News - The Best Pro Player Spots Warzone 2. Ep 3 (best Spots & Lines Of Sight)


I hope you're all doing well. It's been growing like mad, so we're on the road to hitting 2K now. Maybe before the end of the year we'll see, but if not, it doesn't really matter until early next year. So we got another episode of the best pro player spots in MW3. Today we got some nade spots, jump spots, that sort of thing, as well as a full setup from one of the teams over the last weekend, so let's get right into it now.

So first, we have a nice setup from Optics, which they used against Carolina for the bomb inside the plane on Terminal. Now straight off the rip, we had shoty playing the back ladder over here, and he was basically just baiting on the ladder like this sort of peeking for info. And then that's going to cause enemies to rush back and then pretty much we had PR playing this little corner here and then by shots he being in the back that was causing the Carolina to rush down the plane towards him and double stacking it so PR's going to be able to take people out and then we had Kenny, over here down the bottom esys you could play sort of different few spots in this area but he's in the window now this is going to allow him to watch the cross underneath, and you can also use these pots here to watch anybody coming from top esies so it's is a good play so he can call anybody coming out under or through the mid and then we had finally Kashi on the roof playing like he does with his AR.

god spots

Then he's going to be able to just watch pretty much all this side of the map here through Library, anything like that, and watch people jumping down low as well as being able to look towards the other bomb site, so it's just a good setup for snd maybe you could remember this one for rank play when you playing on 4 v4s, so yeah, it's just a good bomb setup all.

Also from optics, we saw PR actually running through the library here, and then his team was pushing around to the plane, and he's going to throw a smoke just there, so that's going to smoke this corridor, and it's going to give the rest of his team pretty much cover to run through here. Obviously, you're not quite covered from the top roof, and you can maybe smoke this door, but it could also confuse them as to whether you're pushing towards the other side.

jump spots

Well, in Karachi, we saw a diamond con taking advantage of this little room, so basically, you just jump off the ladder onto this and you're going to be able to climb inside. Now, this is a pretty well-known spot, but I thought it was worth pointing out that this was on the old game as well, but we can utilize this to take control of midway straight off the start if you can get up here without anybody ching, and you'll be able to see over towards the B bomb site as well.

lines of sight

You probably can't quite see the bomb, but you will be able to pick up a nice easy kill from here as well, because I'm not always going to check this or expect you to be up. Here, now a nice little nade shot that we saw Cami and ghosty sort of double n in it is straight off a spawn you're going to nade straight over the top there and pretty much where that's going to land, is over towards the back, truck there, and you're going to be able to get a hit especially if you double n it as well and you're also going to get some information as well of if the enemies are pushing if you don't actually get the kill so just going to land around about here so you want to line that up on the map you can also do this in Reverse as well you could maybe get a kill over that way but a real common stun check spot and a spot from this side of the map is literally just over the top there into the back chickens, and then you're going to be able to know if anybody's pushing or maybe get a.

Kill next, we have a skro spot that we saw Dash using on the hardpoint. Now obviously, you know people like to sit up in this room, but what he was doing was using this head glitch on this box to watch anybody push through the garage there, and you can also keep an eye on the flank there as well, and you can also get on top of the box and get a better view like this.

modern warfare 3 gameplay

Obviously, you're not in as much cover here because this isn't going to defend you very well, but you can get a nice easy pick, and we also saw him stay up here, ready for P2 from P1, and that's going to keep the spawns good as well for his team. Keep them spawning on this side of the map and make it a lot easier to hold for P2 and get those capture points, so you want to be making sure you remember this one for when rank play comes out just to help out your team.

Spawns, a nice little spot we saw PR using on Skidrow, is straight off the start. You can run to the bottom garage here. You're going to open the door. You're not going to go through, though. You're going to lie down inside here. So if you back up a bit, you're going to be able to watch the flank or watch the cross here.

see if anybody comes out around the alleyway, obviously you are a little bit in danger if some burst through this door, but it's quite unlikely, and you can also play for sound or you could angle yourself like this so you can see both doors and you're going to be able to get some good information for your team as well as maybe picking up a nice easy kill off.

modern warfare 3 multiplayer

Rip is actually using this little spot here, standing up onto this little couch here, and he's going to be able to see into the cockpit and over there as well as into the entrance to the plane. Now this is just a good little spot. Maybe right off the start you can get some information. You can also see to the bottom right there if anybody's pushing around while staying in cover of anybody on the roof or down this.

Corridor, if you're on snd and you're waiting for someone to push through the window, we saw guard IR using this one, so you just line yourself perfectly just behind this box, so you're in a bit of a head glitch and you're going to be able to watch anybody push this window or close it, and you can also get information on people running through Corridor, and you can just about see towards the library as well if anybody pushes, so it's just a nice spot where you can get a few different angles on part of the map, but mostly you want to use this for keeping an eye on that.

Window, so guys, that's all we're going to have time for today. And as I said at the start on road fitting, 2, 000 subs, which is just crazy to me.

Today we have episode 3 of Pro Player Spots and Lines of Sight in COD MW3. We take a look at pro player spots including Shotzzy, Dashy, Pred more. Use these in Multiplayer or Ranked Play to help you improve your game and get more kills and wins.
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