News - Start Every Game With Maxed Upgrades & Money (warzone 2 Zombies)

In today's article, I am going to show you how to start every single game with the best possible items and the maximum amount of money for upgrades and perks. And the best part is that I will show you how to bring this into the dark ether and keep it alone. Step number one: I'm going to run you through the whole setup.

So the first thing we're going to do is try to get as much money as possible. If you want to follow the exact same setup that I use, I use the tier kimbos in Pack-a-Punch, upgrade them to Tier 3, and upgrade the rarity to legendary. I would highly recommend using the Aikimbo TI, which is extremely powerful, and this is the exact setup.

I also have a scorcher case. This will allow me to move around much quicker on the map just to farm the contracts. Once you get into the game, you'll want to charge the Tier 3 Zone as fast as possible, and if there is a delivery cargo contract, go right for it. This is the easiest money I am now going to show you a few tricks that you can use for the other contracts, for example, the weapon stash.

If you start the contract, make your way to the rooftop over here, and if you run around in a continuous circle like this, you will not take any hits, and you won't have to kill a zombie. The zombies will all gather on the rooftop, throwing flx at you, and it will not hit you if you run the way. I do for any eliminate the Bounty contracts where you must kill a mega Abomination.

If you land on an elevated surface like this, nothing will attack you, and the mega-abomination will continue to shoot at you. Open up the heads, and you can see just how powerful these aimo tiers are. I would highly recommend using a brain rod for this weapon as well. It also melts mimics instantly, and for any other special zombie, make sure you have Deadshot Dairi as well for that additional headshot buff since the first step to this is acquiring as much money as possible.

I would also recommend just reaching out to the players in the game. The community has been extremely generous, dropping me ridiculous amounts of money even when I didn't ask for it. Now, once you've accumulated all of your wealth as much as you can in that game, you'll want to go ahead and purchase Tombstone.

Either from the Wonder Fizz machine or from a perk, you can now make your way over to the Tier 3 buy station and purchase yourself a three-plate armor vest and a large rucksack. Make sure you do not equip them; however, steal them in your rock sock. This is going to have a placeholder for them in the next game.

Once you have all of your money, your three-plate armor vest, and your large backpack, make sure you don't have any self-revivals. Revive on, go to any location that's fairly safe, and let the zombies down. Once you are down, the help for plea timer is going to pop up from here. Don't do anything; simply press Start and exit the game.

When it takes you back to the main menu, you will see that you will have no items in your backpack. At this point, I would fill up your backpack with a couple items that you did not leave in your stash previously. So basically, the first run was all about gathering money and stashing it in the tombstone, and the second run was about filling up your inventory with items that you would like in your stash at all times.

When you drop into another game, head back to your tombstone, and you will notice all of your items inside. Go ahead and equip the armor vest and the large backpack. Now pull all of your items from the tombstone. Make sure you do every single item so that the tombstone crumbles to the ground. Any of the items that are in your inventory when you go down with Tombstone will be saved to that Tombstone.

So let's say, initially, you have all of the money in one. However, you want to reset it to add better, more powerful items and still keep the money. Simply do what I have now and just get the tombstone, then go down one more time and just redo the tombstone again. Now, if you are playing in the regular area of the map, Tier 1, 2, or 3, and you would like to duplicate your items, you can initiate the dark ether teleport and wait for the countdown to begin.

Once the purple vortex disappears and you see a black screen, this is where you're going to want to hit alt-f4 on PC or close out of the app on console. This method also works with any of the Dr. Johanssen extraction missions. Call in the xfill chopper. Once it lifts up and you see the black screen pop up, the same thing will happen: alt-f4 or close the app.

Using this method will ensure that all of the items will duplicate, so you can then go ahead and remove them from your inventory and store them in your stash. You will notice that if you try to unequip them, it won't allow you. So simply swap the item for anything in your acquisition stash in the Rewards or Purchases tab.

If you go down in the regular tier one, two, or three zones and you simply alt-f4 close the app, your Tombstone will be there the next game, but the items will not duplicate, so it just depends on how you want to play. I will now show you exactly how to bring all of these items into the dark ether, whether it's tier four or tier five.

Once you completely clear out your tombstone, you will want to go ahead and purchase it. Now, when you're ready to go into the dark ether and you have all of your items in your inventory, just like before, make sure you do not have any self-revivals. Go ahead and let the zombies down. You hold to give up, and the second you see the plea timer pop up, go ahead and hold to plead for help.

Once you are down, just wait for a player to revive you. If you're playing solo, people are very giving in this community. I must say, if you're playing with a friend, have your friend revive you. Once you are revived, your tombstone stash will be here. However, you will not see it. By the way, this player giving me money was completely unscripted.

At this point, just before you enter the dark ether, you will want to go ahead and purchase any perks. However, make sure you do not get Tombstone, or it will screw everything up from here. It's very simple; however, make sure you watch because the ending is very important. When you are ready to go into the dark ether, go ahead and activate the Elder sigil or the regular one, and it will teleport you into the dark ether.

From here, you can do absolutely anything you would do in a normal game. Once you have all of your items that you want to leave with, go ahead and extract them from the dark ether. Wait for the purple vortex to disappear, and you will see that the successful Xill screen in green will pop up shortly after.

Yes, this works in the Dark Aether as well and I will show you how, completely solo.
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