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Crowder is here, and I am bringing you guys War Zone's best loadouts after the tack evolves. Nerfs are basically statistical. The fastest killing loadouts that you could be using to help your gameplay out, let's get into it starting with my number one loadout for Fortune's Keep for Big Map.

Best fortune's keep loadout

It does not matter that this is going to be more big map Focus loadouts, but at the same time, it always does work on Fortune Keep most of the time, but this one right here is insane. As you can see in the statistics of the long-range weapons right here, one's going to pop up on your screen. The time of the kill on this gun is crazy.

This recoil is really easy to control, and the best part about this loadout is that you can make it even better if you are not the most skilled player. So right here is what I'm using right now, but if you want to take off the high grain and actually put on the assault stock, you can do that very easily, and it makes the recoil even easier, so this is something that you can do if you're more on the casual side, but I like the high-grain ammunition.

For the damage range and the bullet velocity, the gun's going to shoot something like this in the firing range. Very, very easy recoil. Very good firing aim stability. And just overall, it's a very easy weapon to use to drop your opponents when you're shooting against them—something that is my number one go-to in rank play right now.

Long range meta loadout

Long range meta loadout

I love this load out, but let's move on to the next and the next weapon we're going to be talking about for the longer range meta is going to be the ram 7even now this did receive a Nerf so it doesn't have a super long range time to kill that it used to where you can see on the stats it kind of like dies out towards the end of the longer range time the kills but so the big map is not the best this is more of a better Fortune, keep one but some of the best players in the world that are really aggressive, and if you were an aggressive player still use this ram it basically has no recoil.

Really easy to control, and it does drop people up to around the 45 to 46 M range thing is insane, and as you can see right here, these are the attachments I do use. I've been going back and forth with a few of them, so this C break is nice, but at the same time, the ZEM compensated, and Flash Hider is also really good on this, so I've been kind of going back and forth.

best mw3 meta

They both basically have little to no recoil. With this Ram, it has an initial jump, and then after that, it's really easy to control. So while you're shooting it, it's going to be really, really nice, and this visual recoil you're kind of seeing in the firing range does not happen when you're actually playing in a war zone, so it's definitely something very fun to use and still one of my favorite weapons.

I definitely like to use this when I'm being a little bit more aggressive, like solos. I definitely recommend trying this gun out, and if you want to see the recoil pattern of this one, you shoot it at the wall, and you can see that the initial jump of this Ram is going to happen right here, where it's not as tight, and then it just kind of slightly goes up to the right in a much more tight fashion.

It is very easy to control if you just pull down to the left and make it a little bit easier for you. So this is the ram 7even. I love this gun. Let's move on to weapon number three of these meta loadouts , and weapon number three is right here now.

New meta loadout

New meta loadout

This is not a list from top to bottom of what's good and what's not. You just saw the statistics if you want to kind of make your own assumptions about the guns you want to use. Go for it I'm just kind of going through the guns that are all in the meta right now so this is not the third best weapon or don't take it that way as much as it's just a weapon, that is really good that is in the meta now this one's a weird build so a lot of times when you see this build a lot of people are probably going to tell you to use the optic on it I'm a huge, iron sight guy when it comes to just kind of playing even big map right now for some reason I just feel like the iron sights on a lot of these weapons, are really good for the most part some guns obviously not so much and I do think just the way you build a lot of these guns, taking off the optic and putting on another attachment for recoil, usually just makes it really easy to shoot but if you're not an iron sight guy you can change this build up a little bit I would probably take off this more rear grip right here and throw the 2.5.

I actually like this gun a lot. I'm going to be using this on stream probably more often on the big map, and you can see the iron sight's not that bad, really easy control recoil, and again, you have that silencer, so if I shoot this one at the wall, you're going to see that it kind of just goes up.

And a little bit to the right, and it just keeps kind of going and going, and it's a very tight recoil spread, so all you have to do is pull down slightly to the left when you're shooting. And it's going to look something like this, which is again a very easy recoil pattern to control and a very good gun that will drop your enemies.

Silencer meta loadout

Silencer meta loadout

best warzone 3 classes

With a silencer, that's easy to shoot let's move to the next gun and the next gun we're going to talk about is also another, silencer, build now this is not my favorite weapon in the meta but it is a very good gun and a very good option it does have a silencer, and it also has an optic I wouldn't use the iron sights on this one just cuz I don't really like the iron sights on the DG compared to some of the other ones especially the hogre so I don't use the iron sight build on this one but it's still a very good gun to shoot definitely has the time to kill threshold that you were kind of looking for in The Meta and again it's going to be one that has an optic and a silencer, so it's going to shoot like this a little bit harder to control compared to some of the builds that I'm giving you guys, but not by much, and it's still going to be something that's a little bit different if you're not having any success with the current metag guns right now, and you can also just have something a little bit more fun if you want to change it up so this is the dg58.

Honorable mention loadout

You can definitely kind of have those medium ranges something on Fortune Keep; it might be pretty good too, but still, I would rather the MTZ 762 over a gun like this. This is why this gun is an honorable mention but, at the same time, a very usable option that I wanted to put into this article.

Now let's move on to the last two weapons before we get into that SMG meta.

Top 10 BEST Loadouts in Warzone Season 2 World Champion Tips. Coach Crowder gives you a breakdown of 10 loadouts that will help you dominate and rank up in Warzone.
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