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Best striker 9 class setup mw3

Best striker 9 class setup mw3

In this article, we're taking a look at one of the most popular submachine guns here in Modern Warfare 3. The striker 9 is going to be a fantastic setup if you're trying to run gun and dominate at any of the all ranges. I dropped the nuke. I know for a fact that you guys can go crazy with this class setup as well.

Let's get into it. All right, let's take a look at the new absolute best and fastest-killing Striker 9 class setup, not the striker. The striker 9 is one of the most slept on SMGs. Here in Modern Warfare 3, nobody runs this, but why now for the first attachment we are running a muzzle and we are returning to the basics?

The shadow strike suppressor is a massive W, removing us from the radar so we can get behind their spawn and build up a quick and easy streak while offering zero cons. It doesn't get any better than this, especially when we are building a run and gun submachine gun that can still dominate at those medium to longer ranges.

best striker 9 class

Now that we are not running a barrel on this build, these are not going to be helping us out one bit. The benefit of the striker 9 is that it has low recoil, so there's no need to go ahead and slow down handling, in order to have a reduction in Recoil there isn't any now for the underbarrel. We are not running the x10 Phantom 5 hand stop whenever we are not running a barrel; we are always going to be running the x10 Phantom 5 hand stop 99.9% of the time, bumping up that sprint of fire speed, aim down sight speed, and also additional vertical recoil control as well as gun kick control as an added benefit.

This is going to help us out tremendously, at those close medium as well as longer ranges, and we can outgun other Striker. Users, which, for some reason, everybody seems to use over this submachine gun even if they're trying to run in gun now for the magazine because this weapon does have a moderate fire rate.

best striker 9 class mw3

We are going to be either running the 40-round mag or the 50-round drum, both fantastic options. Consider that we are building a running gun. Building the 40-round drum is going to make sense for a lot of our play styles, including mine, but if you prefer the 40-round mag, you can run this as well.

But I think 99% of us are going to choose 50 because, really, there aren't any cons to doing so. Now we are going to be rocking a rear grip on this setup, and we're going to be running the Sakin ZX grip, which is going to be fantastic, improving firing aiming stability, which is huge here. Gun kick control and more recoil control The cons are going to be completely irrelevant; we're choosing this over stock because we don't want to slow down the ad speed or traffic speed stability.

best striker 9 class setup

Aad sway is going to be relevant; we already are picking up a lot of recoil controlling attachments for free essentially here, so why not go ahead and use it because it's not going to impact our close range performance? The Sak and ZX grip is phenomenal, and finally we are going to be going ahead and rocking an optic here just for ease of use, and we are going to be running the Slate reflector, giving us a clean optic picture and obviously no cons.

We don't want to slow down the ads here because this gun is going to be used at close range for running and gunning. Once you jump into the fire range, you're going to see that this is going to be a disgusting build, but look at how fast the ads are with this SMG. And The Recoil is going to be very manageable especially, if you somewhat burst fire at those longer ranges but in all reality it's not going to be necessary cuz we are going to be running and gunning with the striker n this is also a great war zone load out if you are running to run that in war zone now we are going to be rocking the retti as a backup this is going to be a fantastic, submachine gun submachine gun with the aftermarket part here we are running the 50 round drum on this weapon as well we have the so Skeletor vertical grip we are utilizing the compensated flash hider and we also have on the SL reflector on this setup too now do not forget to utilize mition box scavenger gloves covert sneakers, bone conduction headset to your footsteps and gunfire a lot easier and ghost to keep us off the radar and the comm's vest is going to be phenomenal giving us essentially a 24/7.

The striker 9 is one of the most slept on SMGs here in Moder War 3 multiplayer; do not be the fools that are sleeping on it because this weapon is quite effective. I didn't even have it maxed out until I started using it again, and let me tell you this: right now. Let's get into the game.

Striker 9 mgb nuke gameplay mw3

Striker 9 mgb nuke gameplay mw3

Play all right, let's get busy with the striker. We have somebody running around, and he left me. This is hands down probably one of the most underrated slept-down guns here in Modern Warfare 3. Not that many folks rock this. Hello, he's no, no.

Modern Warfare 3 - Best STRIKER 9 Class Setup MW3 MW3 Best STRIKER 9 Class Setup that has NO RECOIL and INSANE DAMAGE in Modern Warfare 3! Hope you enjoy the video and make sure to have a wonderful rest of your day.
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