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LSW which I still absolutely love and then the MCW, the MCW is more for Resurgence only 30 to 40 m range it's still absolutely slaps and is a lot of fun to run for this dg58 LSW we're going to go with the vt7 spe fire suppressor L the Brewing heavy support grip under Barrel I like the high-grain rounds here in the slate reflector sight or the Coro Eagle ey 2.5 times sight.

Show this to you guys in the firing range. It's got a lot more gun kick to it now, but it still has very controllable recoil, and it still kind of slaps. Then, for that MCW, I put on the Sonic suppressor, the 16-in Cyclone long barrel, the Brewing heavy support grip under the barrel, the 60-round drum, and the Coro Eagle Eye 2.5 times scope.

Show this to you here in the firing range: just very, very little recoil on this weapon, and like I said, you mix in some headshots here. The thing absolutely is. Next up, I got a lot of requests for this one, which is a sidewinder. It hits pretty hard, but it's very unforgiving, because if you miss shots, it only has 30 rounds, so you can't miss a lot of shots with this weapon.

best gun warzone

But if you're interested in the VT7 spirit fire suppressor. L Tempest Predator Precision Barrel the Brew and heavy support grip under Barrel the MK3, reflector sight, and I like the 30 round drum, now a lot of people say why not put the Jack Thunder LMG kit on there, which speeds up the fire rate.

Recoil is pretty controllable, but again, you're missing some of the shots because of the slow fire rate, but at mid-range, you're definitely. Next, I have everyone's pretty much favorite, the bass, but I made one small change to it, which is the muzzle. I put the Sonic suppressor L on it; they try to give it a little bit more damage, and then I have the Chima Ryan 03 vertical grip along with the Breu and Venom long barrel.

Of course, I like the Coro Eagle ey 2.5 time scope, and you need that 45-round mag. Let me show this to you guys here in the reiring range again. It's pretty easy to control, but out of range, it gets a little harder to control when it comes to that recoil. That recoil is really tough out of range.

best lmg warzone

It might be even worth putting that Jack BFB back on there, but it is going to take away from the velocity on it, so it'll decrease that damage range, but that's up to you. Next is the meta SBA 545, which still hasn't been touched, and in single tap mode, you're going to want to run it like that; it's just so good, and then the RAM 7 did get a Nerf, but it's not that big of a Nerf.

I think it's number three or number four in my opinion on any kind of chart, so for the SBA 55, I'm still going with the VT7 spe fire suppressor, the STV Precision. Barrel the high-grain rounds into the 60-round mag and the Coro Eagle ey 2–5 times scope again. Put this thing in single-fire mode; just spam this mess out of it; it just doesn't move.

It is one of our other recoil weapons it just I mean it just doesn't move, no matter how many times you use it. Tap, so for the ram 7, I put back on the VT7 spe fire suppressor. You can run the cass's break if you want. This is the one I would switch off if you want a little bit more recoil control.

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The BFB just takes off too much bullet velocity, so it really lowers that ttk. So run the cass's break or the BT7 spear fire suppressor. Here, I like the Cronin headwin long barrel still through a heavy support grip to really hone in that horizontal recoil control the HBS 3.4 pad and the 60 round drum.

I don't have too much trouble controlling The Recoil, when it comes to this VT7 spe fire suppressor, is still very manageable and really up to that TDK, quite a bit even at range compared to the bass B. This is a piece of cake. Control, then for your snipers your two snipers you want to run that our one shot of the cad AMR and the one shot xrk, xrk is out to 50.8 M can get up to 80 M I believe but the one I have for you is 50.8 m is the max like one shot damage range which is perfect for Resurgence You don't need anything longer than that unless you're really going for AC cross-map shots, but the cat AMR is solid as well, so we're going to go with the Sonic suppressor XL muzzle for the cat AMR, the Zang 34 barrel, the Razer Hawk laser light, the high velocity ammo, and the ephemeral, quick bolt.

best loadouts warzone 3

Bolt, and then for the XRK stalker, I like the Sonic suppressor XL muzzle, the Fision 60 Barrel, and the high-grain rounds. Here, I like the forg tag Delta sight and the Helix LV light stock, and this thing really has really good ad speed and is just a lot of fun to run, especially on. Resurgence for our next two loadouts, I've got the pulse.

Still very fun to run, very good, and still very much in the top five metas, in my opinion, along with the MTZ 762. Again, this was my main weapon before the buff yesterday to our weapon that we're going to talk about here in just a minute. This was the weapon that I was going into ranked with because it does do 56, damage to the head if you mix a head shot, and like a high 40s for the neck and upper body, so this was still very good.

The only thing drawing it back was the 30-round mag, but luckily I saved the glitch where it does save the 40-round mag on there. I don't believe you can do it anymore, but if you were smart enough to save the glitch into something like a blueprint, you have it, at least for now until they actually fix the actual blueprints, so for that, pull me up.

meta loadout warzone 3

We went with the Sonic suppressor L and gave this thing a little bit more damage, trying to make up for it. Nerfs—that's it it has gotten the Brewing heavy support grip under Barrel the Coro eagley 2.5 time scope, and in order to get this command D15 recoil reduction stock, all you have to do is apply the Jack and iser Bullpup kit and then go attach the command D15 recoil reduction stock.

Like I said, it's just super easy to control. One of the lowest recoil weapons in the game, just a lot of fun to play. Run. Then for that MTZ 762, you want to run with the VT7 spe fire suppressor L, the MTZ Precision Black Thorn Barrel, the bru and heavy support grip under Barrel Coro Eagle ey 2.5 times scope, and the 40 round mag or the 30 round mag.


If you didn't save out the glitched loadout that I showed you two weeks ago, but this thing again, it still absolutely slaps, is a lot of fun to run, boom, it's just so. Good, next we have the new BP50 AR, which is absolutely meta. The only thing drawing that back is that it's a 45-round mag, but it still absolutely crushes.

It actually doesn't have a high damage profile, but I think because of the low recoil and the fast fire rate, it's very much in the meta, and then we have the tack evolver, which they just buffed again yesterday, but now it literally has no recoil. I'll show you some gameplay of it, and then I'll show you some stuff in the firing range real quick that's probably going to blow your mind.

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