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This is DK Dynamite, and this morning we're going to be talking about some updates regarding ranked play, new rewards, and changes for Modern Warfare 3. Drop a like, and also, as a reminder, there's plenty of brand new coverage going up over at {429} for those out there like myself who prefer articles over articles, and plenty of tweets every single hour on detonated.

Now, the first report I want to mention isn't exactly related to rank play, but it may be, and you'll see why in a second. For those out there who are familiar with the Activision support site, you can always check if your account is limited due to the fact that you got shadowbanned.

New mw3 shadowban update

New mw3 shadowban update

I'm aware of all those horror stories out there, but as of right now, Activision's website specifically mentions that your matchmaking has been limited due to an investigation. On your account depending on what the violation was about it will finally mention that your matchmaking, is going to be limited moving forward whereas before it wasn't that clear you would just know based on the site that yeah your account is definitely being reviewed but it wouldn't really mention if your matchmaking was going to be limited that was just a given but now it's getting more and more specific so hopefully this is some type of sign that they're going to be moving forward in a solid Direction a promising one that really could specifically, point out what exactly you may have done cuz I've heard stories of people out there plugging in their VAP pens into their PC, and that being detected as suspicious Hardware which could Shadow ban you stuff like that that's that silly, happens all the time and I'm hoping that at some point in the future there's just more clarity given as to what you might have did hopefully we get an overhaul in the future to how Shadow Banning truly works because I'm aware of how frustrating it could be for the entire Community Now, a couple of days ago, on the eighth, all CDL team packs did go ahead and be released, each of which cost $122.

4 skins, 1 camo & more rewards

4 skins, 1 camo & more rewards

Each bundle comes with four operator skins, a universal camo that you can use on any Modern Warfare 3 weapon, plus even more. We were looking at specific region-based bundles that cost just 500 cod points, the equivalent of $5, which would come with multiple Universal camels you can use on all Bo3 weapons, so yes.

I agree it's crazy to see the inflation in the item shop over the last couple of years for Call of Duty. It's unfortunate, but that's just the way it goes. I mean, in the next couple of years, when a PlayStation 6 eventually happens, I wouldn't be shocked if games cost upwards of $80 or $100. It's going to happen one day; that's just the way the industry works.

Do I absolutely not agree with it? But that's just something that is going to continue happening moving forward.

Full s1 reloaded ranked reveal soon

Now, with that, as of this week , I mean, maybe even later today we should be getting marketing for the mid-season one update dropping on January 17th. Also, on the same day, we're going to see rank play added to multiplayer, so definitely expect a separate blog post even talking more about MW3 rank play, detailing the skill divisions ranks and seasonal rewards, and even more last year for Modern Warfare 2's ranked play.

As I mentioned in the previous podcast, there was a really cool article that was put together really detailing how rank play worked in that game, and rank play for MW2 did drop with season 2, so I'm happy that it's releasing a little bit earlier this year and is also being developed. Again, by Treyarch, now it's expected to be a very similar mode structurally to the one that we had for MW2, so that's probably why it is going to be releasing relatively sooner than last year's version, but I'm sure the version this year is still going to have significant improvements that really do spice up the experience and encourage people to keep coming back every season to get all the rewards.

Warzone ranked release date.

Warzone ranked release date.

For those out there wondering what's going on with War Zone-ranked play, I'm assuming it'll also be developed by trying again. They haven't commented on it as of yet, but I'm going to assume that it's going to be similar to the almaza rank play that we had, but for Ukhan. That'll also be something that releases sooner than it did last year.

I'm going to guess no later than season 2 is when that experience should be dropping. It was released much later for War Zone last year, which is understandable, but I wonder if they're going to use the same fundamentals and foundations. They'll just kind of copy and paste the same experience over with a new set of rewards you can earn on the new war zone map.

All remastered maps in mw3 ranked

Now, I think it's also really cool that rank play this year for the first time is going to have a pool of just remastered multiplayer maps we haven't seen before. Obviously, there were maps like Raid in the rank rotation for a game like Black Ops Cold War, but never have we seen a full-on remastered competitive map.

Pool, we got the official breakdown from Cod League, as you guys can see right here for the game modes hardpoint, snd, and control. So over for hardpoint, we're going to be seeing Invasion Karachi skidrow subbase and even terminal, whereas for snd, we're going to be seeing high-rise invasion. Karachi terminal, and skidrow, but then for control, we have the three maps high-rise invasion and even Karachi, so pretty cool that we're seeing at least six maps in the competitive rotation.

Is it possible that maps get swapped out for others? Absolutely, it could always happen at some point later in the rank season, but I'll keep you guys posted on what the exact maps and modes are going to be throughout 2024. It'll probably stick to what we have now, but you never know; maybe out there there's some community outcry, and all of a sudden they swap a map or two for something else.

No bronze divison in mw3 ranked?

No bronze divison in mw3 ranked?

We also have an update from four leaks over on Twitter and even sex leaks who are going ahead and claiming that apparently there may not be a bronze division for MW 3's ranked play, so as reported on this tweet. I suspect they're making next to nothing for that division, hoping players jump straight to Silver because everything else is prepared and ready for a drop with season 1 reloaded.

And there's a home skin already in the files plus some away variants, so what I'm guessing is that because we have rank releasing in the middle of season 1, there's no bronze reward or division to really look at this time around, but then when season 2 offers a bit of a reset, that's when we may end up getting a bronze division and a proper reward for that added in.

Who knows if that's how they're going to want to do it? I'm guessing that's how they end up releasing bronze.

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