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Twitter as an example. A couple days ago, I put out this little tweet here at UND detonated asking you guys which crossover you want to see the most in Modern Warfare 3 or even a future Call of Duty title. We have Billy Butcher from the boys. I know we have a boys collab coming with a training firecracker; we also have Mike ER Stout from Breaking Bad; better call saw we got Rick Grimes, who actually is leaked as of right now for a potential Walking Dead crossover launching with season 2; and then we have John Wick.

This has been a heavily requested crossover over the last couple of years, at least ever since Modern Warfare 2019. Now what's awesome is that both Sledgehammer. Games, and Cod Updates have been talking about the event tab fix for MW3, and even War Zone, like I mentioned in several previous articles now, but for those that may have missed out on them, the event tab has been broken for a number of people over the last couple of weeks, if not even a good month and a half.

I know it's ridiculous for those out there that maybe don't watch content on YouTube or even check it on Twitter, so there's folks out there that might not know about the free unlocks and rewards. Through various events. I mean, people out there could still progress through these events even if they don't have an event tab, but imagine how many folks out there just haven't been aware that there have been events in Modern Warfare 3.


It's really unfortunate, but hopefully a fix for this will be released before then. The end of season 1 so that folks out there could at least see their progress in the upcoming Boys versus the Seven event, which we'll be talking more about in a minute, but as a reminder again, if you guys just look at some content or your friends account to see how the event tab actually works and what the milestones are that you have to hit, you can keep track of that and you can still unlock all the rewards even if you can't see the tab for yourself, but you guys may be aware that after completing 8 weeks of season 1 weekly challenges, you'll go unlock the coherent universal, camo There's already a preview online that I'll put on screen so you guys can see what that camo does look like when you do an inspection over in the firing range, but in terms of when week eight challenges do release, as of now, according to the in-game timer, it looks like January 24th is the date when you can complete week eight challenges to get this new coherence camo, so that's going to be an exact week after the launch of season 1 reloaded.

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Now it's unclear what happens after that, though, since it mentions you have to do eight weeks of challenges, even though there's two weeks after January 24th. There could still be something added in before the start of season 2; it could just be some downtime, but maybe during that week or two where there aren't any more weekly challenges, that's when they add in the HRM.

SMG in the form of an armory unlock, or they just have it where some other weekly challenges do release but don't progress you towards anything; there could be new aftermarket parts. There could be some surprises they end up dropping in the meantime, or, like I said, it could just be some downtime before season 2 on February 7th.

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We'll find out really soon what the actual plan is here before we get back into some more rewards for the mid-season 1 update. I do want to mention that the carry-forward maps from Modern Warfare 2 don't seem to be live anymore in the public playlist for MW3. They're still available to jump into via private matches, but it's unclear if these will return via a playlist at all during season 1.

Will they come back in season 2? That's a question mark, or it's even possible that they also cycle out the carry-forward maps that we had live inside of MW3. And they replace them with some other ones that were popular picks from MW2, 2022, It's certainly a possibility, but obviously, shipment doesn't apply to what I just said.

I'm sure there'll still be a pretty frequent playlist rotation every now and again that gets mixed in with meat, which has also been a really well-received new multiplayer map that got added during season 1, but as far as more rewards go for season 1 reloaded and beyond, there's actually a number that I want to go through, which again doesn't just apply to the mid-season.

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One update could also apply to season 2 and some future content updates, but going through first off the upcoming boys looking blueprint, which is a part of the boys versus the seven challenge event. I saw a joke online saying. How's it really a boys versus the seven event when there's nobody really from the boys?

You know, the group from the TV show is an operator in Call of Duty. I guess aside from Starlight, everybody is from the seven, which is hilarious, but yeah, there is a boys versus the seven challenge event coming, and there'll be a number of challenges you can do. I believe, with just the souped-up LTM that you can play in multiplayer.

It doesn't sound like you can do the challenges in Zombies or War Zone, although it is possible, and it looks like the reward for it is that it's going to be a boys-themed blueprint. Last year, with the MW2 collab we saw for the boys, there were diabolical camel challenges. It doesn't seem like we're going to get any camel challenges this time around, but it's always possible.

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It's even possible we get other rewards as a part of this challenge event, like small cosmetics, whether they're loading screens, charms, calling cards, emblems, whatever the case may be, and then the final reward will end up being this blueprint that you can see on screen. But if you guys are looking for new camel unlocks, the good news is that there are a number of camels that have leaked out; there's already footage online of these camels being inspected by folks out there who either hacked or used unlock tools to go ahead and force load these camos into their game.

There's camos such as blue Abyssal, Windfall, and Heart Target neon. Royal Forest Gloom Blue Tiki velvet and even duck tile plates These camels do look really damn sharp, and I did mention them in a article a couple of weeks ago, but for those that missed out on that one, these camos seem to be tied to either some type of in-game challenge event where the final reward is going to be unlocking this camo or, could be, a camo reward by doing multiple weeks of weekly challenges.

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I mean, look at the coherence camo, which of course wasn't even animated, and you can see footage of it that I put earlier in this article. That is just a reward for doing 8 weeks worth of challenges. You would think that after doing 8 weeks worth of different challenges across different game modes, you'd get an animated camo or something crazy, but I did see some debates online saying that it's cool if the final reward or the new Universal camo isn't animated; it's cool to switch it up every once in a while.

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