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This is DK Dynamite, and today we're going to be talking about the 30+ zombie rewards in Moder Warfare 3 season 1, with the next update entails even more. Now that I know the launch of season 1 for zombies has been a little crazy which is why I wanted to make a separate article talking about all the rewards and a bit of a compilation of exactly how you can unlock all these rewards. Season one launched with an Act Four mission—a full quest to get back into the dark ether—and even a separate boss fight on top of a little bit more, so first off, what I want to go over just to get this out of the way is the list of consumables that you can actually earn for zombies through various battle pass tiers and even some bundles.

Bonus consumables for mw3 zombies

Bonus consumables for mw3 zombies

So for those out there that are a bit confused about how consumables do work from the battle pass or even the different bundles we have in this game, essentially there're a couple of one-time, two-time, and even three-time consumables that you can unlock for zombies, which again are not permanent. These are of course very different from the DMZ benefits that we had during Modern Warfare 2's life cycle, where if you ran a certain operator, you would have a guaranteed benefit every time you hopped into a match of DMZ, let it be a medium backpack, a self-revive, or a gas mask.

UAV, battle rate self-revival: those don't exist for zombies, and they're a bit different since they're all temporary, little bonuses that don't last forever and aren't tied to a specific operator, so as you guys might see from the battle pass or in various bundles, there's ether tools. AMOM mod Acquisitions.

Pack-a-Punch crystals, which again could only be used a certain amount of times, and then that's it. They're gone forever; they're not permanent whatsoever, and they aren't quote-unquote paid to win. Now, of course, bundles of the feature zombie consumables do have a label on them that just says zombies, and we have the upcoming, evil zombies bundle coming out with the launch of the Christmas event, which will also come with three brain-rot AMOM mod acquisitions, which again can only be used three times, and then that's it; they'll be gone forever, but There's also the so many teeth charm, which you can unlock by completing the act for mission in MW3, zombies.

Free zombies charm in season 1

Free zombies charm in season 1

The act for Mission entails just going ahead and breaking some seals in the dark ether, followed by defeating the giant purple worm. Once you do that, and once you go ahead and successfully xville, you will get the so many teeth charm. If you guys are wondering why there's only one reward for this one Act Four mission, well, typically, as we saw for the ACT missions 1 through 3, you'd only get one reward, maybe two tops, for doing specific missions.

So I am guessing there could be a chance we get more Act 4 missions added either in season 1 or reloaded. Or maybe during season 2, but maybe there's just an interesting plan where we only get one new act mission per season for a different act, though maybe there is an Act Five story mission in season two, and then we get another zombie map in like season 3 with acts 1 through 3 or 1 through 4.

Secret dark aether blueprint unlocked

mw3 zombies act 4 rewards

We'll have to wait and see how that works, but as of now, there's only one reward for doing the Act Four mission: There's also the Geode blueprint that you can go ahead and get for an assault rifle, and this blueprint is a bit mysterious since it's very easy to miss the popup in the game once you've gone ahead and unlocked it.

All you have to do is complete at least three contracts inside the dark ether, and this could be done either in the regular dark ether or in the ElderSigil hardcore dark ether. I actually missed this popup when I initially did this, so upon going through the three different challenges that have to do with escort.

Sport Control, and even Outlast, you'll get a pop-up saying you unlocked a Geode weapon blueprint. It's a dark ether-themed skin that is animated but looks pretty damn good, especially when combining it with various Mastery camos. I'm really surprised we ended up getting this. I mean, this is one of those blueprints that you would expect to see in a bundle or elsewhere, but hey, it's a free unlock for doing some pretty difficult challenges inside of the dark ether, which puts you up against tier 4ish zombies.

I want to say. I mean, it could be a little bit lower than that at times, but the regular dark ether still isn't for the faint of heart, and again.

All classified schematics unlocked

All classified schematics unlocked

So on, and So forth, we then have all the brand new schematics that got added here inside of season 1. I would say the first set is obviously easier to get, and that's by completing the various contracts. Inside the regular dark ether, you can get your hands on Elder sigils and some pretty high Rarity loot, but once you use that Elder sigil to go into the hardcore dark ether, this is where things get pretty rough.

You're going to be going up against what almost feels like tier five zombies, so if you don't have Decked Out maxed-out weapons and the right equipment, and if you're not moving properly with the right perks, then this will be extremely difficult if you guys go ahead and complete the same contracts inside of the harder dark ether.

This is where the reward Rifts will give you access to all the brand new schematics, or most of them at least, which consist of a dog bone, the ether blade, golden armor plates, and possibly even some wonder weapon cases.

Secret rewards in the red worm boss

Secret rewards in the red worm boss

Not in the dark ether, and upon defeating that worm, you'll also see in the reward Rift a chance of getting the scorcher and even the Flawless Ethereum Crystal diagram. Now there's some RNG involved in that one since you might not get more than one cool schematic or piece of paper, which are the plans.

When beating that boss, you might have to beat that boss several times to get everything that you're looking for, but if you guys are like. Wait, what about maybe the vr11 wonder weapon, the brand new one that got added in season ?.

Unlocking a free v-r11 in mwz

1: Well, there isn't a schematic for it just yet, but you could find Wonder Weapon Cases, AKA Acquisitions.

mw3 zombies free blueprint

For the vr11, if you don't pull it out of the mystery box, and that could be found even in the secret rooms within the dark ether, which I also covered in a separate article a couple of days ago, you could find it there or you could find it in random reward Rifts from going Ahad and completing tier three contracts, inside of the dark ether itself, and it leads me to.

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