News - The New Warzone 2 Zombies Update Looks Disappointing

modern warfare 3 zombies

Call of Duty has just dropped all the details for season 1 reloaded for Modern Warfare 3. We'll be diving into everything, including zombies and other things coming, but I'm sure, as you read the title of this article, that this update is going to be quite disappointing for a lot of players, so we're going to dive into all of the details, but we're also going to give some constructive feedback, criticism, and discussion about the lack of content in this update and be completely civil about it because I'm sure there are reasons behind it, and we're only a month away from the big season 2 update, which is bound to contain more than this as we get into it.

Before today, we knew that season one reloaded was going to come with a new warlord, called Doabe, and as far as what's been posted by Call of Duty on the blog, that's the only thing that's coming to zombies. She's already in the game as a season 1 operator that you can play as, and we now know a little bit more about the details on where this warlord is going to reside and how she's going to work, so operators are going to find Doabe.

Fortress. At the top of a skyscraper in Zarvan, a city, rather than with Legacy, where it's just an area on the map that is fully built purposely for that fortress, this is going to be on an already existing area, but it's going to be on top of a building. I think that's a really cool twist, and I firmly believe that this could be the building where you get the free stamina perk, but judging from the screenshot, it more looks like the massive, massive skyscraper, which you have multiple cranes to get on top of, and most people use the jump-off.

modern warfare iii zombies

That's the remake of the MW3 map hard hat. Now I could be wrong and there could be quite a few different skyscrapers, but I feel like this would just add some extra challenge to getting that free perk because we described that the warlord uses drones, turrets, and a Wilson as her main line of defense, and I assume the only way to get to the boss is going to be by going up several flights of stairs.

You won't be able to repel up to the top of the skyscraper. You're going to have to go the old-fashioned way, and there's going to be a ton of technological deterrence. To try and stop you in your tracks from reaching the top, it was described that once you are skilled enough to get past the initial deterrence, you will find an elusive opponent, equally capable of evasion and attack, so it sounds like a fun and unique boss, but literally.

modern warfare zombies

That is all that's written in the blog post when it comes to zombies. I mean, they include a screenshot of the red worm boss, and there's no relevance to why they're showing it, but that's the only thing literally the only thing that's going to be wrong: the addition of a new warlord. I'm more than happy to see it, but I think the theme itself of Doab B doesn't really feel zombie-related.

I mean, the Legacy boss doesn't feel zombie-related either. Narratively, they're trying to evolve the Terminus outcomes of all these different Warlords, and that makes sense, but I'd just love to fight something that's not a human. The red worm was incredible. Addition in season one, and is easily the most replayable thing in the mode right now, but outside of that, the mode just feels really stale; it just really needs more things to do in the game, and I know that Treyarch is juggling a lot on their plate right now; they're currently developing this year's Call of Duty game.

modern warfare zombies season 1

As you're watching this article, clearly, they have their work cut out and are being realistic. That is probably why we're not seeing a lot here with this update, and I don't want to come across a all that I'm being hyperbolic. By saying that this update is disappointing. Because at the core of it.

I love Modern Warfare 3 zombies, and I think this mode has so much potential, and there's so many cool things that they can do with it with the ratio of content that the Christmas update brought to zombies in comparison to War Zone A multiplayer. And now we're seeing the same thing here with season 1 reloaded.

I really don't want this mode to suddenly become after, for I want it to succeed, and I want to see this become an even bigger mode than it already is, and for all we know, that is what Treyarch could be working on right now. There's also the chance that there is going to be a ton of quality of life updates, maybe even some secrets in the season 1 reloaded update that haven't been shared yet via this blog post.

mw3 season 1 reloaded

You need to remember that the season 1 reloaded announcement also didn't mention the red worm boss fight in any capacity, nor did we even know until a few days prior that there was some Easter egg quest tied to the dark ether. You could take this as copium or not, but I'm sure there are some reasons why there isn't a lot of content here for season 1 reloaded.

But what makes Modern Warfare 3 zombies so unique for Treyarch as a platform rather than a round base map is that they can continuously, update this map which is something they've never been able to previously do with any other round based zombies map but I just don't think that's going to be the case because of how busy they are with their own game which is a real shame because this is an incredible, platform where they could have small weekly updates to the map that just add little things here and there a little like how fortnite does that can just add to the gameplay experience already even if it was unique zombies weekly challenges that had some unique rewards all limited time things that exist in the map for a certain amount of time and rotate between different things once you've done all the acts and got on all of the new schematics.

mw3 zombies

There is nothing to do, and I just think this is quite a disappointing update because of the nature of the game mode. It lives and breathes when there are new things added, but until we get new acts and new missions, there is no real reason to play the mode all the time, and part of me hopes and believes that the reason why there is so little with season 1 reloaded is because they are going to add a ton of stuff in season 2.

We know that it's guaranteed that we're going to be getting a new act or mission at least with season 2 with another storyline and cut scenes, but I really hope we try Go Out Swinging with season 2 because we know there are a ton of leaked features that are supposed to be in the works and coming to zombies at some point, and we assumed that could have been with season 1 reloaded.

mw3 zombies boss

But it doesn't look to be the case, and we've recently discussed this on the channel, but there are some wild things that have been found in the code of the game that have been there since the game first came out. We're talking about features like a wallet system where you'll be able to actually fill it with cash and use it in a following game instead of it being converted into XP.

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