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This is DK Dynamite, and tonight we're going to be talking about my ultimate guide for unlocking the dark ether and all new schematics in MW3.

Use this for the dark aether easter egg

Use this for the dark aether easter egg

Enough i mean, it really did improve the pacing of how he ran through both the dark ether and the Elder Dark ether, which is a hardcore version of the brand new space. Definitely run decoy grenades or monkeys if you can find them in the environment, and I'd recommend healing auras or ether shrouds as your field upgrades.

In terms of weapons, obviously. I'm aware the crossbow and pistols did receive a Nerf but are still useful against a lot of the heavier bosses that you'll see in the dark ether.

Act 4 story mission & breaking the seals

Act 4 story mission & breaking the seals

Now, if you did complete acts 1 through 3. I'm happy to tell you guys that certainly prepared you for what we're about to talk about here in this article and should have set you up with a pretty decent stash to go ahead and take on some pretty tough zombies. Now, with that, the act for Story Mission can be accessed right away.

modern warfare 3

You go ahead and notice something bad. Xville icon on your Tech map it'll be in the same location, every single game unlike other xville spawns, now I really recommend being as prepared as you can before going into this xville whether it means Pack-a-Punch three times upgrading your weapon the best that you can or even spawning in a friendly dog by finding flesh around the environment and providing that to a dogh house maybe even in a tier three Zone that dog could then revive you while in the dark ether, and yes when you go into this dark ether xville it'll take you to a different server a separate match from the one you were just in over on ö stand but be as prepared as you can be with ammo with your perks no need to rush this so make sure you guys have absolutely everything you need as a squad once you're inside the dark ether your goal is to break four different seals which are all marked for you here in the environment, when you go to your attack map you can't exactly see the environment as if there's a Counter UAV but you can still see exactly where the seals are located here in this albra reskin, now the zombies themselves kind of feel like tier 2ish.

Enemies—they're really not that difficult, but you still want to be prepared. They're certainly not Tier 3 zombies, which is good, but what you want to do is break these seals in any order that you can. You want to go up to each seal. You do a little animation with your hand, and all you have to do is kill zombies next to the seal.

You'll notice that there is an ammo mod icon on each pedestal, and each time you finish a pedestal, not only does it progress The Narrative, as we'll talk about in a second, but it will also provide you with a hint as to what you'll be needing for a separate dark ether quest that will be breaking down deeper into this article, so you'll see ammo mod icons like brain rots and cryofreeze.

Napon burst, and you'll even see one for dead wire, but while you're going ahead and breaking these SEALS, or, quote unquote, defending these pedestals, you'll be going ahead and killing tons of different zombies. You get lots of spawns with manglers, disciples, and mimics, and there might even be a mega Abomination roaming around here and there, so be prepared for anything, but some of these pedestals are in somewhat tight spaces, so give yourself as much space as you can.

You'll notice there's something like a ring or a mist. Around the pedestal itself, you want to make sure they are being killed in that circle and not outside of it, or else it will not progress the rest of this quest.

Giant worm boss fight ultimate guide

Giant worm boss fight ultimate guide

But once you've broken all four seals, it'll ask you to leave the dark ether, in which you then encounter the giant or gorant. Boss, it is a crazier boss fight than what you encountered during Act 3, in which you also faced a giant worm.

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This boss fight could get crazy. I wouldn't really recommend this solo or even with just two people unless you guys have absolutely Decked Out weapons and you're just zombie fanatics and absolute veterans. I'd recommend going in with minimum three people right try to assimilate with a bigger Squad, if you can, so as a giant worm does spawn in you know throw some decoys to get some zombies off of your back if needed shoot his mouth before he eats players if he eats a player he'll just spin him right back out and it'll insta down that player also do an attack where it'll launch you straight into the air also insta down you he has a laser attack which can also insta down you so you see the reoccurring theme her right you can really quickly take all of your health from you so make sure you utilize the ammo caches around the environments, watch out where he spawns there'll be a little intermission, every now and again where he'll disappear for a good like 40ish.

Seconds, or maybe a little bit longer, in which you have time to take out the zombies around you, gather yourselves as a squad, you know, reload whatever it is you have to do, and hit the purple parts of his body as much as you can. I've also heard of gas grenades. They're still fairly effective, even though they did get nerfed with the season one updates.

Gas grenades still do some damage to him now, while we were streaming earlier. A really strange bug occurred where I grabbed an instant kill, and again, the scorcher comes in clutch here because if you can fly to some of the obstacles. And some of the vehicles that are kind of just floating in the air you can grab free power-ups that are sitting on those managed to grab an insta kill and for whatever reason the giant boss just insta died I'm not sure if that's a bug that dealt with the insta kill or is it a coincidence we also had a friendly dog in our game did that dog insta kill him not really sure what happened there but it's obviously a bug not intended, so if you guys get lucky with an instakill and you could just one tap the boss then congratulations, that's probably going to get Pat soon but there's also little spaces underneath albraa that you can run into in case you need some cover from not just giant worm but even some of the zombies you can kind of just run down that Corridor that leases some tunnels.

The diary artifact & how to unlock it

The diary artifact & how to unlock it

As you will see right here, that's an item that belongs to this specific pedestal, and this one only keeps in mind that this diary that you have can be xiled with. You can actually go ahead and unequip it from your stash and just keep it in your inventory at the menu and bring it into another match when you're ready to go ahead and reenter the dark ether again, but this is one of four artifacts that you need to place on these pedestals.

MW3 ZOMBIES DARK AETHER EASTER EGG FAST EASY Free Blueprint, Schematics, Elder Sigils - Season 1.
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