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And all right. It's conic today I'm going to be showing you how to do basic movement and more advanced movement so you can be a movement God yourself all right.



The first thing we're going to do is check my controller's settings. I play bumper jumper tactical flipped, and I don't actually use an Xbox controller.

I use a PlayStation controller, which just shows the Xbox because I use the DS4. Make sure you have vibrations outside my dead zone. I have a three on both of my minimums and a 60 on my left stick. Max, so I can start sprinting faster and get a 90 on my right stick. Max, so my aim is to be more reactive.

I play 1313 with A9, ads Make sure you have the dynamic aim response curve type; that's my favorite. I use default aim, assist, and make sure you have automatic tactical Sprint on this is a must if you want to do any type of movement slide maintain Sprint you're going to want that, on make sure you have grounded mantle and all these automatic mantle things off so you don't accidentally mantle while jumping. And other than that, you can just copy my settings if you want or play around with others.

Basic movement

Basic movement

Things are all right. First things first, for the basic movements FL cancel. I'm SL doesn't reset tax or anything, just meant so you can get your gun up faster, and I know it's a lot of, like, no offense, a lot of bad players when they're in a gunfight.

Those put you at a huge disadvantage because it's easy for your teammate to track you. I mean, sorry, your enemy, for tracking you. Imagine you were that. Barrel, right, you're shooting at me. I'm taking damage, but now let's say you're a moving Target is a lot harder to like; even if it's basic stuff like jumping while shooting, if they're aiming at your head when they jump, it'll make you look at their body now.

If you try to like it, you could also crochet. Let's say they're aiming at your head. You crouch all of a sudden, and you're below them, but depending on the gunfight, I know a lot of people drop shots. Not really i mean, I guess it's effective, but it's really annoying. It takes a minute to stand back.

Slide a lot of that, which looks dumb to most players. Just a select audience obviously plays the game for me to make content. At the end of the day, it's about whether you're enjoying it; it's not about whether other people are enjoying it. You know what I'm saying. Don't go using no broken shotgun or nothing; you're in my lobby and using a broken shotgun.

I'm going to block you and report your account.

Hypothetical yap

Hypothetical yap

Don't care , say Hypothetically, if there's a team in there, a bad player would just be like, Help me, team, and run away like a movement player. Like, don't slide in there; that's not part of the game. Team, use your throwing KN, especially when I see people doing some crazy stuff. I'm not lucky with them, but the one shot to the head and, I think, the upper body, regardless of how many plates you're getting, is definitely a chance.

Always be popping them STS on the corners of the game.

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