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This is DK Dynamite, and today we're going to be talking about all the rewards and bonuses coming to MW3, ranked play. I know who I am, and there are plenty of tweets every single hour, of course, on Twitter. As of today, we have the final episode of the Bomb Show podcast for 2023. And it may already be out depending on when you're watching this article, but if you guys are watching this article early in the morning, it'll be streamed live in the next couple of hours here on the channel. Of course, it'll be a good episode reflecting on the past year with MW2 and now MW3 content and discussing a bunch of brand new content as we head into the beginning of 2024.

Mw3 ranked play release date

Mw3 ranked play release date

Now with that, a couple days ago I posted a big news roundup about season one reloader for MW3 dropping on January 17th.

As you guys are probably aware, ranked play from Trey Aric is coming to MW3 multiplayer with the launch of the mid-season 1 update. There's no details on when war zone rank play comes out for ukhan. I'm going to guess it's probably some point in season 2. But I am expecting that in the next couple of days or in the next week, when I have tops leading up to season 1 reloaded, we will end up getting a full blog post talking all about rank play for MW3, detailing the skill divisions, rank seasonal rewards, and even more similar to last year's breakdown that we got in the form of a blog post from Treyarch and even a nice article that emphasized just how rank play was going to work for K 2.0. We got a nice glimpse of all the brand new rewards and different changes to rank that we haven't really seen in too many previous cods, and rank play came out during season 2 last year for MW2, so I'm glad that it's coming out a little bit earlier this time for MW3.

How many rewards are coming ?

How many rewards are coming ?

But you guys have probably guessed it ranked for MW3 will be very similar to MW2, considering that this game is a direct sequel, features carry forward content, and is almost fundamentally the same game just with a bunch of movement overhauls and some other features that I think make this game far better than last year's title now.

Recently, some leaks have suggested that we're going to be seeing 13 rewards during the launch window of MW3 rank play, and I don't necessarily believe that that's accurate considering that as of MW3 rank play, at least in the launch window of it, we saw upwards of about 22 divisional rewards, while there were also a similar amount of rewards for seasonal wins and even rank rewards on top of that, bringing us to upwards of 60 plus total rewards just during the launch window alone for MW2 rank, so I don't think 13 is an accurate number unless that just reflects.


Either the seasonal win rewards, divisional rewards, or just the individual rank rewards—that's probably just a number that represents one of those categories.

First look: mw3 ranked rewards

Not all three but I think it's cool that as of right now there'll be a minimum of 13 rewards by playing MW3, rank but I'm expecting upwards of like 50 to 60, as I'll talk more about in a couple of minutes but rewards for m 2 rank did range from a blueprint after getting 10 wins and a camo for getting 100 wins while you also got a new calling card for every five ranks that you hit plus operator skins for hitting certain divisions, during that season some images also surfaced online of loading screens emblems and even calling cards that will be available for hitting certain milestones and doing certain things while playing MW 3's version of ranked play so it's good to know that we're going to see several different cosmetic rewards, in early 2024.

But don't forget, we're also going to be seeing drops enabled during every major, so those who actually attend the major will probably see physical cards with codes on the back. For those tuning in at home on YouTube, you can link your Activision account to your YouTube channel, and you'll get some drops that way, and there is actually already a preview of what the drops are going to look like for a couple of the upcoming majors here for MW3. And again, you just have to link your accounts together, and you can tune in to start earning those drops as soon as possible.

All divisional operator skins showcase

All divisional operator skins showcase

Now, like I mentioned and as expected, ranking won't be too different in terms of how the rewards are going to work. Just judging from how last year worked, we're going to see lots of different ways you can actually go and earn free cosmetics.

Even if somebody out there like yourself isn't a fan of competitive Call of Duty, you might be a completionist or somebody out there who just loves unlocking all the rewards in COD. In that case, you'll probably give rank play a bit of a spin, and you'll likely go for some of these unlocks. Images surfaced just a couple of days ago of the divisional operator skins you can unlock inside of ranked, we're talking the competitor, veteran gold platinum diamond Crimson iridescent and top 250.

Operator skins do look pretty interesting, and the thing is. I think they look kind of cool, but these skins have not been well received at all by the competitive community. I'm not sure why. I guess you could say that some of the skins that you can buy, especially the team skins we're going to talk about later in this article, look better than the actual free ones you can earn by hitting some difficult divisions.

I could see that argument, and I would say it's possible some changes do release for how these skins look. I mean, take a look at last year's Lathev skin that was a team pack skin you had to buy, but it got nerfed pretty heavily since it became Rose 3.0, or Rose 4.0, rather quickly, so they had to go ahead and Nerf it give it some more color so that it pops out a lot more and didn't become a meta skin to use or buy, so I wouldn't be surprised if some of these free skins for hitting certain divisions do get some tweaks to make them look prettier or more appealing, more worthwhile, considering how tough of a grind it is to hit something as crazy as iridescent or even the top 250. So I wouldn't say that these are the final looks for the skins, but probably something close to how they are going to look during the launch window.

All cdl team operator bundles showcase

All cdl team operator bundles showcase

I will credit the gameplay and footage that I'm going to show you guys on screen. Check the credit down in this article's description, but CDL team skins have also already appeared in private matches for MW3 multiplayer.

As expected, there will be team packs released, which will each cost around $9.99. Each pack is about 10 bucks, and it looks like it'll contain four operator skin variants for that team, a universal camo to match that, a charm calling card emblem, a loading screen, and even a sticker. If I'm not mistaken, you also can't buy the team skins anymore for MW2, because they're preparing the store for the team skins that are coming to MW3.

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