News - The Scorcher Got Buffed And Is The Best Weapon Warzone 2 Zombies

best gun mw3 season 2

Today we're back with another Modern Warfare 3 zombies article for you guys, and in today's article we're going to be going ahead and we're going to be testing out the Wonder Weapons. The two main Wonder Weapons that they have gone ahead and buffed are going to be the scorcha. And the ray gun, so we're going to be going in and we're going to be testing out the scater, seeing how well it performs now that they have given it a buff, and the same with the ray gun as well.

We do have a tombstone with a few items, so we're going to be using the items from there and then pretty much testing out in the Tier 3 Zone and stuff like that. As you guys can see on screen, we do have some patch notes, and these are going to be the patch notes for the scorcher. And the scooter is charging up, which is really good.

The direct-impact plasma charge has also increased by 3.33 percent, which is absolutely insane. The lingering plasma length and diameter now increase with each charge, and the lingering plasma damage has increased by 428. And the lingering plasma duration has also been adjusted as well, so basically, this means that the time to shoot and charge up the weapon is now shortened, so it's going to be happening in a faster time.

best gun mwz season 2

It also means that the charge that you actually shoot with the scorcher. That beam is also going to go longer, it's going to have more damage, and it's going to last for longer as well, so the weapon as a whole has pretty much just been buffed, as I said. I really liked this weapon before, so I'm pretty much going to be falling in love with it now that you're looking to unlock the new Modare 3 Camo, such as Interstella or Borealis, hard unlocked, or play in bot lobbies where you guys can level up your guns and unlock camos rapidly, get all the best schematics, or even instant delivery pre-made accounts.

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With a further increase when Pack-a-Punch to 110%. Which is actually pretty good because before it would pretty much take way more shots than that, and this doesn't seem like it's making that many coolers. The damage has definitely increased, and this is really good. I'm not expecting anything crazy with the base weapon, but we can try and see what we can do.

Let's just throw a decoy. I mean, a lot of his health is already down. I don't know if that's by me or if it was already down. I'm not too sure, but the ray gun's definitely not doing much to him as a base weapon once we do hit. Pack-a-Punch level three I will come back and test it again. Now that we've gone ahead and gotten everything from our tombstone, we're just going to go and pop our Scorch case.

We are lagging really badly, so I do hope that we don't actually crash. I think it is my connection. I feel like the connection since the start of the season has been okay, and as you guys can see, we are lagging again. Don't worry, we're completely frozen here, and we're underwater, so let's just try not to die.

easy schematics mw3 zombies

Damn, this connection is really bad. We do have some money, so we're going to go ahead and get our perks. We do have a dog as well, so if we do go down, hopefully we don't completely die out, but I am frozen again. I can't interact with anything, my God. It's terrible this is absolutely terrible, so the game just doesn't want to be unfree.

Okay, we lagged. Out, Well, what can I say? That happened, so we're going to have to go ahead and try again. it's going to be a bit challenging this time because obviously we don't have a large backpack so we can't bring in a whole bunch of stuff in order to prep oursel for the run as well as that we have probably lost our Tombstone, so now we don't have the luxury of going to the tombstone to get stuff the only items that we're actually going to be able to use are these ones here and anything else we find along the way so without further Ado let's just head straight back in, and hopefully for the second time around we don't go ahead and lag out so that dog's going to be able to go ahead and deal with all these zombies which is going to give us time to do what we need to do so we're just going to boost off the floor and see how high we go.

easy schematics mwz

I have played a few Gam games already, so I can tell you that we are boosting off way higher than we used to, and it's absolutely amazing that the height that we just got to was around the height that you've gotten before. When it was pack-a-punched, and obviously now we're able to get to that height without pack-a-punch, which is absolutely insane, so we do have a tier 2 Bounty contract over here, and I think we will do that in the meantime, just so we can actually test out the power without a pack-a-punch, and then we will go ahead and throw a pack-a-punch on it if we do need it for the Bounty contract or things like that.

As you guys can see without a pack-a-punch, this thing is still going to kill Tier 2 zombies without a problem, and obviously the way this weapon works is that it kills anything in the line that you shoot it in, so if you guys can train a lot of zombies, then you can pretty much kill all of them with one shot of this Scorch up, and look how high we go.


That's absolutely insane. Okay, so we're at our Bounty contract. What I'm going to do is I'm going to take a few shots with it unpacked and punched. If we're struggling, I'm just going to throw the pack-a-punch on, and that should take him out pretty much instantly. As you guys can see, we didn't really do much with that shot, but I feel like with this, we do need to make sure that we are pretty much hitting him flush.

For it to do the most amount of damage, we're just going to go ahead and pack-a-punch this, and then we'll see if it can take him out, which it should because it is pack-a-punch level three. Let's just get a good charge. I think we did miss him; no, we got him, and that killed him pretty much straight away with one hit.

meta guns mw3

I mean. I know we do have a level three pack-a-punch, but that's insane. One shot, and he's dead. That's pretty damn good. If it's one shot on a Tier 2 Bounty, then it's probably only going to be about one or two shots on a Tier 3 Bounty, which is a Mangler. I'm genuinely so happy that they allowed us to still be able to fly with this thing, because that's what makes this weapon so fun.

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