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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back. Hopefully, you guys are enjoying the holidays. In this one, I wanted to talk about Modern Warfare 3 as a game and more specifically the zombie mode, and my overall thoughts of this mode are that I like it now. Don't get me wrong. There are a lot of issues with the zombie mode as it stands right now, but in general, it's not really that bad, and I'd say that the zombie mode is the strong point of this game.

The campaign is really bad, and the multiplayer is mediocre at best. I started writing the script for this article, and I generally didn't have a whole lot of positive things to say about Modern Warfare 3. Like I said before, the campaign is one of the worst in franchise history. They pretty much recycled the old story from Modern Warfare 2 while adding in a ton of random war zone maps and features.

Usually, Cod games release something new every year, but this game has little to nothing new at all; there isn't a single new multiplayer map. The campaign was a complete flop and doesn't offer much new at all. I'm not a big multiplayer and campaign fan, but I just wanted to quickly go over these two game modes for this game because, in my opinion, if you're buying this game for the full package of campaign multiplayer and zombies all included, it's just not worth it in my opinion because the other two modes, campaign and multiplayer, are just not good.


But with that all out of the way, let's now talk about the zombie mode. I'm first going to talk about all the things that I love about this mode, then I'll move on to the things that I absolutely hate. The first thing I want to talk about is that shooting zombies in this mode and playing through the gameplay Loop is really fun compared to Vanguard and even the outbreak from Cold War.

I think that Modern Warfare Zombies is much better and is the best open-world zombie experience that we've gotten to date. The number one thing that makes this game mode so successful is the replayability. It's something that even Bas Zombi fails to deliver on, and don't get me wrong. I love traditional round-bay zombies more than this mode, but the problem that I always had with round-bay zombies was that each of the maps didn't really offer a whole lot to the player.


Take a map like Shadows of Evil, for example. This map is loved by the community, but all the content on Shadows of Evil can be completed within a few hours. Sure, there are multiple side Easter eggs and high rounds that you can get to, but most players are either going to play to round 30 or do the Easter egg once you complete these goals.

The game doesn't reward you with that much, and it doesn't encourage you to keep playing. I mean, how many times have you done the Gad Croy Easter egg and as soon as you finish, you just leave the game or purposely down yourself because there isn't really that much else to do? Round Bas Zombie has always had the problem of offering very little but giving the player an infinite amount of time to explore.

War Zone Zombie, on the other hand, does the exact opposite. The schematic system is one of the best things that we have ever seen in zombies to date. By just playing the game, you can unlock these schematics, which allow you to start the game with an advantage. There are also action-story missions and weapon camos that you can grind for, along with the schematics.


The game overall is a grindfest, which is something that's really good but also really bad. The weapon selection is also really cool. There isn't one gun that is super-overpowered and stands above the rest, like there was in previous games like Cold War and The Gallow. Instead, you have the option to use the crossbow, the dual-wield tire pistols, the Lockwood shotgun, the grenade launcher, and the dual-wielded SMGs, which are all really fun to use.

The Wonder Weapons are also really good. They might not be the best when it comes to killing zombies, but they serve as great support for Wonder Weapons to either help your teammates or to navigate the map more easily. With the schematic system, you can start the game with most of these Wonder Weapons, which serves as one of the best rewards we've ever received in a zombie game.


The only problem that I have with the schematic system at this time is the cooldown timers. There are many easy ways that they can fix this issue, though, so I won't give them too much hate for it, but as it stands right now, it can be really annoying to have to wait multiple days just to graft a golden armor plate.

I watched a podcast by Noah and Milo where they talked about adding a feature to make it so that the cooldown permanently decreases if you collect duplicates of the same schematic, which I think would be perfect. I also really like the boss zombies on this map; the mega-abominations are really intimidating and challenging to go up against.

The different worm bosses are also really cool, and the fact that you can fight them with a team of six makes for a really fun and unique experience that I haven't seen in zombies. Speaking of which, the game mode encourages players to communicate and play with teammates, which, to be fair, isn't the best for solo players like myself, but I do like the fact that out of every zombie game mode we've ever had, this one encourages you to communicate with your team the most.


You can check the global chat at any time in this game, and you'll see players asking for schematics or help on certain missions. It's just a cool, unique experience that you can't get with round-based zombies. Overall, when it comes to the things that I love about this game mode, player communication and replayability are the two biggest factors that come into play.

These two aspects are done really well in Modern Warfare 3 zombies, and I want to see more of them in Round Bas zombies for the next year. Killing zombies with the overpowered weapons is really fun, and with the new Rifts added to season one as a sense of challenge for returning players, there is a lot to love about this game mode.

But there's also a lot to hate. Let's now talk about all the negatives. While it does have a lot of interesting new features, for the most part, it feels like War Zone with old zombie features from previous games. My first biggest complaint that I will give towards this mode as a whole is that it doesn't feel like zombies, and while the new Rift system included in season 1 made the mode feel more like cod zombies.

I just don't think it's enough to satisfy those players who like the atmosphere from the previous zombie modes. Another thing that I want to state just really quickly to get out of the way with is the time limit. I don't think anyone likes the time limit for this mode. The only reason that it's there is to add artificial difficulty so that it takes longer to grind the game.

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