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I'm going to be going over every single one-shot sniper in War Zone 3. The original plan was that I was going to do a article on each one, but so many of y'all have been asking about this one and that one, so I decided to throw it all into one article. We upload bangers every other day. But all right, guys, enough of me talking.

Let's get right into the article and destroy yours to hunt down the rest of them. So the first sniper that we're going to be going over is the cat, AMR. As of right now, according to Call of Duty, this is the only quote-unquote one-shot sniper in War Zone 3, and I'm saying that because you don't have to run an ammunition type, but even that is kind of up in question, but we'll go over that later.

I know what everybody thinks about this sniper: that it's slow, it's clunky, it's heavy, and mobility is bad, but I promise you guys, after you see the class set up that I'm running and the gameplay with it, you're going to change your mind. If enemy surveillance is active, stay low or use the water.


I was just like, I didn't know what you were. PA, what's right behind me? Enemies now in those clips. I included a couple of Resurgence as well as the big map, and I'm only going to do this for the cat, because honestly. I don't think I'll be running a different sniper for war zone ranked, or at least when I do play BR, so the first build that we're going to go over is the fastest ad speed, so starting things off for the laser, we're going to run the FSS ol, laser for the optic, and again, guys, this is always a personal preference, and I know in my first article I was running the sx80.

But recently I started running the ftac locus SP optic, and honestly, it's really nice this stock we're running the tactical stock pad for the rear grip we're going to be running the Phantom grip and then this is where it's going to come down to personal preference if you want a faster fire rate for even more aggressive sniping go ahead and run the fero quick bolt but if you're a Resurgence, demon and you really want that ads speed you're going to want to run the pedition 24-in short barrel, which is what I was running in the first Resurgence Clips.

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So this is my fast ad build, but when it comes to the big map, we're going to swap out the Predition 24-in barrel for this Behemoth. The Zang 34 barrel, and just looking at the range and the stats that it gives you—I mean, it's pretty impressive, not to mention that it really does not hurt your ad speed, so you're sitting pretty well with this thing.

So now that we got the cad AMR out of the way, let's get into my favorite sniper in War Zone, the Victus. XMR: Here, remaining right All right, let's get right into my victus now. I went to my YouTube channel. I have done so many different articles on the victus XMR, and although the whole explosive round one-shot ammunition type is in question right now, I got to go with all reliable.

So for the laser, we got the VK laser 7 m for the optic, and again, it is personal preference. I got the 6.3x, 14x carak optic for the stock; we got the XRK Rise 50 for the rear grip; we got the Brun q900 grip; and until we get an update from Call of Duty, we are still running the 50-cal Explosive Rounds.

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So now that we got the victus XR done, let's move straight into the MCPR, 300 good kills, marking the rest of that on your M. Get hunting station good, my enemy; destroy; you got reinforcements. The, enemy destroy, so as you guys can see this thing is absolutely crazy by the way if you guys hear any slamming in the background that is my baby and she is going wild like I was saying for all my rebirth Island players out there man if you're going to run a fast ads sniper that you know will one shot this is definitely the one to run so going right into it for the laser we got the FSS, laser for the optic we got the HDR scope again for the bolt we got the Cent smooth Bolt the ammunition type like I said until Call of Duty says otherwise we're going to run the 300 Mag explosive rounds and then lastly which I guess a lot of people still don't know about we're going to run the five round mag and I mean just look at the mobility and the handling man It's green across the board; it's actually pretty crazy how insane of a buff the five-round mag gives your sniper, all right, and with that, we are now done with the McPr, 300.

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So the only sniper we have left is FJX. CH, All right, starting it off like we always do, we get the VK laser at 7 m for the optic. We are still running this carapace optic. I don't know, man, but I really enjoyed it again. Like I always say, men's optics are completely personal preferences. For the rear grip, we got the skull 40 all right, and this is where it gets kind of weird.

For me personally, I'm running the four-weight explosive rounds, but I've also seen other creators talking about how the high velocity rounds on the FJX do one shot now. I have tried this out, and personally, I don't agree. I still think it's the same as in War Zone 2, where you still need the explosive rounds to get that one-shot knock, and all the other fjx Imperium builds without the explosive rounds get a damage cap of 299, and then lastly, guys, and this is probably the best suppressor in the game, we got the Sonic suppressor L, and just like that, we went over every single one-shot sniper in War Zone 3 right now.

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One thing I really hope to see here soon is the XRK. Sniper, able to one shot, because honestly, this thing is amazing and definitely gives me some kar98. Vibes, but we'll see what Call of Duty's got in store for us. It means a lot to me, but more importantly, guys, I hope you have an amazing rest of your day, and I'll catch you all on the next one later.

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