News - Meta Striker 9 Class Setup Is Overpowered Warzone 2. Best Striker 9 Build / Loadout

best striker 9 class

Let's try to get this article to 65 likes. I'd highly appreciate it, and it helps out the channel a bunch. Over on the secondary, we're going to be going with the retti. The tactical is the stem lethal, syex, field upgrade is Munitions box, gloves are scavenger gloves, boots are covert sneakers, gear is EOD padding, and over on the vest we're going to be going with demm L invest, this basically gives you two lethals and it gives you resupply.

Let's jump straight into the class setup now to start us off with over on the rear grip. I'm going to be going with the Saen ZX grip; this gives you firing aim stability, gun kick control, and recoil control, and it takes off a little bit of aiming out of sway over on the magazine. I'm going with a 40-round mag; the standard is 30 rounds, and I just don't think that's enough with submachine guns, but the cons are movement speed aimed at sight speed and reload quickness with Sprint to fire speed overall on the ammunition we're going to be going with over pressure, which gives Target Flinch.

best striker 9 class mw3

And I think either this or high-grain rounds are really good to use over the underbar. We're going to be going with a DR6, hand stop for aim walking speed aimed at sight speed, sprint to fire speed, and movement speed. The cons are aim walking stus and hit fire, tack stand spread, and last but not least, over on the barrel, we're going to be going with a striker Recon long barrel, which gives you bullet velocity and range and aiming Auto sway you lose hip fire and tax stance spread aim walking speed and sprint of fire speed Overall, this is a very good class setup.

There are probably a couple things I would change, but I think this gun is very good; it's just not that good to me. The striker is a lot better, but that's my personal opinion, and I do like the Rival over both the striker 9 and the striker. I have crazy gameplay for you guys. A small percentage of people that watch my articles are subscribed, so if you like this article, consider subscribing, and also follow me on Twitch, where I stream and play with followers.

Now let's get back to the article. All right, we're going to be checking out the striker. I changed up this class a little bit from the last time. I posted it just to kind of make it a lot better than what it already

META STRIKER 9 Class Setup is OVERPOWERED in MW3! Best STRIKER 9 Build Loadout.
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