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This is DK Dynamite, and today we're going to be talking about the nine plus free camo events coming to Modern Warfare 3. There's some content that got revealed a little bit early, plus even more. Twitter now I'm surprised at how many events we already had inside of MW3 during the preseason window.

The most events we've ever seen

The most events we've ever seen

We're talking about the Cod endowment event as well as the macro camo event, both of which were essentially XP events where you just got around 213, 000. By playing multiplayer zombies, you would have gotten yourself a bunch of free cosmetics and then a free camo towards the very end of both of those events.

Then there was a one-for-one training event that actually contained real challenges for both MP and zombies that was also released before the start of season 1, and then Al also provided a free camo towards the very end of that event. upcoming events do include this Dune one, which is supposed to start at some point this week, followed by the Christmas event, which will end up starting on December 20th.

There's even a rumored New Year's Year of the Dragon event; it's unclear exactly what that event will entail. We at least know that the Dune event will be another XP one like the endowment and macaroon events, whereas the Christmas one will have actual challenges for every single game mode. I'm also guessing we could see an event similar to either of the ones I just mentioned for the boys collaboration, which is going to be dropping at some point towards season 1 reloaded. I'm honestly in shock at how many have already happened and how many are already planned.

First look: all cdl 2024 camos

First look: all cdl 2024 camos

We have a lot more to get through, but the first thing I want to mention when it comes to camos is that there are 10+ CDL camos that already got revealed a bit prematurely and are going to end up being released, probably towards the midseason when ranked play ends up dropping.

We already have the CDL operator pack released inside of MW3. And I'm sure we'll end up seeing the team packs, and then these team packs will be released at some point, maybe in early or mid January. This is of course all separate from any potential packs we end up getting for the release of War Zone ranked, which will release at some point next year, but we do have the release of multiplayer ranked play with season 1, which is really exciting for those out there that want to see that mode dropped as soon as possible.

The CD camel looks absolutely gorgeous as usual, and to match all the teams that are going to be competing in the competitive Call of Duty scene this year, but there's even a free blooper.

Free mtz blueprint for doing this

I haven't seen much discussion about what is called venomous; it is for the MTZ, which could be unlocked by reaching rank 250, which is prestige 5 here in Modern Warfare 3.

Of course, level 250 or prestige 5 are the level caps for MW3, season 1, and then season 2 and beyond should probably end up adding a good four to five prestiges. With the launches of those seasons, but this blueprint is focused on ads speed Sprint to fire speed and even Sprint last year for Moder Warfare 2 we didn't end up seeing new blueprints added for hitting Max rank of every season but I believe that happened for season five and then there was an operator skin which was a milsim one for shadow company released at the end of season 6 for hitting Max rank so hopefully we see more themes like this in the future where if you hit Max rank for that season you get either an operator or a blueprint, to just celebrate that you hit that big milestone, but also in the season one blog post for MW3.

Early week 9 camo reward preview

Early week 9 camo reward preview

Something I never got to go over but makes perfect sense for this article is the fact that a ton, and I mean a ton, of weekly challenges did get confirmed. For the entire duration of this first season. I'm sure this will be a reoccurring theme for every season moving forward, where from the start of the season till the very end, there'll be guaranteed weekly challenges being refreshed.

Every single week the season is live, and obviously right now in the game you could see our season one challenges for multiplayer, zombies, and even War Zone. You could see that the week one reward is the Jack Beholder rifle kit, and you could see that after completing. I think all nine weeks I think it's going to go beyond eight, but all nine weeks of weekly challenges as a part of this first season there will be a coherence and a reward.

Similar to the preseason window, which was about four weeks, at the end of week four, you were able to get the Golden River animated camo. I don't believe the ceren's camo was animated, but footage of a ton, and I mean a ton of camos, coming to MW3 It did surface early on online; none of the footage has been DMCA-claimed or taken down off of Twitter.

Reddit or YouTube, so it looks like free reign to cover here in this article and also with some coverage over on Detonated, but this will end up being a reward right before the start of season 2 for those out there that complete at least five challenges. Every single week for all nine weeks, those five challenges could be a blend of things that you do in multiplayer zombies or Battle Royale; it does not have to be five challenges in one specific game mode, which is really, really simple. I know during the preseason, we didn't have war zone challenges obviously, so it's cool to have that third option now for what you want to do each and every week, but going back to that Dune event that I mentioned earlier, it's going to be starting at some point this week.

Animated dune event camo unlock

Animated dune event camo unlock

It's confirmed to be just an XP type of event similar to the Cod endowment and macro ones where if you play as a certain operator, you'll get an XP boost towards your progression in that event, so in this case there'll be two Dune bundles released if you play as either of those operators.

Then you go ahead and get an XP boost towards getting a bunch of free cosmetics. In this event, the cosmetics haven't been revealed yet, but the camo actually did footage of the surface of the sand and spice animated camo, which you can get by probably reaching another 213, 000. Total XP: as a part of the event, you could do that in one day if you'd like.

You could do it pretty simply by playing really long matches of zombies or War Zone, or by playing a bunch of Obj-focused experiences inside of multiplayer. So the camo itself does look pretty impressive, and fingers crossed, we never see a day where cool camels like this get put inside of bundles.

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