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I hope you're all doing well. On the previous episode of Pro Player Spots, today we have episode two. So we had, I believe, nearly 800 views at the time we recorded this, so it's just insane to me to have all the support for that. So let's try and get episode two the same. Here we are on Terminal once again.

Now if you strafe jump off the top, you can actually jump onto the sign, and then you can get onto the plant pot, and you can actually jump up again, and we saw Shoty do this on his stream quite a while back. It's quite a commonly known spot now, and I did feature it in my Jumps and Spots series, but I thought it was worth mentioning again since Shotsy did show it off.

Now from here, you have a good line of sight over to Burgertown there, and as well as out to the front of the plane, you can actually jump across onto the other plant pot, and you're going to be able to jump up. It's a little bit awkward sometimes, but yeah, you can run around all these, and you're going to have some cool lines of sight.

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People, here we actually have a pretty sneaky little bomb plant spot that you could maybe use in a wager or in any game, really. Or maybe if you're a One V one last alive on snd now Robstar use this, which I know is technically not a pro, so this can be a bone wager player spot. But he was playing with Scraps, who is an expert, so he kind of allowed it.

Basically, what he did was plant the bomb here on this outside, towards the front of the bus, and then he ran into the bottom through this green door, and then what he did was shut the door and then peek it, and then you can actually see, you know, anybody crossing. And you're going to see anybody lying down there, so it's quite a sneaky spot.

You could leave it till the last second and then maybe push up, and you're going to be able to Chow quite nicely there if anybody's on the bomb. So here we are on Skidrow. We have quite a few spots on this one, but first we saw Standy up on the balcony here. Now you can get up there by jumping on this and then hopping across like that, or you can also just jump right off this box.

lines of sight

Now he's using this to watch anybody crossing out, keeping an eye on the window there, as well as anybody flanking, and you can also get a good shot through that as well, through the hole in the wall, and below you, nobody's really going to check this. So just a really great spot to use snd as well as hardpoint as, well, now here we are as well.

We saw Hydra using this little outer ledge. Now you can actually walk on this and get a nice little head shot to that door there into the corridor, or you could creep out a little bit further so you're in a bit more cover. Obviously, you're a bit exposed from the back, and as you saw, if you turn around, you're going to fall off, so make sure you keep aiming through the window if you're on.

The spot that we saw Furious using, as well as a few other players, is just literally If you come to the ramp here, you're a little bit exposed from the back, but just keep an eye on this. Push here through the actual window. Now you're going to be sort of out of sight to the enemies if they come running through this door.

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You know they're not really going to be looking there a lot of the time. They'll crawl into here or to the back of the plane. So if you'll sit here, you're going to be able to take them out nicely as well, Roof, and you're looking to hold over the B bomb site. We saw a VCLE using a sneaky little head glitch, which I didn't really know was possible.

Obviously, you could watch it from here, but you're pretty exposed. You can actually just walk straight up on this little ledge there, and this is going to give you access to seeing over the top here, and you're going to be in a lot more cover to watch people crossing over. Maybe if you're in pubs, you could get a sniper out, maybe the Longbow or something like that, and you're going to be able to take people out.

So yeah, it is just worth noting that you can actually walk across that. And you can't seem to do it in any other places, really, but for whatever reason, you can just walk up on this It can be a little bit buggy, though, so bear that in mind. Mind you, the sky is actually playing on this back fence.

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Now if you come on to here right by this lampost, you're going to be able to see to the top opening in the wall there, and you can also move back a bit and you're going to see anybody crossing, which can be a nice off-angle. People aren't really going to check right up here. They're going to look down this way or sort of run here.

They may not notice you. You could pick them off. You can also see if anybody's crossing over there, which is quite nice. I don't have the best cover, but it could be good to get a pick or two as well, straight off the start of the game. Or if you're watching the flank, attach the top ticket booth, which is similar to the Sky Spot that we just showed you.

You can just hop straight up here, and this is almost a better spot compared to the fence one because you can see the left window as well and you can see all the openings. This can be a good one to keep an eye on if anyone bursts through the doors. Give information to your teammates, and you may also be able to pick anybody from that alley, or you could do it from down low.

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You're going to be able to chuck a smoke into this spot here. That's going to allow your team to pass up the boxes, obviously, if they check the alleyway, and then, as soon as they've smoked it in those back doors to sort of take out anybody, push him. Obviously, don't fail with a grenade like that, but that's also going to make those doors open there, and you're going to be able to see if anybody's behind them.

But yeah, we saw Anatta using this one as well after he jumped up on there checking for information, and you're looking to hold out. PS: flanking down the left side of the map, here you saw Lucky actually use a spot where he's lying down behind the buggy and just holding that top window there as well as you can actually see people jumping down the floor, and then also from here you're going to be able to see anybody crossing down the corridor as well if the enemy decides to change directions or smoke so you can give that information to your team, using a little sneaky spot, you know, a nice little off angle.

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Literally He was just lying down right here like this, and he was just waiting for anybody to push. He pushed straight up, and this is going to catch the enemies off because, you know, a lot of times they're going to be running into Burgertown, and he's going to be able to take them out from there, or they're going to be running around the corner and challing over to the top esies there, and they're not really going to be expecting somebody to be lying here.

Today we have episode 2 of Pro Player Spots and Lines of Sight in COD MW3. We take a look at pro player spots including Shotzzy, Dashy, Hydra more. Use these in Multiplayer or Ranked Play to help you improve your game and get more kills and wins.
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