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Warzone 3 start intro

Warzone 3 start intro

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Best wz3 controller settings

It's the best input for the game; it just makes the game more enjoyable and more fun because the input is just easier. We'll go down through the best controller settings for the brand new war zone I play on tactical. What does that mean? All that does is flip the buttons from default and tactical, so I melee with circle.

best 3 console settings

And I change stance slide dive slide cancel clicking down the right stick button layout is totally personal preference for you I think tactical is the best for me the best way to maximize slide cancelling and movement is to have a controller with paddles or back buns or play on a different button layout but again I play on tactical play whatever you guys want bumper ping off flip L1 and L2 off I do have digital buttons, and mouse click triggers and bumpers on my controller so it doesn't really matter stick layout default controller vibration off this setting should always be turned off when your controller vibrates it's going to mess with your aim and it's going to hinder your accuracy so turn that off trigger effect I had this on off there's no reason to have full haptic and weapon fire threshold on your triggers it's just going to mess you up just turn it off dead zone inputs so you can precisely tune your dead zone in this game I play on 0.03.

On the left, 0.05. On right with a Max of 99 and 99 on left and right. This is going to be specific to your controller, and if you have sticks for it, that's just what I play on, but the big one with this is left and right triggers. You want to change this to zero so you get basically digital triggers.

By clicking your trigger, if that makes sense, we'll go down. You literally have to barely pull it in for it to activate the trigger. Trust me, put these at zero and zero. Okay, jump on the board with the aiming tab for the controller. I do play on 13 sensitivity, 13 horizontal, and 13 vertical.

best 3 settings

That's kind of high. You guys don't have to follow my sensitivity suggestions. I just really enjoy this sensitivity. It's a good medium for accuracy and being able to turn around quickly. I guess movement-based is totally up to you. Those of you who are new to the controller or aren't comfortable with your senses should try 66.

best mw3 controller settings

Okay, you want to go up. Go up from there. 1313 is my favorite sense, and I'll never change his sensitivity multiplier. I have this on one for everything vertical aim ACC access standard tactical stance sensitivity multiplier this is the sensitivity from whenever you're like sliding and turning your gun sideways as you see over here in the picture I have mine at 70 aim response curve this is a this is aim assist setting there's a lot of you guys that are playing with this on standard and you need to change this to Dynamic when you change it to Dynamic, it basically the labeling says it's ideal for more experimented players fast starting movement that slows down the aiming rate reverse scurve mapping so it's going to be a fast movement on your thumb stick until you come over a player that it's going to slow way down and give you that magnet effect triy Dynamic aim response curve come back to the article drop a like and tell me I'm not telling you it feels.

best mw3 settings

The best out of all the other settings is, okay, AdSense multiplier 0.75. Ads sense transition timing instant custom sensitivity per Zoom this is basically ads C multiplier, per different Scopes so 75 for all those Target aim assist on a assist type default there there's an argument between default and Black Ops they both feel really good I play on default other articles I've had it on Black Ops right now I'm running default with Dynamic aim response curve and the aim assist feels phenomenal third person correction type assist motion SS are behaving off and motion sensor advance settings it's not even mess with those jumping on board with the gameplay tab of the controller we are playing with automatic tactical Sprint on so, whenever you move your left stick forward or when you compress your W key on keyboard you don't have to click the button to Sprint your character is automatically going to Sprint whenever you push this going forward Auto move forward off tactical super Behavior double tap ground and mantle on.

Air automatic air Bor mantle partial automatic Grand mantle hang off slide dive Behavior okay so this is going to be, a different one we actually want to have this on tap to slide why do we want to have it on tap to slide because in war zone the famous dive jump that was in war zone 2 where you dive off of Ledges or buildings, and pull your parachute very quick is still going to be in this game so you still want to be able to use your dive you're not going to use your dive for anything else in the game so you want to have this on tap to slide what does that mean exactly like it says you're going to tap to slide your operator, you're going to hold to dive so if you want to dive jump you're going to hold this hold the stick hold Circle hold B dive pull your parachute.

best mwiii settings

You're going to slide cancel just going to be slide jump okay simple as that tap the slide is what you want plunging underwater, trigger parachute autodeploy off those you guys are the bots break your legs turn that to on sprinting door bash on you can sprint through doors to cause doors to open it's a movement mechanic leave it on ledge climb Behavior movement base slide cancel Sprint on, aim down sight Behavior hold chain Zoom activation Sprint attack Sprint Focus equipment Behavior hold.

Mount activation, ads plus melee weapon Mount exit delay medium tax Dan activation ads plus down button tax Dan behavior on toggle interact reload Behavior This is another big one to pay attention to prioritize to interact is the setting that you want. What does that do? You're going to tap to reload and interact.

Tap to interact. Hold to reload when they are available simultaneously. Double-tap danger ping delay. We're going to change that to short now that I'm stinging Arena. That needs to be short. It's the length of time between two presses to change the to change the Ping to a danger ping.

The controller i use daily

The controller i use daily

Okay, those of you guys that ask about my controller. They have a lot of good holiday deals going on. What do I use on my controller? I have mouse-click buttons, bumpers, and triggers. I have removable paddles, I have an aim grip on the back, interchangeable face blades, and I have interchangeable dumb sticks.

You guys can use them at a controller. For Big Time Savings, this is the controller that I do use every single day when playing War Zone to drop these high-kill games and wins. They're actually the only controller company that has a lifetime warranty on all modded parts. Let's get right back into the article about jumping on board.

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