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This is the perk package I've seen a lot of competitive war zone players and some of the more sweaty players including myself use and this is what I'd recommend to use now when you're looking at this the one thing I'd recommend to probably replaced is tempered for primed but we're going to get into that so you're going to begin with double time and battle Harden, however you should feel free to swap out battle Harden for EOD or slide of hand if that's something You' prefer, the reason why you want to go double time though is because with how big this map is with how important tactical Sprint is you just really need to have double time the vast majority of the time and I prefer battle Harden over EOD because it's more relevant in most combat situations ation so for the next perk slot I'm going to recommend primed or tempered A lot of the pros are using Primed, and after I gave it a shot today.

I was very impressed with it, so while I have tempered on now. I might lean more towards Primed in the future. Another option here could be Tracker Quick Fix or whatever, but mainly I've seen primed and tempered, and this is going to lead us into our last perk, and I think this is where my opinion is a little controversial.

This new Resolute perk is so good, in my opinion. I think most people should use it. However, I've seen a lot of people use high alert and ghost today. I don't think high alert or ghosting are bad choices by any means. I just think this Resolute has a perk because what it does is make you move faster when you get shot at.

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I think it's just really broken, especially in a game like this where getting shot at and getting behind cover and getting the chance to play is so important, so moving into the second perk package, this is going to be double-time battle hardened, primed, and Resolute or Ghost, so moving into the second perk package, this is going to be built specifically for snipers.

So the main perk that's going to change from all the other builds is going to be focus, and what focus does is that when you get shot while aimed down sight, you get less Flinch, so obviously, when you're using a sniper, this is super important. Now I use double time, but I don't think most people are probably going to use double time with their snipers.

I'm an aggressive player, so for me, it's better, but you can use any other first perk you like. I'd recommend battle heart an EOD, something like that provides combat effectiveness. Now for your third perk. It really doesn't matter here as well. I'm going to recommend tempered because if you're in those long-range sniper battles and you're getting chunked all the time for plates.

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I think tempered is a great way to save on plates and make your plates last longer, so that's another great reason to consider tempered. Now for the last perk I'm almost always going to recommend: ghost, However, there is another option to consider, and that's going to be combat scouting. how combat Scout works is when you shoot someone it pings them and keeps them paying for a good bit of time so if you're someone who's sniping the second you hit them they're going to be payed for their team they're going to show up on the map and if you have a sniper that can shoot through walls well it's going to be an easy target, however for most people I'd still probably recommend to run ghost so just to review really quickly I'm going to recommend to run battle Harden focus, tempert and then ghost if you're running a sniper, so this third class is what I call the cir player class and if I'm being honest this is probably the class I'm most excited to show you guys so what you're going to want to do is you're going to want to put on this new perk called a radiated, along with double time.

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And let's talk about what this combo does. Radiated allows you to take more damage and move faster in the circle, so you can be in the circle longer and you're going to move faster while inside of it. If you have double time, which gives you a more tactical sprint, you're going to just be moving faster overall.

So then, if you put in your third perk. Quick Fix, which allows you to recover your health and get instant health regen if you down someone, kill someone, and whatnot, now you have the ability to get a kill while you're in the circle and start regenerating health on top of having the stems in your class, and if you combo this with this new last perk called Flex, which kind of covers up your noise when you're running around, it kind of gives you a little dead silence without needing dead silence.

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Now you can make these crazy Circle plays that no one else is really going to be able to do because you're going to have all these perks stacking together, and it's going to be utterly ridiculous. Now I'm also going to recommend either Resolute or Ghost for your last perk here as well, but I'm telling you guys to double time this radiated Quick Fix combo with this Flex perk.

If you are someone who's smart with playing the circle and you have steems in your class, this is going to get you a ridiculous amount of wins, especially if you have a Munitions box. So one thing I really want to focus on here, guys, is that when you're looking at these perks and you're thinking of how to build your own perk package, think of the perks as a combo package.

So what I mean by this is, think about that last class I showed off now. What that class is designed to do is use all of the perks that would help someone who wants to play a certain play style, and then it allows them to play that play style at a better rate, so my first perk package with the double time, the Resolute, and the Resolute and the tempered or Primed is a class P primarily built for people who want to go for kills and play aggressive because they know their strength lies in getting kills.

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And on the flip side, if you're a sniper, that's why I highlighted a much different class, etc. But there's a ton of different perks I didn't touch on here, and there's a ton of different perk combos that are absolutely amazing and might be perfect for your play style, so I think another really good option is to combo EOD, battle hardened, and restock, and kind of run some Claymores.

Hey guys, with the release of the new warzone and all of the new perks into Warzone, I wanted to cover what I thought were the best and most meta perks in Warzone 3. I hope you guys are enjoying the new game and the new warzone and I hope you have a good day.
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