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I hope you're doing well today. We're going to be giving you the best controller, settings, and graphic settings you can be using right now in War Zone 3, and when I say best settings. I mean the best settings that I am using right now because your settings may be different and your settings should be different, and you should just be using settings like mine or any other Pro and adjusting them to fit your play style and make you more comfortable because if you're not comfortable and if you're not pushing your enemies, you're not going to get more eliminations and more wins, which is why we're here.

Also. I'm going to show you a tip that will help you win more long-range gunfights and control your recoil a little bit better, and I'm going to give you some really low recoil loadouts that you can be using right now in War Zone 3 that will help you amplify your game even more. Let's get into it.

So first, I'm going to show you a tip that's going to help you control that recoil a little bit more instead of adjusting your aim down range with your right analog stick. We're going to adjust your aim with your left analog stick. What happens when you use the right analog stick to make your micro-adjustments?

You can overshoot your target quite a bit, so instead, what we're going to do is use our left analog stick. In order to make those micro adjustments, and this is going to help your game an absolute ton, while we're shooting, instead of doing this to try to adjust your aim, we're going to activate what's called rotational aim assist.

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Rotational assist is what this will activate. You see a lot of your favorite streamers or favorite Call of Duty players moving their characters in a circular motion like this. This will activate the normal assist, but what's broken is that rotational assist, and you don't have to go in a full circle.

It can be from side to side. It can be forward-looking. It can be backward. But what I want you to do in the firing range is get in there and work on adjusting your aim like this and activating that rotational aim assist. This will help you out a ton. It also helps to have those low recoil loadouts, which we'll give you here in a little bit, but we're going to work on getting that accuracy way up and stop using this to adjust our aim, and it should end up looking something a little like that, so just a refresh: don't aim like this downrange; adjust your aim like this so your sight doesn't move as much and you're not over-aiming or overshooting your enemy, so just adjust.

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Just like that, let's get you those controller settings for my controller settings. Obviously, I have my input device set to controller. I have this one as my RB, or my knife. I throw this bottom-left one right here when I feel like sniping. I have set my left stick to press down; that way, I'm not getting any kind of stick drift, so I'm holding my breath with my sniper.

With this one, you want your controller vibration set to off; that way, you're not getting any other vibrations inside your controller that will also cause stick drift in the future. I have my trigger effects set to weapon fire threshold. My dead zone inputs are left stick minimum, zero left stick, and max 100.

I have my right stick minimum set to four. My right stick, Max, is set to 100. My left trigger is set to zero; that way, it gives you kind of that click trigger feel, along with the right trigger being set to zero as well. If you go to show more and you put your test stick dead zones on and you notice any kind of movement on any of your sticks, you want to turn these left stick and right stick minimums.

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Up a little bit that way, you don't have any kind of movement in these dead zones now for my aiming. My horizontal stick sensitivity and vertical stick sensitivity are set to 10. My sensitivity multiplier is set to one, and my sensitivity multipliers are all set to one. My vertical aim is to access all standards.

My tag sensitivity multiplier is set to one. My aim-response curve type is set to dynamic. My ad-sensitivity multiplier is 0.9. My ad sensitivity, transition, and timing are set to instant with my custom sensitivity, per Zoom. I have them off, but you can have them on if you want. If you have those on, use these right here; they're pretty solid, but I just usually have those off.

My target aim assist is obviously on, and my assist type is set to default. You can have it on Black Ops, but default seems to be the better option right now. There's really not a huge difference between the two, so I just usually set mine to default. My ad aim is obviously in my third-person ads.

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correction type is set to assist my motion sensor behavior is off, and also, what I want you to do is go to your motion sensor, advanced settings here, and you'll notice that the fov sensitivity scaling is usually set that on. You want to turn that off just to be safe because what this does is scale sensitivity, which is scaled down or up depending on what optic you're using.

You don't want everything to have the same sensitivity feel, so turn this off in my gameplay controller settings. I have this automatic tactical Sprint my slide, maintain Sprint I have that set to on my auto-move forward; you obviously want that off-tactical sprint. Behavior: single tap to run ground mantle; off my automatic airborne mantle; I have set to partial automatic ground mantle hang; I have set to off my slide dive.

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Behavior slide only; you can also have this as hybrid plunging underwater. I have it free in my parachute automatic. Behavior definitely needs to be set to off so you can drop lower, especially when you're flying back in the printing door bash. I have set out on my ledge to climb. Behavior set to mantle only my aim down sight Behavior: I have set to hold my change Zoom activation, I have Sprint tactical sprint, and I focus my equipment.

Behavior I have set to hold a weapon Mount activation ads and melee, which are pretty standard. Weapon Mount exit delay I have set my tactical stance activation ads to instant plus the down button for tactical stance. Behavior I have set to on toggle interact reload Behavior: You definitely want this for prioritized interaction.

This will allow you to just tap and pick up an item instead of having to hold down your button, which takes forever. Biom plate Behavior: I set to apply all ads stick swap I have off my backpack control directional buttons. Pleet ammo weapon switch I have set it to quick C4 detonation, and I have grouped manual fire.


Behavior I have set to press a Kimbo behavior is independent I have vehicle cameras reenter I have a short delay there camera initial position free look lean out activation melee, scoreboard, map stats Behavior: toggle, ping wheel delay, moderate double tap danger, ping delay set to moderate, and wheels Behavior is set to hold now.

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