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War Zone season 2 is finally here. This article is to help point out all the main updates and important changes to the game that will affect you the most. I'll be bringing out a article like this whenever War Zone drops an update in the future, so make sure you're subscribed to get all the main information without being dragged along for a super long article.

Remember, this is for main changes and important updates only; there will be a few minor changes that aren't mentioned in this article. First, as you can tell by the game play, Fortune's Keep has finally returned. We've got the Casual Resurgence mode alongside the new game mode Resurgence rank. There's also been a few major changes to Fortune Keep itself, as it is roughly set 60 years in the future.

Since we last played it on War Zone 1, these changes are extendable bridges that have been added across the map in order to help you get from POI to POI. A giant earthquake that has ripped through the map itself can also help you find multiple valves that will help you flood or drain certain areas on the map, and last but not least, locked doors have just been made a little bit more obvious to stop players running into them and actually hitting a dead end when a squad is chasing them.


The next major update is audio, and thank God for that. Raven has actually listened to the players this time around, and we've seen huge audio improvements across the board for War Zone. Here is what is included: ascenders, also known as zip lines, have had their audible distance and volume increase.

This also includes parachute and redeploy drone audio. If you now hit a redeploy drone and try to land on an enemy, they will be warned that you're flying in, just like when someone lands back in from the goag. They've also removed any game sounds that sound similar to the parachute audio, such as flags waving in the wind going back to the Resurgence mode.

We now have an incentive to wipe as many squads as we can. The squad wipe streak feature has been added in this update and is now tracked per map, which also means there is a leaderboard for this too. Don't worry if you're a casual player who likes to take things slow; a white flare shoots up above the enemy player who is wiping squads out, so you'll know where to avoid or where to expect that play to come from.

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This white flare lasts around 10 seconds and is quite similar to a recon contract or a buy station flare. The next major update this season is the health regulation delay. It has been sped up by 1 second, which is slowly putting us closer back to that war zone one field, which in my opinion is great.

I've often found myself waiting a little too long to regen my health; they've also increased the speed at which you regen your health too. You now receive 50 health points per second, up from 40 per second. The ground-move guns have also finally been updated after nearly 90 days of burst fire. Weapons have been removed from the global looting pile as well, and we're also going to see newer weapon builds added to ground loot.


This includes some of the newest weapons that have dropped this season 2, and more on them a little later in the article. Precision air strikes have received a small minor Nerf, not to their damage but to the mini map. If you get a warning that a precision air strike is about to hit you, you'll now see a blast radius on the mini map, so you'll know exactly where to run in order to not be down by the streak.

We've also seen a slight increase in the area that activates the warning balance when an air strike has been called on the player as well. Since release, we haven't been able to tell when an enemy UAV has been called in. It seems the callout was removed from the game, although it hasn't been added back.

A small, faint red outline will now surround your mini map when you're in the vicinity of an enemy UAV that is active. This will help you understand why some teams may be running at you and your squad pretty quickly. We can no longer abuse the live pinging system through walls and smoke. When an enemy is live-pinned, the minute you aim down, the live ping will now fade.


This will help players who are trying to avoid enemies in the smoke and make getting away from teams a little easier. On the big map, Urgg Stan, we've seen the station shuffled about to refresh the gameplay. Loop and combat scenarios; the goag has also had a weapon refresh; unfortunately, we haven't seen a change of maps or location for the goag this season.

Portable radars and suppression mines also had a 30% chance of being used, but that decreased by 30% because, let's face it, we were finding far too many of them now. If you're a fan of Vundle, the fog has finally been toned down a little instead of being at 24%. Of games, it is now only at 8%. Hopefully, we will finally see this fully removed soon.

This season also introduces some brand new weapons, the first of which is the BP50 assault rifle, which is very similar to the F2000 that we've seen in past Call of Duty. You can unlock this in the battle pass sector. B7, the second new weapon is the Ram 9 submachine gun, which is lethal at close range and can be unlocked by battle pass sector B6.


Later on in the season, we will also be getting a new battle rifle called the S-SOA. Hopefully, this isn't as powerful as the MTZ Interceptor, but anyway, that is a few weeks away yet, so don't worry about that. One, the XR Arc stalker sniper rifle, which we saw added in season one, will now finally onot down enemies, only at a range of 50 m or closer.

We've also seen a few buffs and nerfs for many weapons in War Zone. Clean cruising We've also seen revised audio levels for the Flex Perk. Radiation will now reduce gas damage by 20% instead of 10%, and it will also let you play up in the gas without losing them to gas damage. Health regeneration is now instant when the Quick Fix perk is equipped and you start to play up.

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The shrouded perk now has a slight offset to the smoke grenade when you go down, meaning you are no longer central to the smoke blob. It can get a lot harder for enemies to guess where you are when you are down in the smoke. The gas masks have also been nerfed. The regular gas mask now has 100 health down from 120, and the durable gas mask now only has 200 health down from 240, meaning the regular gas mask grants you 10 seconds in the gas and the durable gas mask now gives you 20 seconds in the gas.

guys, and I hope you've enjoyed this quick summary of the brand new War Zone season 2 update. There is definitely no one behind us. Okay, tagged up, taged up, broken, no plates, no plates I'm playing Circle. Just to our left, I get what is going on. We are chasing You've been chasing me, and I'm getting shot in the back.

I'm getting shot by everybody.

The Most IMPORTANT Parts of Warzone's Season 2 Update! Here's a quick breakdown of all the major changes and updates to the new Warzone season 2 update. What's been nerfed, what's been buffed, along with NEW WEAPONS and Fortunes Keep ResurgenceRanked Warzone.
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