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Getting a win in War Zone is incredibly difficult, but in this article, you'll learn in detail how you can get your first win and dominate every upcoming match. Welcome to War Zone Boot Camp, Applied. The first thing we do when we dive into a match is get as much cash as physically possible. I like to land on these little areas that have hidden caches, and those are these little things that hide in the ground; they're called hidden loot caches.

We need to rotate over to the next when there are already people in this building, but we're not focused on eliminations; we're focused on getting a win. So after we grab our second one, we should get pretty close. We do have enough; we have $7,500, which gives us enough cash to go get our load out.

We should have one more sitting right here. This buy-off station is actually really, really difficult to get a buy-off because most of the time somebody lands on it. I don't know why they chose to land on it. It's pretty much worthless to land on this because there's never anything here, so I'm going to go ahead and grab my load.


We toss it on the ground. I've got $2, 000. More I'm really going to need a mun yep that's what I needed so we just went and grabbed some cash dropped the mun I'm going to slide over here so I don't accidentally grab the wrong thing and I grabbed the mun to get everything out of it I'm rocking the AMR, as well as the ram 7 these two guns together are deadly especially in solos the big thing about the amr9 is that in Duos and trios and quads with this double barrel attachment that I have on it you may end up running out of ammo but for solos it's incredibly, powerful I want to focus on my positioning while I'm playing this game sense is what keeps you alive if you don't memorize the map and know where to go next and how to engage a gunfight you are going to lose the match sure you might get a win here and there but in most scenarios you're going to lose the match now I've got two guys fighting down here they're literally ego challenging each other over and over and over and because I have mountainer what I can do is Drop Like This.

expel 3

Go for the free kill on that. Guy; shoot both of them, and of course I could have gotten a free kill out of the guy that got knocked, but I was watching and waiting to engage, and that's exactly what you should be doing as well. The next thing I want to figure out is where the next circle is going to be, because that's going to decide where I want to go.

I personally don't like the pop-off area, so let's focus on heading up. Maybe in this direction toward W cargo, we should have a launcher sitting right here; it's not there. What that means is that most likely someone has shot it down. Now, this is what I was talking about with game sense; usually there's something that sits up there that allows me to launch out.

It's not there. How do those things go down? Someone had to have shot it down. Obviously, the one right here doesn't really move. Unless it's been shot down or it's a super late game, this one just stays in, which lets me know there's likely a guy over here. I really want to see if this is true.

Possible: enemy soldier incoming; coming; some guy just landed in front of us. We're going to take the second floor. I think there's a staircase. No, there's not a staircase right here. I'm trying to see where that guy went. I just saw him right there. I don't know if that counts as a kill, but I'll take it.

expel map

I'm going to lay down, and we're going to pop a bomb drone. I like to use bomb drones as a kind of UAV. I'm going to check behind me to make sure no one's in my building, and we've got a guy sitting where I eliminated the other one. See what kind of goofy goober we've got rocking. He should go inside and close the door.

He doesn't close the door, but he does go straight through. We're going to rotate right here, and he should go for the shots on it. I got a crack on the guy, but he's so far away that I just don't think I can get that elimination. Interesting enough, we've not seen the launcher come back; usually it would be sitting right there, so I'm a little curious if it didn't get shot down, but either way, we know where the people are; they're here.

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Let's toss a. Nade, I'm trying to get the guy to look at me. I will note on my Ram 7even that I have the Jack BFB muzzle, which gives away your position anytime that you shoot. It's got a guy right there; he sees me; he's got a sniper rifle; and we've got a guy rotating to the. Side, he does not have a sniper; he has a gun with the side on it; this guy's coming over that is not.

Good so what I did right there is I wanted to get shots of the guy in the sky because I didn't want him to be a third party, so I went ahead and put those shots in. It looks like I've used the stuff that's in my inventory, so let's grab all these plates if we can. If you've ever seen me play on a mouse and keyboard, you know my movement is usually pretty fluid, but in this case it's not going to be.

We're going to switch it out for that right there. That's why I'm standing up. What I think I'm going to do is rotate over to something with a little bit better High Ground. I see this portable radar sitting here, and I think we're going to switch it out for that right there. By the way, if you are on the controller, I highly recommend remembering to hold to reload in pretty much every situation.

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Because if you don't you're accidentally going to pick up things when you're running around through Loot and stuff like that and trying to reload at the same time so if you just hold to reload, every single time then your life is going to be much easier now I'm going to go ahead and toss that cuz I can grab this and I can just get more grenades and we're going to take this Tower and focus on positioning now you'll notice the circle moved in just a little bit but we still have the exact same position and on the mini map we saw that there was a guy basically, right up here so we'll just keep that in mind for later we're going to hold this High ground and look for the guy that was shooting earlier I'm not seeing him but I think what I'm going to do now that I've got $9, 300.

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Maybe just challenge the guy up here because I need to get a UAV. I'll say it again: we're not focused on kills in this game; it's more about game sense and memorizing, where people are how they play and using it to our advantage. One, toss. Two. We don't really want to fight the guy, but what I want to do is figure out where we have some people nearby.

We got a guy in that building right there that's going to be our closest building. We have $3,300. So, not enough for another UAV. I have an open slot, so I'm going to toss a stun in there and toss this right here. Get that out of my inventory so that I can go in and grab one more portable radar, which is going to be used as kind of a mini UAV.

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