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I hope you're doing well today. We're going to be giving you the top 10 loadouts you can be running right now in War Zone 3, along with my favorite perks that I'm running right now that you can try out for yourself. Let's get into it. So for my tactical right now, I'm usually either running a stem or I'm running smoke grenades.

Smoke grenades I usually find off-ground loop, but stems I start out with. I'm learning that stems are kind of becoming less and less relevant until you get to the end game, but then smokes are just as important there as well, so to each their own, here I'm running a little bit of both, then I'm always running throwing knives, or Sim Texas completely up to you there but throwing knives.

Really help preserve ammo and stuff when you're finishing your enemies; that way, you're not having to shoot them, and you can just use a throwing knife real quick. As far as my perk packages go, I'm always running Mountaineer. No matter what, right now, it's just too good not to run; it's too easy to push your enemies from a rooftop, especially during the end game and things like that, so Mountaineer is really, really solid.

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Always running double time as well. With a slight hand, you're automatically equipped anyway, so there's no need to run that, but double time is so good. I have been running Quick Fix quite a bit. I think it's still a very solid run. They took it out quite a bit, and then I ended up running primed instead, and I really ended up liking primed.

It has helped in some situations, especially when I'm pushing, so either primed or Quick Picks here on your third slot is what kind of thing I'm running here for. I usually pick up off the ground loot, so that's kind of a perk you can get extra while you're in the game. For my fourth perk slot. I'm always running high alert; it just helps so much, especially in Resurgence modes or any mode really, but if you want some better audio.

Flex is a really solid option as well, but I'm always running high alert. Resolute's solid as well, but really, honestly, solid options across the board here, but Flex High Alert or Resolute are your really solid go-tos. All right So for this first set of weapons, I'm running the striker 9 and the bass speed.

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The striker 9's a lot of fun to run, very solid ttk, easy to control recoil. It didn't get a slight Nerf this past update, but nothing to worry about. Then we're going with bass B. I know a lot of people still love the bass B I still love the bass B very hard to control recoil when it comes to range, though I'm going to show you a different option here in just a few minutes, but yeah, the bass B is very solid.

I still recommend it, but it's harder to control range, so you might have to add that Jack BFB muzzle on there for that Striker 9. I'm running the Sonic suppressor to muzzle the DR6 hand stop under barrel, the MK3 reflector, sight the Lockman MK2 stock, and the 50-round drum just to give you an idea of how it performs here in the firing range.

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Very solid recoil, and, Ttk, then for that bestass B I am adding the VT7 spe fire suppressor L. If you have trouble controlling that recoil, make sure you're adding the Jack Bfv muzzle. But for now, I'm running the VT7 spe fire, which gives a little bit more damage and bullet velocity. Then. I'm running the Breu heavy support grip under the barrel and the Breu Venom long barrel, along with that 45-round mag and the Coro Eagle ey 2.5 time scope, to give you an idea of the TTK here in the firing range again.

really solid, short to mid-range very solid recoil control, but down at range. Man, it's kind of tough to control if you're not playing this game every day and you're not practicing. I'm not going to recommend the bass B to you unless you're just strictly going mid-range gunfights, but again, if you're good at controlling recoil, then it's still very solid.

For this next set of loadouts, I got the MTZ 762. I've been hyping this up for a long time. It's so good with a high damage profile, almost as high as the tack evolver, which is the number one meta right now, but use what makes you comfortable, because if you're not comfortable, you're not going to push your enemies, and you're not going to get more kills.

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But for this MTZ 762, I'm running the VT7 spirit fire suppressor to muzzle the Precision Black Thorn Barrel. The heavy support grip under the barrel of the 40-round mag I have glitched on here. I did save it as a blueprint, so I don't think it's possible anymore, so just run the 30 round mag, then I'm running the Coro Eagles ey 2.5 time scope, but use whatever site makes you comfortable to show this to you guys here in the firing range.

This gives you an idea of TTK. It's very easy to control, and even at range, it's pretty solid to control as well, better than the bass B. I'm just saying, then for the striker. I'm going with the hris mod suppressor s, or you can go with the Sonic suppressor s muzzle completely up to your dr6 hand stop under barrel, the 48-round mag, or the 60-round drum, whichever you prefer, but I go with 48.

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I'm running slate reflector sight on this and a Lockman MK2 light stock again, another very easy control recoil SMG, and high ttk very. This next set of loadouts, the SVA 545 on single fire mode, just because it's so good—zero recoil, all the good stuff, the Bt7 SP fire suppressor, the Precision Barrel, the high grain rounds, the 60-round mag, and the Coro Eagle 2.5 time scope—slap this thing on single fire mode; it doesn't move.

It's just so fun to run and really easy to do. Control, and I'm running this with the AM-9 with the Sonic suppressor's muzzle and the SL skeletal vertical grip. I like the high-grain rounds here, the 50-round mag, and I'm running the MK3 reflector sight. This still has the best ttk in the game, besides the Ram 9 and the new Ram 9.

I think it still beats it out in ttk, so this thing is still so good and very little. Recoil next up are the RAM 7 and the HRM 9. The Ram 7 has gone down a little bit in my book, I think, but it's still—I mean, it still shreds absolutely for that Ram 7 if you want to go with the Vt7 spirit fire suppressor muzzle.


I like the Cronin headwind long barrel and the Brewing heavy support grip under the barrel. I like this hvs 3.4 pad stock and the 60-round mag you show you in the firing range. Here Again. The recoil on the RAM 7 is just non-existent too; as far as visual recoil is just non-existent, then I'm running this with the HRM 9, so it's solid to run this with a Sonic suppressor muzzle.

The Thorn 90 barrel, the DR6 hand stop under Barrel, the 50 round drum, and the folding stock—and this for the HRM 9, it's got some visual recoil to it, but man up close, you're just not losing. Next up, we have the new BP 50, which is very good. I love running this thing, and I've got it with the WSPS Swarm this BP50.

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