this actually gets the job done really easily, and you don't have to sacrifice.

TOP 10 META Loadouts in Warzone Rebirth Island! Warzone Best Loadouts - MW3.
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