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daymares unlock

But the one we're actually going to be taking a look at, guys, is going to be the blaze-up event, and as you can see, there are going to be plenty of different challenges for us to complete. Go ahead and unlock the final blueprint, which, as you can see, looks very clean; it has a little bit of animation on it as well.

If we do look, as you can see, the green is really glowing on it; it's sort of a WSP swarm. It's not a camo; it is just a blueprint, I believe, so you are going to only get a blueprint. Not a camo, but if we look at the challenges, as you can see, they've set it up so much nicer as well. You don't have to toggle through all of them; you can just see all three different challenges, which is great, meaning we can do this in Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer, zombies, or war zone, and we are going to go through all of them.

So the first one is to get 25 operator clean kills with the Kimbo attachment equipped, and if you don't know what a clean kill is, it's a kill without being taken damage from your opponent, so you basically just get the kill and there's no damage taken to you at all, so just getting a Kimbo kills 25 clean kills that being shot at is going to get that done.

how to unlock camos mw3

Modern Warfare Zombies are 50-pound kills with shotguns. Again, it is not too difficult to go on with one of the broken shotguns. It is very easy, and in the war zone, it is possible to open 20 loot caches in a single Resurgence match on Rebirth Island. Again, it shouldn't be too difficult to do, as long as you do land somewhere slightly busy.

For the next one, it is going to be multiplayer; it's going to be 10 operat quick scope kills with a stalker boots perk equipped, so what you're going to need is any gun, and you actually don't need sniper rifles for this quick scoping, which counts on any gun as long as you ads and get the kill as soon as pretty much as soon as you've ads, that's going to count as a quick SC quick scope kill; it will work on SMGs and ARS lmgs.

how to unlock daymares blueprint

It doesn't matter what you're using; obviously, just make sure you've also got the stalker boots perk equipped at the same time. For zombies, it's 80 critical kills with snipers, Marxman rifles, or battle rifles. Very easy to do. You could do this within about 3 minutes of a game, to be totally honest, and then for war zone, activate the boat horn near the factory on Rebirth Island.

For the next one. I am going to have 20 operated, direct impact launcher kills, so what you're going to need is a launcher, obviously, and to actually hit your opponent directly with them, so that is what's going to count for that one. Brain-rot zombies kill again; all you need is a brain-rot ammunization type.

If you do that, you are going to get 50 kills. It can be done pretty quickly, and then for the war zone, it is to collect 50 gummies in a high-trip resurgence. Like I mentioned before, there is that brand new game mode where you're going to have to go into the game mode and collect 50 gummies, and that is going to get you that one completed.

For the next one, guys, it is to hit 20 operators with tear gas with the TAC mask perk equipped. Again, just run around on smaller maps; something like a shipment is going to be great. Just throw the tear gas in the middle of the map, or whatever map you're on, where you know a lot of people are going to run through.

how to unlock daymares blueprint mw3

Just throw the tear gas that way, and obviously, make sure you've still got the Tac Mask Perk equipped. Complete four contracts in Modern Warfare Zombies. That's going to be super easy to do. It doesn't matter what tier you do it, and by the looks of it, you can quite easily just smash out some tier one contracts very quickly.

It will probably take you 5 minutes maximum to get that done, and in War Zone, it is to complete five spy drone contracts, so when you're going into the game, look for some contracts, but obviously make sure they spy drone contracts. Other contracts aren't going to count; it's going to be particularly the spy drone ones.

The next challenge for Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer is to use the stim or battle rage 15 times every time you've got it available. Just use it. Zombies is to destroy four vehicles; again, you can just run up to them and spray at them. Put a grenade in the air,launch whatever you want to do, destroy them that way, and then in the war zone, it is during infill or redeployment.

how to unlock daymares mw3

Land in the gondola, using the parachute on Rebirth Island, so a little challenge there is that one that comes from the top of prison; it goes down to the bottom of the map. You just need to land in there after parachuting, which is pretty easy to do. The next challenge, guys, is going to be four operator kills within 20 seconds in one life, two times, so it shouldn't be too difficult.

You get 400 kills with a wall-bomb weapon in zombies, so obviously you just have to buy a weapon. Off the Wall, take out 400 zombies with it, and then in War Zone, eliminate eight players while having an active Power Up Gummy in High Trip Resurgence. So again, into that new game mode. Get one of the gummies and get eight kills while you've got one equipped, and you are going to get that challenge completed.

how to unlock event camo fast mw3

The next calling card is to get 10 operator stuck grenade kills with the Demolition Vest equipped, and to do this, obviously, just run something like the seex. You can then stick with your opponents again. If you're playing on a smaller map, just try and run up behind your opponents, get nice and close to them, and make sure you're definitely sticking with them.

For Modern Warfare Zombies, it is going to be destroy-free Harvester ORS. If you don't know what they are, they are the little purple things that fly around in the sky, take a few bullets, but aren't too long to get down. You should be able to pretty easily, and then in the war zone, it is to have all four high-trip resurgences.

PowerUp gummies are active at once, so obviously there are different ones that give you different abilities. You're then going to need to get in and try to get every single one of them into the war zone to complete that challenge. Next up are some double weapons. XP guys is to get 20 operator kills while in smoke with the Jack purifier, attachment equipped so very easy to do just go into an area where you know a lot of people again something like ship would work well Throw smoke in the middle of the map.

how to unlock event camo mw3

Just run around with the flamethrower and the B attachment, spraying it everywhere. You're guaranteed to get a kill at some point. 200 kills shortly after reloading with speed cola active in Modern Warfare Zombies is very easy to do, and then in war zone, it is use squad rage on all of your squad mates at once.

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