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So we are once again going to be covering the striker 9 here in Modern Warfare 3, and it's pretty similar to my last build in the sense that it's got very low recoil and pretty good movement speed. There's a couple of minor attachment changes, but this one, in my opinion, is definitely going to be the better bet.

It's got an easier recoil pattern, and of course, up to a certain extent, you're not going to be taking 80-meter gunfights. I don't know what the deal is, but let's get into my attachments.

Max damage class

So the most noticeable change here is going to be a stock with the Lochman Recon series stock. This is going to give you gun kick control, fire-aiming stability, aim-aiming idle sway, and recoil control at the sacrifice of zero handling.

best striker 9 class

Yes, it definitely has some trade-offs there, but I feel like the pros far outweigh the cons in this current situation. You can see all that we're gaining there with the recoil control, which is going to help you much easier with medium-range fights, and this weapon can definitely take medium-range fights, so 24% toward your gun kit control.

108%, towards the horizontal recoil control, and 16.3%, towards the vertical recoil control. Now for a magazine. Here I have the 40-round mag. Obviously, as always, you don't necessarily have to run this one. You could go with the 50 if you want. You can go with the 25 or the stock 30. It's just going to really depend on your play style, what map you're playing with, and how fast the weapon fires.

I feel very comfortable while running the 40-round mag, however, so I would recommend giving it a try before you go changing it around. For the under, we have the FTAc MSP, hand stop giving you aim blocking speed, vertical recoil control, and gun kick control in movement speed. I chose this one over maybe some other one simply because we sacrificed a bit of movement speed with the stock and I wanted to make up for it so we gain some more recoil control along with movement, which overall is what's most ideal here.

best striker 9 class mw3

It did still need recoil control, and it definitely did need an increase in movement, so we're getting 6% there towards your gun kick control and then 6.6% towards the vertical recoil control, along with some small values gained towards your overall movement. Now for a muzzle, I have the monolithic suppressor that's going to give you recoil control along with being able to stay off of the mini map.

You don't necessarily have to run a suppressor here. Keep in mind that you can go with the normal compensator if you want, but with weapons like SMGs. I do like to stay off the mini map because it makes it much easier to streak up, but again, it's a preference here; you can go with a compensator if you have one you enjoy more than a suppressor, but you're not sacrificing damage range or anything like that, and the weapon is still very fast even though it says it's taking away aim-down sight speed.

best striker 9 class setup

As you can see, we are getting 4.6% towards horizontal recoil and then 3% towards vertical recoil, and our last attachment is going to be the Striker Elite long barrel, giving you bullet velocity, out-sway recoil control, and damage range. This is just going to increase your ability to take medium-range fights, which is important because, like I said, this weapon can definitely take those medium-range fights, so it's got a 12.5% increase towards your damage range up to 12 meters and then 15% towards the bullet velocity up to 621 m/s, and it actually has some quite good values towards your recoil control at 6%, 88.3%, and 7.5%.

Sincerely, this weapon's good at medium range; obviously, it's good at close range due to the fire rate, but if you want more recoil control to make your medium range fights easier. I would highly recommend swapping to a compensator. So there's all of my attachments for you guys on the screen if you guys actually wanted to copy those down and give it a try.

If you're just here for the gameplay, I'm sure you've already skipped ahead. Anyway, here is the rest of the load for you guys. You guys were also looking to copy that down now. The Rival, or, I'm sorry, the striker 9, is—I'm not going to call it my favorite SMG in the game, but I would call it the most versatile.

It's kind of like the striker in the sense that it has a very good damage range, but it's also very good at close range. Like I said, it's just kind of versatile; it doesn't do the most damage, but I have a super fun time using it. Where do you guys rank this on the SMG scale here in Modern Warfare 3?

As always, let's get into the gameplay. I hope you guys enjoy it.

Grinding meat

Grinding meat

We are back to grind some meat and holy smokes. Borealis camo looks insane on this map. We're grinding meat. Today, I haven't played this map in quite a few articles, so it's definitely appropriate that I decided to jump on. Now, don't jump into a game if you don't want to play, sir. I'm taking my best advice, Reload I can't even see why the man meat is so chaotic.

I actually don't know how to actually comment on this, like it's just straight up. I love when the whole team's in front of me like that free; licks got to slow my pace down, brother. I am just sprinted into gunfights for no reason; we do need to collect some actual kill time. Here, but I can't collect kill time with my teammates watching zero flanks.

best striker 9 class setup mw3

Hit as many slide cancels as you want, brother, but help me, help me; no one's watching a flank. How am I supposed to help? I'll get the kills, you guys. Watch my back; that's how she says, Streaks reload No, I was so close. I do not run swarm on meat, by the way, so we're not running swarm; we are running EMP grenade, or the EMP system swarm on this map just doesn't do anything because of how fast people die you get no.

That's why I'd rather have my pistol. I couldn't get that dang gun out quick enough. It is what it is. I'm spawning with people again. There we go with his shotgun. One shot that I picked up his shotgun, and it did not one shot for me. Both kills jacked both kills jacked L 54 kills, friend. FYI, those zqu grenades don't do as much as people think they do; you don't need to run them.

Wait, there's another guy here. Okay, my teammate's got a riot shield. I'm going to let him have it for a second and get a reload. Shield Overwatch, Heilo, we're out of bullets. They're going to spawn on me, aren't they? I've somehow kept myself alive. I love this chaos, but I also hate this chaos.

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