News - The Best Pro Player Spots Warzone 2. Ep 4 (best Spots & Lines Of Sight)


Now this one was from Toronto Ultra, so basically what we saw is off of this spawn here. We saw Kleenex run up to the middoor down here, just watching the door, waiting for some information. And then, in the meantime, the rest of his team, straight off of Spawn, the other three players, rushed around the alley.

And then they triple-child this alleyway here, like this: And then basically they just waited for information now I believe one of the other team opened the door and then they start spraying through the door trying to make them weak, and then whilst that was going on whilst they start shooting Kleenex is waiting here and he's going to burst through the door and help get the kills and I believe he got two kills and then died and then the rest of the team were able to wipe out the team so that's a really good play cuz obviously, you're going to be able to take them out if they're coming through there and if nobody comes and you've got good information and you know that they've wrapped around through the tunnel but obviously you are leaving that side exposed if you do use it but it's just a one good strategy if the enemy team playing bottom.


Garage, may as well talk about the spot that I saw shots he using in a wager 1 V one. Now, this may be useful. Basically, what he did was just go straight on this bin, and you're going to be able to jump, and you can see if anybody's crossing over to the roof, because that's quite a common push-up spot, so it's a good place to get some information.

You're not really going to get any kills, but it is just worth noting that you can actually use this to peak the jump up by the boxes over by the window. Spot of Kenny, now basically here we are at these back containers. If you hop on this bin, you're going to have a very nice little head glitch to check onto P2 in that back warehouse building as well as just watch anybody down low, so it can be very handy for P2 hardpoint.

If you're looking to get people off there, just make sure you have a good aim. If you're in pubs, you're going to be able to mount up and rip people off it, but it can be a good little spot, and if you hop up, you can check anybody crossing over there as well from there. Alleyway. I've seen multiple players using this, and honestly.


I can't really remember exactly which Pro I got it from, but you can see people hopping up on these little barrels, and they're going to be able to use this little head glitch down to the back steps and also watch the stairs push up there. This can be really handy for P1 on hardpoint, because if you have somebody set up back here and somebody on time, you don't really need to worry about it behind you, so you can just watch this, and it can also be good for a bomb on search androy to watch those.

Steps, highrise, and we're going to take a look at a little head glitch that a bey used, so basically he rushed straight off a spawn straight underground, and he actually hopped onto this red barrel to get a nice little head glitch into B there. They can use this to get a pick; you can also check the street there as well, and if you drop up, you can actually check the bomb site, which is quite nice, but pretty much he's going to wait for a pick and he's going to move in; obviously he'll be using SMG, and then he can clear out B from.

jump spots

There, now we've got a spot from Draza. Now personally. I use a spot a lot, so if you come to the helicopter, you can jump on this, but even better, stand on the red barrels, and you're going to be able to get a nice line of sight straight into their spawn building. Obviously, the red barrels will blow up as the game goes on, but they're going to reset every round.

You can use this to get some info and a couple kills, and it's just worth noting that you can also jump on this side. Like that, you can't walk too far, but you can see straight into the mid-windows as well as down that side of the map there, and it's just a good one, but just know that if you're on this and you turn around, you're going to slide.

lines of sight

Off, up next we have a nice spot from arties, now this spot you're not really going to get a Kill from unless you get lucky with the sniper but pretty much what he was doing was jumping here by these boarded up Windows and you're going to use this to get some information if anybody's on the helipad, and you can also sort of Sprint jump to go a little bit higher you can even check the spot down low there if anybody's coming around the ledge we can check bottom heli as well you could kind of use this to check the a bomb as well if you plant it you know you could just keep spamming this but it's just good to get some information so if you do see someone you can sort of slide out and get them like that and you're going to be nicely in covered and unseen behind.

Side, now we're on Terminal, just a quick spot off of Dashi. Basically, you run straight up to the plant pot, and you're going to be able to check straight across midway, and you're just going to see if anybody runs up through the orange steps or anybody peeks from back there. I've used a sniper just to show you, but you can use this in your pub matches as well as ranked when it comes out, but it can be a nice one to get a quick snipe off spawn or just check if anybody's pushed into the play plane and let your team.

modern warfare 3

Know karachi now I just want to make a note that you can actually go in all these balconies which we've seen slasher doing now you can use this to check through mid there or around back of that spawn you can also walk around the edge to get inside of this can be handy to keep an eye even further into mid as well as the B bomb site maybe you can lie down, and then whil we also here we may as well talk about these so you can sit in this one a bit further back can be handy forun the roof as well as Your Flank there and then if you walk around this ledge once more you're going to be able to get into this back one now this can be really good for just sitting here and watching anybody on the flank, just for snd as well as well as hardpoint you know it could be good to catch anybody coming around the.

modern warfare iii

Side, this spot isn't really anything too mental, but we saw Fame actually using this on sndd now he's just lying here waiting whilst the rest of his team at the other side of the map towards the B bomb now what he was doing is just waiting for some information, maybe hearing for a door opening or to catch a player sort of slacking and then he waits sort of well he waits here before the team and then once Fame makes a play gets a kill or something and then they can figure out where the enemy team are playing then the rest of the team will flank over it and help him take the rest of them.

So guys, that's all we're going to have time for today.

Today we have episode 4 of Pro Player Spots and Lines of Sight in COD MW3. We take a look at pro player spots including Shotzzy, Dashy, aBezy, Arcitys more. Use these in Multiplayer or Ranked Play to help you improve your game and get more kills and wins.
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