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Best hip-fire build

Best hip-fire build

how about one with this insane movement speed or one with no recoil well you're in luck because I'm showing you all of the attachments that have changed the way I play Modern Warfare 3 zombies, let's start with that really cool hipfire build now us playing zombies this is a personal preference of mine I always start with the biggest clip or magazine that I can find it does take an attachment slot but it helps that damage per second last a little bit longer focusing on hipfire now let's take a look at our under barrel and see if there's anything that helps hipfire, and of course you can just scroll through all of these attachments and kind of look at the pros and cons and see what really helps your hip fire spread here or you could hit the show details button and you could see specific numbers.

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And now you can scroll through, and we're looking at this hip-fire spread, minimum, maximum, and tax. Spread down here, we can scroll through, and we could see, look, that's got 19; that's got 31; that's got 12; you can see all of these different adjustments here, and we could look for the best one that we have for me.

I found this brew in grip for its 20% reduction in the hip-fir spread. Moving on to the laser, we have a very fun and interesting thing to show you: this Scarlet Box laser decreases the hipfire spread minimum to. 100% so if we equip this and then go to the firing range, we now have a perfect, accurate hip-fire weapon every single time this is going to go right where that Center dot is even on the longest one back there we are hitting that dummy right in the face every single time because there is no hip fire spread that is until you start moving around you can see how big it gets or if you start shooting for sustained amount of time this is the huge difference between the hip fire spread minimum and the HTI fire spread maximum.

mw3 best hipfire attachments

So while this perfectly accurate HTI fire spread build may be great for a catchy YouTube intro, probably not the most practical is actually outplaying the game instead. I found this Corvo beam laser right here, but once again, you can just scroll through all of these guys and just compare them to anything you have, and you're looking for you're just looking for the biggest number here, which is this one now once you're running low on attachment slots.

I always look for two attachments that I want to compare against each other, so this barrel right here gives me a 15% reduction. If I go over to the muzzle, this gets me a 10% reduction, so I'm going to go with the barrel, and I found a stock that gives me 27%. So I'm going to try to find anything else that can rival 27%.

Nothing in there; we've got this again. 12%, no, so I am going with the stock, so now we have five attachments. A complete build that is made just for hip-fire Obviously, it's not going to be perfectly accurate like that one we just had, but as we're shooting, it's going to expand smaller and smaller; that's the maximum that it's going to expand, and while it might not be as flashy or accurate, this is probably accurate enough for the distances that you're playing zombies at. Also, way back in season 1, they actually nerfed hipfire spread to make it a lot less accurate than it was at launch, so with this hipfire build, you have iron sights, and it's kind of shaky, and if you want to be precise, it's kind of difficult.

No recoil build

No recoil build

So what if we focus a gun perfectly built for recoil?

Well, once again, I'm going to add my 50-round drum here because I want to be really accurate. I'm going to put on one of my favorite sites, and the next game Chang attachment is going to be this Jack BFB. Aftermarket part: this gives us an insane reduction in recoil, and in multiplayer, it increases your radar detection; it shows where you're facing in multiplayer, but for zombies, we don't really care about that, so with no other attachments, this is what this recoil looks like.

mw3 best hipfire build

It's really good, but there's still a little bit of a wobble in there, so let's try to clean that up now. We'll be looking in this recoil control area. Often times, you'll come into a situation like this where you have a really good recoil reduction here good vertical recoil, reduction. But another attachment will have a little bit less but more recoil reduction for everything else, so all I do is try one out, go to the weapon within this firing range, and kind of test it out and see what feels better.

Don't worry, it's all personal preference, and sometimes you can't even really tell, but I can tell this one has a good amount of horizontal recoil that I just don't like, so I'm going to go with this pineapple grip right here, and once again, we have a decision between a really good recoil gun kick and not so great horizontal and vertical recoil, or really great horizontal and vertical recoil and a little bit less gun kick.

I'm going with one that has less recoil; now if you're full, you can still check the other attachments and see if any of them come close to comparing to any attachments you have on, so this is 14 and 9, and this is also 14 and 9, and then you can kind of compare. Hey, you know, if I really want to switch this out, what did this one do?

It had a little bit more of this, whereas this one has not so many downsides. So yeah, I'm going to stick with that stock, so this looks like our build for perfect recoil and control. So here is our build for recoil control. It's honestly really good, and of course, if you want to sacrifice a sight in order to get even more recoil control, depending on the weapon, that could be really good or not. That is a much more stable weapon.

Best movement build

Best movement build

But now what if our biggest thing is movement speed? Well, let's have some fun with this one. One of the biggest things you could do to increase your movement speed is to actually put on a smaller mag, and then stocks usually have a lot of good movement stuff here.

In fact, this stockless mod right here gets you the most green over here just doing those two things. I don't know if you can tell, but I feel super speedy with this. This is crazy. Of course, putting on a lighter barrel will probably get us some good movement. It looks like we've got a grip that'll help us with some movement speed, and then this aggressor grip is here all right.

Let's test out this guy. Let's see, it's so fast. Look at that, and look at that ad's speed too. And then let's check the tax dance. Dan, look at that. Look at how fast we can dance around here. That's honestly not bad. Now clearly, we've only got 20 rounds in here because this is the fastest it can go, but it is going really fast.

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