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I hope you're doing well today. We're going to be giving you the top 10 loadouts you can be using right now in War Zone 3 after the season 2 update that happened this week. I really appreciate it. And if you're new, I don't always sound like this, so my voice should be better by the next time we upload.

For these loadouts, these are in no particular order. You can always mix and match them. I always recommend using what's most comfortable for you, because if you're not comfortable, you're not going to be pushing your enemies. If you're not pushing your enemies, you're not going to get more kills and get better at the game.

So let's get into it for this first set of loadouts. I went with the MTZ, 762. This is my glitched build. If you were here a couple articles ago, I went over how to do this glitch. I don't know if it still works, but I saved the load out, so it's still saved in my inventory. Maybe it still works.

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You can go try it, but basically, this puts on the 40-round mag instead of the 30-round mag, and then I paired it with a striker 9. I really loved using this in the new-ranked Resurgence mode. For this load out, we're going to go with the vt7 spe fire suppressor, the MTZ Precision Black Thorn Barrel, the Breu, and heavy support grip under Barrel, the Coro Eagles, 2.5 time scope, and the 40-round mag if you can still do the glitch if not use the 30 show this to you in the firing range.

Here, there is still barely any recoil on it, and it hits like a goddamn dang Mac. Truck, for the striker 9, we went with the Sonic suppressor's muzzle dr6 hand stop under the barrel, the MK3 reflector sight here, or the Slate reflector, whichever you prefer. I like the Lockman MK2 light stock and the 50-round drum; this has one of the easiest recoils to control when it comes to the SMGs, which is a lot of fun to do.

Run, next up I've got the pulm and the wsp 9; the pulm did get a slight Nerf again, but it was not anything significant, and the wsp 9 actually got a buff, which is crazy, but for this pulm, we're going to switch back to the vt7 spe fire suppressor instead of that Jack BFB muzzle stick with the brew and heavy support grip under Barrel that Jack Annihilator bup up kit, which is required in order to unlock this command.

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D15 Riy coil reduction stock, then use whatever site makes you comfortable, but I'm using the Coro Eagle Eye, which is still the easiest long-range weapon to control. When it comes to recoil, I just got a slight Nerf, but it's basically an ad, Speed. For that wp9, we've got a little different build than we normally have for you.

I'm going with the Sonic suppressor to muzzle the short light. Barrel the SL skeletal vertical grip slate reflector sight and the 40 or 50 round mag This thing is just an absolute. Tank, then for the two snipers you want to be running right now, which are one shot of the cad AMR and the new XRK stalker, the XRK stalker is one shot now up to 50.3 M, kind of like the K98 was back in the day.

For the cad AMR, we're going with the Sonic suppressor XL muzzle, the Zang 34 barrel, and the Razer Hawk laser light. I like the high-velocity ammo here, and I like to use the ephemeral quick bolt. The thing about both of these snipers is that they don't get one shot in the firing range; they never do.

best loadout warzone

They can't ever seem to fix this firing range the way it's supposed to go, so you'll have to try them and find out for yourself, but you have to hit a head shot, and they do one. Shot, for that XRK stalker, you want to go with the XRK Nightfall suppressor XL muzzle. I like using the SP Point rounds with a high velocity ammo.

Here I switched the scope to the SPX 80 scope, the XRK stalker light bulb for faster reach ambering speed, and the XRK stalker factory grip for faster sprint to fire speed and aim down sight speed. You don't want to use a grip, use the laser, and use the Razer Hawk laser light. I completely understand that line of thinking there, but again, like I said, there will not be one shot in the firing range, but the other snipers do, but they don't have one shot in the game.

best loadouts warzone 3

It's so weird, but it does have one shot in the game up to 50.3. Next, a lot of people have been talking about the tack evolver. I didn't like using it when it first came out because it was just too slow, but they did buff it a little bit, and now I think it's very viable and very much in the meta now, and it's very usable with very little recoil, too, so use it and have some fun with it.

I paired it with the striker here. Striker got another buff, which is kind of crazy because it is one of the easiest ones to control with recoil as well, so very cool there for that evolver you want to go with the Jack BFB muzzle. I have been shifting away from this a little bit because when they did the recoil gun kick at 60, they went down from 60 to 55%.

Not a significant enough buff to just completely go away from it, so with things that are harder to control recoil. I went ahead and added on here like lmgs, sometimes, but yeah, this evolver I think needs it, but the Jack BFB really helps here. The righteous long barrel and the Chimira Ry 03 vertical grip really help out that vertical recoil control.

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Coro Agile 2.5 Time Scope If you use a sight, if you don't use a sight, throw on those high-grain rounds, and the rampart heavy stock thinks it's an absolute beam. Now, especially with no sight, it's a lot of fun to run. Let me show it to you with the sight so you can kind of get both view points.

Point here, said very well, with the sight as. Well, then for that Striker, we went with the Sonic suppressor's muzzle, the Dr6 hand stop under Barrel, the Slate reflector sight mikate, 2 light stock, and the 48 round mag here, and if you want to go to 60, you can, but I like the 48 round here, so nice, and it did get another buff, which is wild, but it feels really, really nice.

Next up is the SVA 545, still in the meta. It did not get touched at all, which is wild, so the SVA 545 is in semi-auto. Use it; there's no recoil, and it hits like a Mac truck. Use that, and then I paired it with the WSP Swarm, which is still very, very usable. It's not my favorite SMG, but a lot of people still run it, and I think it's still very viable in the top five, but probably not number one or number two for me.


For this SBAA 545, we're going with the Sonic suppressor muzzle STV Precision Barrel. I like the high-grain rounds here in the Coro Eagleside 2.5-time scope and this 60-round mag; use it in full, auto, or switch over to semi-auto. Fun for that swarm, we're going to go with the Jack Bfv muzzle. The wsp Reckless 90-long barrel, the dr6 hand stop under the barrel, the slate reflector sight, and the 100-round drum I like that this Jack BFB muzzle is needed because it's got a lot of kick now, and this Jack BFB really kind of hones in that recoil a little bit, especially at mid-range.

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