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to get inside. The Ether Portal in season 2 has been reloaded. You need a couple gold items, and I'm going to quickly show you how you can get the perforated target in the main story, Mission. Get it upgraded to Gold level, and where you need to include it inside of the pillars near the portal, let's get into, It.

Select the right mission

Now the only way you can get this target, as well as all the other items you need to unlock the portal, is to go and complete the act for Mission. You cannot get these items or continue the brand new Easter egg without doing this first because, one, this is where you're going to find all of these items, and two, the game simply doesn't allow you to continue this Easter egg until you've completed this story.

Mission. Now there's going to be a lot going on inside of the story Mission, obviously the mission itself, but around this map you're going to find a couple different pillars, and I'm going to show you the pillar that you need to activate to get this target, at a purple level.

Get purple perforated target

Rarity Now, taking a look at the map inside the dark ether story mission, you are going to be right in front of a stage where the main story mission ends.

What you want to do is go into the suburbs, just behind the stage, just behind the stand behind the stage. I know a lot is going on here, and you will need to make your way into an intersection—a four-way stop where you will see a pillar that's just hanging out there, right in the middle of the intersection.

This is the pillar that you're going to want to activate. Now, like all the three different pillars, there is going to be a challenge associated with each one. This one is actually going to focus on getting critical; a headshot kills inside the circle that is surrounding it. On this pillar, you will know you have completed this challenge when the pillar explodes and you have a brand new ether rift, and inside of this rift, you're going to have the perforated Target at a purple.

Upgrade to gold target

Upgrade to gold target

Rarity Now that you have this, go back to the main map and make your way to the exact location that I'm showing you, which is just below the shot.

And the manner in which you're going to run into it at this location. Is actually a shooting range, and right in front of where this is, you're going to find a bunch of different targets, but one target in particular you need to interact with. Once you have interacted with this exact target, you're going to get a bunch of different targets popping up that look pretty much the same.

The idea behind this is that for every single one of these glowing targets, you need to shoot in the red zones. When you successfully hit those red zones, the target will glow red. There's a bunch of different targets that spawn all around the area; some of them are very easy to see, and some of them are not so much.

One of these tricky targets is going to be inside this somewhat challenging obstacle course. The shooting obstacle is hanging out right in the middle, and the other one is going to be on the other side behind some of the other blocks, the steel canisters, which are at the very back of the shooting ranch.

As you start looking down the shooting range, you're going to want to go behind this, and you'll find the last target. Here, once you shoot all of the targets within the time limit, and the time limit is very long, you will see this zombie spawn. It only really gets damaged by you hitting critical, headshot, It's very ironic, but once you kill it, you see that you get a gold perforated.

Pillar location

Pillar location

Target , and now that you have this gold Target, let me show you exactly where you want to place this into the very particular pedestal, right where you see the dark ether Rift inside of the Tier 3 Zone on the hill where there are absolutely no buildings on now. Each one of the gold items you're going to have to place on a very particular pedestal.

As you see, I'm starting here, where you're going to need to place the gold drum that you get in the dark ether Rift as soon as you complete the story. Mission: The one to the left is going to have the mirror, and the one all the way to the right is going to be where you place the MMA gloves, but the thing is, you don't easily see the pillar where you need to put the perforated gold target.

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This is actually going to be found farther down the hill on the opposite side of all these other pillars, which I find very interesting, but at the same time, it kind of makes sense because it is a shooting rain target at the end of the day, so it might as well be a little farther down the way, but do not put the gold target inside of this pillar until you have all the other gold items.

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I covered the entire Easter egg and how you can get all of these different items. I have individual articles for the other three gold items outside of the gold drum. That way, you can get all these items and place them into the correct pillars to unlock them. The Ether Portal is what you're seeing here, and I do hope that this tutorial has helped you get this perforated.

Targeting the gold level is a lot easier than it would be if you searched for it on your own. I thought it was very simple and kind of took out some of the challenges that you would have with some of the older Easter eggs. Nonetheless, I hope you guys found this helpful.

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