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What's good what's good what's good I keep seeing everyone ask for a settings article, so that's what we're doing today. Sensitivity is pretty much personal preference, but if you want to copy mine, I use 66, and then I use 0.9 for the multiplayer ads, but like I said, this is pretty much personal preference.

You can use whatever you want. Pretty much the only important setting in this one is that every single competitive player is pretty much going to use Dynamic, so I wouldn't use any of the other two. I would just make sure you have Dynamic Set as your response. Cur type: every single good player that you watch on stream will be using this; I don't know if there's any obviously targ aim assist on an assist type default; this is also a personal preference.

I would only use default or black. Ops, but personally, I think default is way better for war zones. If you're a multiplayer player, Black Ops is not too bad, but if you're specifically playing War War, I would use the default It's just a lot stickier over a longer range. I feel like Black Ops is better for close-range gunfights that default to longer range; obviously, in more zones, the majority of gunfights have a long range, which explains that.


But then, I don't think any of these are important, and there's only one important setting in here, I would say, and that's to have Where is fv sensing sensitivity scaling off? That's the only important one in here; make sure you have that switched off, and then the rest of this should all just be off by default game play or my attack.

Sprint: I recommend putting that on if you don't already have it on. Pretty much just all tax prints whenever you get them. This one doesn't matter if you have auto-tax spr on. I believe yeah, then we have ground-manle off automatic. Airborne mle, partial off slide only, so the difference you see some people use, Tap to slide so they can also dolphin dive at the same time, but there's a slight delay if you tap to slide.

There's a slight delay with your slide consoles. That's why the majority of people use slides only. I recommend slide only, but you can use tap to slide if the slide delay doesn't bother you that much and you still want a dolphin dive plunging in water. Trigger I think that's actually meant to be set free, so yeah, we learned that today.

controller settings

I think this is meant to be a free sprinting door bash on a parachute or mag Behavior off ledge climb mantle only aim down site hold change Zoom activation I don't think that equipment matters. Behavior: hold a weapon. Mount ads; whatever you want to have that on, it doesn't matter if you're off-prioritizing interaction.

This is another important setting. I'm sure 99% of you will have this on, but this just means you can tap to pick up loot and stuff you don't have to, hold another one that you could use either, or I think I don't know what the majority would use on this one, but I personally prefer a ply one, so if I'm in a fight and I'm weak.

I can put one plate on and then fight again. I'm not stuck just repeatedly putting my full set of plates on in a fight. If I want to put one plate on a CH, I can put one plate on a CH, whereas if I apply all, it's going to put all three plates on. That's why I prefer to apply for one, but it's a personal preference.

movement settings

I don't think this matters. I don't think so. I don't know what that is. A lot of these settings are like you don't even use them or they don't. I don't know what you have; these are just the default settings, I believe, and we go What's after graphic settings? This is probably another good one.

If you're on PC, I'd make sure you're on full-screen exclusive. You'll probably lose a little bit of frame if you're on borderless. On full-screen exclusivity, make sure you're on that. Whatever your monitor settings, your display, you'll set that to the best you can. Nvidia Reflex Plus boosts my brightness, which I believe is 60 to 50.

Never mind, I don't know vsync off vsync off custom frame L limit. I don't think it really matters, but for my menus. I just have it low because you don't need to be on a million frames in the menus, obviously, and then off for those, and then quality set it to 100 whatever your Max obviously resolution is, if that's 1660 or 1440, whatever that is.

new warzone gameplay

This is the most important quality setting. Fidelity cast this makes your game look so much better than any of these other settings. This is the highest-quality graphic setting. The most important one is 100%. Make sure you're set to fidelity cast, and then I have my fidelity cast strength at 80.

Some people go as low as 60, but I have a really good PC, so I have mine at 80. Obviously, you can find this yourself depending on what you have, but when tracing off, make sure that's off. This literally ruins your PC's scale. Ram 60 variable rate on, I guess, and then the quality settings. text resolution normal nor normal off normal very low off, low off, and then off.

You don't need to fix these because this is off low Shadow quality normal low off off. Low ne low off off. I would definitely use affected, not independent. If you have your own independent, I'd switch to affected, but don't. Matter; hopefully all these are off. If these aren't off, please switch them all off.

new warzone map

They make your game look absolutely terrible. off zero, least, and then last, you don't matter. I believe audio, or PC speak, is the best one. I have the art of war tune. If you watch any of my other articles, you'll notice that my footsteps and my gun sounds are quieter, so I can hear your other stuff.

I can link the article, so you can copy it there if you want at the bottom. Windows default Make sure this is on Windows by default and not stereo. If this is on stereo, your game literally sounds terrible. Make sure this is set to Windows default; that's the game volume. I'll just have mine at 80 because I don't want my ears to be B, but you can obviously have that wherever you want, and then I don't think any of these matters; it's just their game.

Stuff, and then the last one I'll show you is my color customization. I think this is definitely the best one. I always get questions about my filters, and how does my game look so nice? I use the Tritanopia color blind setting, and then Filter 2, which I think is the best one per me personally.

new warzone urzikstan map

Anyway, make sure you have Tropia Filter 2 and then this set to both 100 and 100, and that should make your game just pop a little bit more than normal. Yeah, I think that's it, unless I'm missing. Anything Yeah, if you like this article, please like and subscribe.

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