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In today's article, I'm going to be sharing with you the most secret and best setting that you need to be fine-tuning. To make your shots as crisp as possible in Modern Warfare 3, and I'm not even kidding. I highly doubt any of you have messed with the setting, touched the setting, even know what the setting is, or even looked at it.

This is by far and away the most overpowered setting in the game, if you can find it properly, so today I'm going to talk about how you do this. What this saying is about is where to find this thing and what you need to do to fine-tune it for yourself to make your aim as good as possible or the best possible aim in Modern Warfare 3, so what you want to do is come down here and don't go into multiplayer.

I want you to go into private match today because, yes. I'm going to be showing you how to fine-tune for this setting, and the setting we're going to be talking about today that you've probably not looked at or thought about is over here, which is you go to your settings controller, aiming. Now you're probably thinking, Is it my response curve type?

No, it's not it's not the horizontal or vertical; this doesn't matter. Whatever you have right now, don't change it. Okay, if you feel comfortable with whatever you have, I will obviously give my settings as well, so you guys.

The secret mw3 setting

The secret mw3 setting

You can use mine if you want, but what it's actually going to be is that if you click Show More here on the aim response curve type, you have an aim response curve slope scale. This is the secret source.

You need to fine-tune this for yourself to whatever settings you currently have, or if you want to use my settings, that's up to you, but I'll let you go and let you guys know about that now that I use 55. That doesn't matter; just keep that on 55 ads. Multiplier, one-aim response curve type For this to work, I feel like you have to be dynamic.

If you're using something like linear or standard, change it now to dynamic. I feel like this setting works way better with Dynamic being able to change the aim response curve slope, so definitely use Dynamic if you aren't already. Nothing else really matters too much, and then, I guess, graphics, because this does affect your aim as well.

102 fields of view with wide That's all I'm going to show you guys today. I'm not going to talk about everything too much. When it comes to aim settings and stuff besides the main one today, which is going to be of course the aim response cutp also, puts two and five, that's it. Everything else Keep the same left trigger Z and zero; nothing else too special, but we're going to be talking about that aim response curve type, and now how do you guys want to know?

How to fine tune this secret mw3 controller setting

How to fine tune this secret mw3 controller setting

How do you find this? How do you find out the secret source for yourself? So what you want to do is change this to free for all and the map you should use for this. I know some people are going to think Shipman or Rust, but actually. I want you guys to use Scrapyard because Scrapyard has a good mixture of long-range sites you need, like a good mixture of close and long-range, to be able to do this effectively and work out what works well because I want you guys to find the best possible.


Settings for not just winning close-range fights but for long-range you know medium range and this map's the best map for it with the bots on it of course so going to have raadar on always on as well with directional that's all you need to change there obviously set it to basically as close to unlimited as you go obviously you don't have unlimited anymore, and then come over here if you want to spawn bots in you go up here change it to 11 and set them to recruit you don't need to set them to Legend or whatever it is you don't need to do that this is just about hitting your shots and hitting your aim, getting your aim On Target now, you can make five classes if you want, but I would advise one SMG.

One assault rifle and one sniper rifle don't matter about an LMG; they don't matter about attack rifles, just the main ones: an SMG, an AR, or a sniper rifle. If you're not too bothered by that, don't worry about it. There are obviously default classes of UPS you can use in the game, so what you're going to do next is load up the game, of course, so you're going to go into the scrapyard here against your recruit.

controller settings

Bots, and you're going to fine-tune your, and the way you should do this is again either using my base settings all the settings that you have now with your, you know, whatever aim assist settings you have also. I don't use Black Ops, but I do; in fact, let me just go find it. Aiming, aim-assist type I use default if you use Black Ops; that's up to you; you can perfectly do that; it's perfectly fine; and I use the default classes, so we're going to start with the B P, which I know is like a tack rifle or something.

You're going to find that you want to mess around with this saying, so the way to do this is, as you can see, I've already got the setting that I want, right? I'm going to hit the shots that I want to hit pretty much constantly. It doesn't matter what gun I use; some shots I'm going to miss, of course, because I'm not going to have the perfect aim, but I'm going to have as close to the perfect aim as possible.

modern warfare 3

As you guys can see, the reason for that is that because of the aim response curve type, it makes it work fine. Where the aim goes slow where the aim goes fast, it just fine tunes it completely so where you went your aim to be faster like up close where you want to snap like this so you can move quick you can do that whereas if you want to go the those longrange gunfights where you want to be able to you know not make you know make those fine tune adjustments, this will do that as well so this basically adjusts that for you and the way you want to do this is simply go over these settings and the way I did it was you go over to your aim response curve type, where is it right here and start off at zero and then move it up based off how you feel now zero is going to feel awful okay it's going to feel like because obviously the curve is basically not existent there is basically no curve having a response curve type of zero, like you are, you are not getting any effects of dynamic.

This is a dynamic curve type, so what you want to do is fine-tune this by either 0.05 or 0.10. You know you're not going to find out whether or not you know you're actually good with your aim; you're just using the guns with the lowest recoil and stuff, so I advise picking up an SMG assault rifle and a sniper rifle.

USE THIS SECRET MW3 SETTING! MW3 Settings. Hope u enjoyed today's video sharing this secret modern warfare 3 setting that no one is using as well as my mw3 settings and sensitivity settings in modern warfare III! I also help showcase how to make sure you are using this mw3 controller setting correctly and how to fine tune this modern warfare 3 controller setting to best suit you and help improve your game in modern warfare III.
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